Don’t let anyone tell you Louisiana or Mississippi is more corrupt than Alabama. Alabama is first by a long shot. Corruption is a way of life and often involves “good people” that are considered leaders in the community and good Christians. Sometimes the corruption is so blatant it is hard to comprehend why no authorities step in. The local media is virtually non existent, the Ethics Commission lacks any credibility and other authorities seem to be asleep at the wheel.

Alabama Ethics Commission revelations go ‘Boom!’

Alabama Ethics Commission revelations go ‘Boom!’

“They haven’t been corrupted by it. They’re a part of it.”


An outgoing member – Dr. Stewart Hill Tankersley – says a majority of his colleagues want to weaken the commission and see it fail.

They are more interested, he says, in providing legal cover to powerful politicians than carrying a torch for what is right. For what is ethical.

It ought to be dynamite. Tankersley says three members — Jerry Fielding, Frank “Butch” Ellis, Jr. and Charles Price — see ethics as an obstacle to get around instead of a goal to reach. They bend over backward for the rich and powerful, hammer the average “Ricky Bobby from Talladega” for far smaller crimes.

“So,” I asked, “They’ve been corrupted by the machine that corrupts the politicians?”

“No!” he said. “They haven’t been corrupted by it. They’re a part of it.”

In Birmingham a current corruption trial involves lawyers government agencies, Mayors, City Councils and other elected officials.

Indictment tells dirty secrets about Alabama environmental regulator

Indictment tells dirty secrets about Alabama environmental regulator

This is how it works.


“I worry too. Because this is how it works. Not just at AEMC and ADEM but in city councils and county commissions across this state. In the Legislature, the governor’s office and in regulatory bodies that are supposed to be looking out for your interests.”

Who can you trust?

Four state lawmakers have been convicted since 2014.

Alabama state Rep. Micky Hammon pleads guilty to mail fraud

Alabama state Rep. Micky Hammon pleads guilty to mail fraud

Hammon, a Republican from Decatur, devised a scheme to use campaign funds for personal expenses, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.


Let’s not forget the Luv Gov who resigned and Speaker of the House Hubbard who is packing his bags for jail. Then we HAD big Luther as Attorney General who gave the Luv Guv his walking papers and turned a blind eye to Sen. Pittman and the cool 750,000 dollars he skimmed from BP.

From the Governors office to the smallest communities elected officials use their office for personal gain. A good local example is the City Council in Fairhope, who obstruct the Mayor while they ignore any allegations that may arise against their friends or fellow councilmen. They put their political agenda and friends first and constituents last.

The City Council of Fairhope is supporting disgruntled and fired employees in their efforts to sue the very City the Council represents. The City Council also supports the Fairhope Airport Authority while ignoring the Mayor and the best interests of the community they serve. Their obstruction encourages corruption and provides cover for the guilty parties, their friends.

ALABAMA is the most corrupt state in the United States and will remain so until the voters wake up and stop straight ticket voting and educate themselves on the candidates. Corruption has become acceptable.


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  1. Georgia Orwell | October 4, 2017 at 9:49 pm |

    True and very sad, but Fairhope voters don’t seem to care how stupid they look and how much corruption they fund. Look at this once beautiful city……sewage in the Bay constantly, but the voters prefer to turn the other way because they are frightened of appearing as the complete morons that they are; they want to pretend that their (formerly) amazing waterfront estates are still worth something when, in reality, they are toxic. They can’t even allow their children/grandchildren to jump off of their wharves because the result may be death. However, they feel it cumbersome to even pose a question or lodge a complaint. They prefer to ‘focus on the flowers’, as if that could remove the stench from the air lately.

    Kant’s too long tenure as Mayor almost destroyed a beautiful city/community. Everyone should be grateful to Mayor Wilson for bringing the sewage into the sunlight…….let the chips fall where they may. Jack Burrell needs to do his job……by the way, isn’t it time for another Council Member to assume the Presidency? IMHO, Burrell is too busy trying to cover his butt to do his job at even the lowest level. He is a sewer rat (cheesy lying smile).

    I, for one, would like to not see my home value crash nor my sewer back up onto Fels Avenue. Wilson has made mistakes but there is no doubt that she is trying to do the best thing for Fairhope and Mobile Bay.

    Everyone in South Alabama needs to step up for our city and Mayor Wilson…….she is not perfect (are you?), but she cares about our city and our Bay.

  2. Citizen contacted FBI in 2015-Wetlands, environment, development, ADEM, city employees, and attorneys.
    More people than you know backing you up Paul.

  3. ADEM…THE ALABAMA DEPT. OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANIACS…is nothing but a placeholder a shelve for environmental intentions…nothing ever gets done…the millions of gallons of human poo in the bay are all the pudding you need…Fairhope has a huge drug problem. Why else would everyone sit around and sip sherry and throw barbs at Mayor Karin? She is the one trying to clean the filth…in more ways than one!

  4. Fly Creeker 8 | October 5, 2017 at 10:10 am |

    I predict property values will level out and then start to drop. No ne knew about the pollution being so bad. This could easily kill someone.

  5. Dr. Tankersley does not participate in the Medicare Electronic Prescribing (eRx) Incentive Program. He does not report Quality Measures (PQRS). The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) is a Medicare program encouraging health care professionals and group practices to report information on their quality of care. Quality measures can show how well a health care professional provides care to people with Medicare. He does not commit to heart health through the Million Hearts initiative. Million Hearts is a national initiative that encourages health care professionals to report and perform well on activities related to heart health in an effort to prevent heart attacks and strokes. He does not participate in the Medicare Maintenance of Certification Program. A “Maintenance of Certification Program” encourages board-certified physicians to continue learning and self-evaluating throughout their medical career.
    You bet he is all about ethics!

    • Francis Paul Ripp | October 6, 2017 at 6:50 am |

      So you are saying he is as bad as them? I would agree, if your statement is true. The Ethics Commission has aided and abetted corruption by allowing the powerful or elected to skirt the law by using Ethics Commission Opinions to circumvent the law, while constituents may have to answer to ethics charges. It is totally corrupt and no one takes them seriously. They refused to even look into the Sen. Pittman BP case and then good ole big Luther turned a blind eye.

  6. Langston Rogers (Rock Creek) | October 6, 2017 at 7:48 am |

    Imagine…A Fairhope with a bay so polluted we cannot fish, swim or recreate there. Goodbye Jubilees. A Fairhope where the politicians steal with impunity. A Fairhope where the council of five treats the mayor like a rabid dog. A Fairhope where the traffic is nearing unbearable. A Fairhope where the schools are overcrowded. A Fairhope where the judges are corrupt. A Fairhope where there is no longer any fair hope for success.

    This is Fairhope.


  7. Humans are free | October 6, 2017 at 3:32 pm |

    Dr Tankersley is no doubt my kind of physician…his moral compass and ethics are exactly where they should be. I search very hard to find a physician that doesnt buy into all of the federal oversight of my healthcare. I use Liberty Healthshare for many reasons, one being, eliminating unecessary interference from the faceless androids that have no business knowing one thing about me. If anyone believes that a practicing physician is unethical because he puts his patients and his own privacy ahead of the megacorptocracy we call medicine today, has much to learn. If any alive and awake person believes more state interference makes one more ethical is doomed to repeat this cycle of enslavement to beauracracy…one razor slice at a time.

  8. So Fairhope has toilets? I thought everyone dug holes. Thus the turds.

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