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Last nights meeting opposing the Mobile Bridge Toll, is just one of many springing up around Mobile and Baldwin County.

Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project | Tolls

Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project | Tolls

The tolls to cross Mobile Bay on the Bayway and the New Bridge. News on the ALDOT Tolls and the Bayway project and bridge

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Who is the toll going to affect most? Simple, Mobile and Baldwin County residents. The political architects of the bridge expect to do do business as usual in Alabama, cram it down the citizens throat.

Crowd blasts toll plan, vows to take Ivey to task

Crowd blasts toll plan, vows to take Ivey to task

SPANISH FORT – On Thursday night as the crowd grew at 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center, Grace McCloskey, 12, looked around sheepishly. Politicians waited in the wings. Attendees discussed the drama …

Source: www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/the-courier/stories/crowd-blasts-toll-plan-vows-to-take-ivey-to-task,81626

State Senator Chris Elliott (R – Daphne ) said the meeting should be moved, not the people. Easy to say, now let’s see if Elliott follows up. The meeting should be held in Mobile or Baldwin County.

Fairhope Mayor Wilson said it best:

Mayor Karin Wilson of Fairhope, AlabamaJuly 30 at 10:06 PM ·

My Thoughts on the Proposed Toll for the Long-Awaited New Bridge:

I’m 100% against a toll to build this bridge whatever the fee.

The State should have invested the billion+ dollar BP settlement into the two counties that suffered the most instead of taking this money for its own operating budget. Why punish the tourists and hardworking citizens of Mobile and Baldwin County to make up the shortfall due to poor planning and budgeting? We’re the ones paying the most to the State in tourism dollars. How would a toll impact this important revenue stream?

The critical need for a new bridge has been discussed for over a decade. To react as though building it now is an overnight emergency is absurd. It’s the perfect example of government getting away with zero accountability.

A household or business cannot operate with the idea that if we cannot balance our budget we can force someone else to pay for it. We must budget within our means or fail and suffer the consequences. It’s a pretty good incentive having to be accountable.

As Mayor, I tackled the City budget the same way I do my business or household budget. Before I took office, the City was relying on half of Utility’s profits (almost $6M annually) to balance its budget. In a few short years, after cutting wasteful spending and investing in ways to become more productive and efficient, both budgets significantly improved.

The City is now self-sustaining and has paid off all its debt. Our Utility Department can use all of its profitable finally to invest in long overdue infrastructure needs.

Proposing a toll due to lack of strategic planning and budgeting is not the answer.

The State of Alabama stole and misused the money from BP. They used the money to cover up all the Goat Hill mistakes, built a Hotel and refurbished the Governor’s Beach House. State Senator Pittman, as appointed BP trustee, secured $750,000.00 in BP money, for his “tractor” company. Now Governor Poison Ivy wants to put the burden of the bridge on the backs of those who had BP money squandered by the state.

Many proposals have been mentioned to reduce the tolls or eliminate them. So here is another suggestion, A, wait until after the 2020 elections. B, increase contract to 60 years. C, Baldwin and Mobile residents will get a pass stamp on their tags, no toll. If C fails then go for a 25% toll, for Baldwin and Mobile County residents, on the retail price. $6.00 toll would be $1.50.

If all this fails then vote their sorry asses out of office and cover Goat Hill with calamine lotion.




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8 Comments on "POISON IVY BRIDGE"

  1. elliott is a wolf in sheep’s cloth.

  2. Spanish Fort Oracle | August 16, 2019 at 7:43 pm |

    Goat Hill views the citizens of Baldwin County as one of their honeypots. Like Shelby, Madison, and Autauga Counties, Baldwin County is just a rich suburban county full of people that are too busy paying the leases on their BMW’s and buying McMansions that they will roll over and fake it up the tailpipe.
    Baldwin County is full of people just waiting to be governed and taxed

    • Spanish Fort Oracle | August 16, 2019 at 7:47 pm |

      By the way, for you folks living in Baldwin, Madison is a suburban County to Huntsville, Autauga is a suburb to Montgomery, and Shelby is a suburb to Birmingham.
      I know you people who recently moved into Baldwin do-not have a sense of place, let alone the pride of having a hometown, so I just wanted to give you a quick lesson on geography of the state
      I know you are too busy paying mortgages on Truland Homes but hey, being dumb has its costs

  3. beenherealongtime | August 17, 2019 at 7:14 am |

    Elliott is a liar. A few short months ago, he was saying that the bridge was great and would be built in short order. He needs to go. Remember him.

  4. BeenHereTooLong | August 17, 2019 at 1:42 pm |

    People that moved to Baldwin from Mobile need to pay the toll. It’s kind of like an impact fee but this fee goes to the state rather than the county
    This is is still another way people in Baldwin County get the shaft with love from Montgomery

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