Portable Schools

Alabama is the most political corrupt state in the United States. Why? because it is so easy for lobbyist to buy the needed politicians to keep it corrupt.

Alabama is going to be the laughing stock of all the other states that have lotto’s. It is going to cost us billions, but what the hell Alabama is famous for turning down Billions.

Medicaid expansion and Bentley’s $3 billion blunder – al.com

Medicaid expansion and Bentley’s $3 billion blunder – al.com

You don’t need a task force to tell which way the wind blows.

Source: www.al.com/opinion/2015/11/medicaid_expansion_is_bentleys.html

The media is so poor that very few people even know anything about the details of the Lotto, the latest political sell out. For 20 years Alabama has talked about an education lotto and now education is not even mentioned.



Alabama is going to give the lottery away to the highest bidder, the Poach Creek Indians. You sure cannot blame the Poach Creek Indians for understanding how to manipulate our good Republican…

Source: rippreport.com/2019/04/26/what-education-lottery/

Alabama’s answer to education is portables. Our prisons are so deplorable that we need to build more. Now, our sold out politicians have come up with a state lottery that pays off debt from the general fund as far back as 2013. Not one damn dime for education, only prisons and past debt.

Opinion | Other states use lotteries to give kids a brighter future. Alabama wants to use lottery to build prisons

Opinion | Other states use lotteries to give kids a brighter future. Alabama wants to use lottery to build prisons

We have a vision problem in Alabama. We’ve always had a vision problem in this state. We are perpetually satisfied with how things are, with keeping things how they are, with resisting any change whatsoever. “Nah, we’re good,” should be our state motto. Even when making a change would benefit us, we resist. Even when […]

Source: www.alreporter.com/2019/05/01/opinion-other-states-use-lotteries-to-give-kids-a-brighter-future-alabama-wants-to-use-a-lottery-to-build-more-prisons/

The Indians have scalped Alabama politicians, they did not even need a knife, just money.

The incarceration lottery: Alabama gambling bill gives nothing to education

The incarceration lottery: Alabama gambling bill gives nothing to education

It takes in less than half than any other state and gives the state’s largest campaign donor a machine gambling monopoly.

Source: www.al.com/news/2019/04/the-incarceration-lottery-alabama-gambling-bill-gives-nothing-to-education.html

“PCI has pumped $4.5 million of campaign contributions into Alabama’s political bloodstream since 2013 (a virtual tie for the largest contributor with Business Council of Alabama’s Progress PAC).”

Alabama is run by the lobbyist and Business Council of Alabama. The politicians are giving away BILLIONS, but what the hell they got 4.5 million in campaign contributions.

The TAXMAN Senator Elliott got 27,000 from the Indians to get elected. This is the third time Elliott has gone against campaign promises and favored special interests. Elliott has betrayed the children of Baldwin County, time and time again, and ignored the promises he made to the rest of the citizens.

PCI tribe admits state played into their hands, still calls Alabama ‘their deadliest enemies’

PCI tribe admits state played into their hands, still calls Alabama ‘their deadliest enemies’

Former Poarch Creek Band of Indians’ attorney general in the fall of 2016 bragged to the magazine “Indian Gaming Lawyer” that the state of Alabama played into the tribe’s hands giving the Indians a de facto monopoly of gaming in the state. Last summer, PCI tribal chief Stephanie Bryan wrote the Bureau of Indian Affairs […]

Source: www.alreporter.com/2019/04/09/opinion-pci-tribe-admits-state-played-into-their-hands-still-calls-alabama-their-deadliest-enemies/

“Why senators like Marsh and Albritton continue to do PCI’s bidding even after they called the state their deadliest enemies is a mystery.”

The tribe admits the state was played, that they plan to expand their empire and will not pay taxes. It seems some have not only ignored Trump’s warning but the one that PCI has stated about itself.

Alabama is going to lose BILLIONS, with the political lottery, and at the same time will ensure Poarch Creek Indians a gaming monopoly.


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  1. Anonymous | May 8, 2019 at 5:32 pm |

    Keep complaining and keep re-electing these politicians. We deserve what we get and what we will get

  2. Kirsten Powers | May 8, 2019 at 5:44 pm |

    Fairhope once was a nice place to live. Not no more. I am NOT okay with trailer park schools!!!!

    • Trailer Park Schools | May 8, 2019 at 10:12 pm |

      Keep letting the subdivisions go in and crowd us out. Then you better get use to trailer park schools, crowded roads, more crime, higher taxes, polluted bay, and a lower quality of life just so a few out of town developers can make a buck off of stealing our home town.
      By the way, do you know how much one of those trainers rent for? Just ask Williams Scotsman, the suppliers of those trailers. I can tell you they rent for over $800.00 per month.
      This is just so D R Horton can make money

      • Nonamefhschool | May 9, 2019 at 5:22 am |

        Pretty obvious our “leaders” are failing us. We MUST get rid of the council. Burrell is on borrowed time. I know someone definitely will challenge him. His welcome is plum worn out.

      • “Fairhope is so lovely…”
        Turds floating in bay and on sh#tty council.
        Trailers for schools, where the kids early are conditioned to life as an Alabama adult.
        Straight jacket voting is learned here.

      • Catalyst cousin | May 9, 2019 at 6:37 pm |

        That is why we need to pay more taxes. It’s for the children

      • Grow grow grow | May 9, 2019 at 8:34 pm |

        Keep talking smack about the homebuilders. The growth is making us richer

    • Anonymous | May 10, 2019 at 12:15 am |

      Unfortunately, Fairhope has nothing to do with County controlled schools. If the City did, things would look different.

  3. Old Fairhopers | May 9, 2019 at 12:44 pm |

    Trailers and prisons.
    That’s how they do you dirty in Alabama!!!

  4. This council is intent on killing Fairhope.

  5. Cornelius FH | May 9, 2019 at 7:14 pm |

    It may be past due time to get out of Fairhope for greener pastures. Unreal how fast the place changed in the last few years. I moved here in 2001. So many young families…they came for the schools and plugged em up like the highways. I’m thinking West TX…far on the dusted plain near Amarillo…

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