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Alabama has earned it’s reputation as the most corrupt state in the United States. What solidifies Alabama’s position is a perfect puzzle, all tightly fit together with inept, lazy, hypocritical elected officials and oversight agencies. These agencies cost taxpayers millions for absolutely nothing.

The Attorney General, Ethics Commission and Bar Association have earned a reputation of “protecting” it’s fellow inept, hypocritical allies, that are accused of political corruption. The FBI and the Federal Courts deserve a piece of the puzzle for turning a blind eye, or maybe not even opening their eyes and reading what is being published. Compound this sad state of affairs and then add in the police state mentality, which is, “Police do no wrong and should never be held accountable.” This tight little puzzle of no accountability, no transparency and no ethics, is why Alabama is the most corrupt state in the United States.

To frame the puzzle Alabama needs, and has, a weak knee media, governed by a set of diluted standards and a lack of balls. The last thing needed to hang the puzzle, in a frame, is the wire, YOU. YOU, are the wire, the citizen, who reads the stories of our state’s corruption, and do nothing. YOU who are easily sidetracked by national politics while your own state goes down the toilet.

Please read these lagniappe article’s and ask yourself WTF is going on?

The many moving parts of corruption in Alabama

“In fact, no other publication or TV station in the state has written or broadcast a word about the millions in wasted payments to “retired” administrators we discovered, or the attempt to use RSA payments to settle a harassment suit, or even the outlandish perks heaped upon members of the UA Board of Trustees by St. John’s office — including spending $4.3 million on a party house.

The rest of the state’s media also haven’t written about the director of the Alabama Ethics Commission having his children’s college tuition paid for from a charitable trust upon which he is a board member. That story sprung from our UA investigation

Self-dealing? — Ethics director’s kids’ tuition paid from trust he oversees

It’s kind of hard to believe isn’t it, that newspapers and TV stations across Alabama haven’t told their readers and viewers any of this? One might start to wonder if corruption in Alabama doesn’t all work hand in glove — unethical behavior at the big school is overlooked by the unethical director of the Ethics Commission and the unethical members of the state media look the other way and find something easier to beat on.”


“Alabama is the most corrupt state in the United States and the Alabama Ethics Commission Director, Tom Albritton, is doing his best for Alabama to remain the most corrupt. The Alabama Ethics Commission resembles a criminal enterprise.”


“Listed below are articles exposing land fraud, Judicial voter disenfranchisement, Ethics violations, by no less than the Executive Director of Ethics, Baldwin County Sheriff Office Lawsuits and nine innocent lives lost. Then there is the scared cow of Alabama, the U of A and a culture of silence.”


“UPDATE: Judge Johnny Hardwick, Montgomery Circuit Judge, explained that he had been selected by the Chief Justice Tom Parker to preside over some ethics cases on November 1st. He explained that he read the evidence to my Writ of Mandamus and found it very interesting and wished he could delve into the case. The Judge however decided to recuse himself from hearing our case, due to a potential conflict of interest.”

The Ripp Report has now been notified that a new date for the hearing has been set.

Alabama Ethics Document

In Alabama being a trustee, board member or councilman, is a pathway for “self serving”, using your position for personal gain. What the hell, you know you are safe from any accountability.

You cannot have accountability when all the parties are aiding and abetting each others conduct.

Thank You Lagniappe for being the only journalists in Alabama willing to expose the corruption.


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12 Comments on "PERFECT PUZZLE"

  1. Keep it Simple | December 9, 2021 at 6:59 pm |

    You just do not get it. This state belongs to them. We are just subjects to them. The “rules” are for us, not for them. Ponder this point and it will all make sense.
    Alabama is not corrupt – it is just owned by “them.” We are “we” and they are “them.”
    See? It is not that complicated.

    • Francis Ripp | December 10, 2021 at 8:12 am |

      What makes it complicated is the Court of Public Opinion

      • I doubt if the Court of Public Opinion is ever in session.
        The Mobile Register has been reduced to selling ads for Shoe Station, Gulf Coast Newspapers just covers public interest articles, and the TV media just wants to cover shootings, wrecks, and the occasional tornado.
        Don’t even think about investigative journalism – it just costs too much and it siphons off editors’ bonuses on ad sales. When it comes election time, the voters look at the candidates and the candidate that says “Christian Conservative” the loudest gets the votes.
        The voters don’t even know who Albriton is, let alone what he does. Also, so many of the people in Baldwin County have recently moved here, do not know the politics, and are too busy working jobs to pay the mortgages on the houses built by Cox and his group of predatory developers.

        • Predatory developers? Ha ha I proudly resemble that remark. We are selling these houses as fast as we can build them. Why? Because people want to come to Baldwin County.

  2. I dont care if the judges are corrupt. Thats how the game is played. Maybe you shoul run for office?

    • You need to get the blessings of Catalyst/SCB before you do run or it will be a waste of time and money. Whatever campaign funds you raise, Catalyst/SCB will raise even more and whip you like a merengue topping.
      All hail Catalyst and its political members. They are rulers of Baldwin County from the local city councils to the county commissioners and judges.
      We are a one party county. Not Republican but the Catalyst party…

  3. Wise Ole Fricker | December 12, 2021 at 8:08 am |

    Houses don’t hurt people.
    Liberals hurt people.
    Exept the joke is on Baldwin County…there are no liberals in office.
    Conservative republicans are destroying your county.

  4. Sane Resident | December 12, 2021 at 10:23 am |

    Alabama’s best days are behind it. Nothing left but radical white supremacists, KKK and the rule of maintaining white hegemony and power. If you cannot see this you are blind. Ask a black person what it is like to live in Fairhope.

    • What’s really insane is that so many of these black residents are from old, long-established families that have lived here for generations only to see this area forcing them out of their own hometown thanks to SCB/Catalyst/Cox. When will the long time residents – both black and white – stand up to the bully politicians owned by this crooked outfit?
      We must vote these people out… Hey Scott and Nathan, we got your number. Go and hide behind a new company name. We know who you are and what ever you will call yourself next election.

  5. NO TRESPASSING/ PRIVATE PROPERTY. I have a Satsuma and two navel orange trees in my yard. TWO TRESPASSING VIOLATORS enter my yard and STOLE fruit from My PROPERTY. This year they only produced about 30 fruits between the 3 trees and these FEARLESS TRESPASSERS didn’t come 1 but 2 days in a row to commit their CRIME even with vehicles in the driveway at 12:15 broad daylight. They could walk the same distance from the from the road to Hi Neighbors to purchase oranges. Mind you My THREE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER was devastated and wanting to know WHY? We were putting up the CHRISTMAS TREE at the time of VIOLATION. She was looking forward to HER ORANGES and now we can’t share our traditional pickings. She likes to take them to family members especially her grandmother who makes Satsuma Glazed Chicken. These trees are hit or miss and this year was a miss. Last year I was tired of picking but we took a lot to the Fire Department and different stores we visit and gave them away. It was 400 to 500 easy. Some people knock and ask to pick and take pictures with their kids and grandkids. Which was totally fine. ENTITLEMENT AND FALSE SENSE OF PRIVILEGE has become a SERIOUS PLAGUE. I am a BLACK MAN. If I were in their yard. YOU ALREADY KNOW. If I confront them in my yard. YOU ALREADY KNOW. I am A MARINE AND WAR-TIME VETERAN. Sometimes thanking us for our Service opens old wounds that we most of the time endure alone. If you know who these VIOLATORS are and even if it’s you. Stay yo AZZ out my yard. NO TRESPASSING/PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!!

    • They have to put signs on the doors of restaurants reminding/asking people not to be assholes now. And to the people working crappy jobs all day to the reward of not making ends meet too.

      I know someone has extra satsumas. Get this man some satsumas and teach your kids right.

      Maybe it was Landry who broke into my house and wrote “Landry was here”. I’ve had more trespassers physically threaten me than ever before since this pandemic began.

    • Dear Fruitnut,
      I am sorry to hear of this. Yor yard is your yard regardless of the outer color of your skin. Underneath we are all red in color until we get to the whites of our bones.
      If somebody can come into your yard and steal from you without consequences, then everyone else is a potential victim. Who said that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere?
      If trespassers can steal from this Marine, then everybody else is potentially the next victim.
      If I see a no trespassing sign, that is all the deterrent I need. Save your shotgun powder, you won’t need to use it on me…

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