The recent US Senate primary statistics indicate 84% of Fairhope eligible voters decided NOT to participate or vote.


Only 17% of the registered voters in the state, voted in the senate primary. Fairhope had only 14% vote. Alabama Senate special election results: Who will succeed Jeff Sessions? Voting results from…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/08/18/look-in-the-mirror/

That explains why Fairhope is as political dysfunctional as it is. The present city council has accomplished absolutely nothing, except to obstruct the Mayor. The citizens are paying the price for this obstruction by major infrastructure projects that have been slowed down or have yet to begin.

Fairhope faces major problems with the sewer system and infrastructure. Mr. Burrell and Mr Boone were a part of the last administration and they have brought that baggage to the current council. The airport, soccer fields and the triangle lawsuit were all decided under Mr Burrell Mr Boone and Mayor Kant. The total dollar figure is around 50 million dollars.

This council has a new agenda and that is to ignore the past and concentrate on how to compensate those fired or have pending litigation against the city, Jennifer Fidler, Sherry Sullivan, and Pandora Heathcoat. That’s right you read that right the council is taking action that they hope will expose “potential evidence” that would assist the three in their litigation against the city. The wishful three have their fingers crossed for 100,000 dollars each. One of the three has been quoted as saying they were encouraged by council members to file the suits. They were promised that the council would settle the lawsuits and the public would not be entitled to see how much tax money they gave away. This scheme would discredit the Mayor and make the wishful three 100 thousand dollars richer and give the council the bully pulpit that they desire.

The council has now used subpoenas to further it’s quest for information.

Fairhope council subpoenas documents from Elias Technologies

Fairhope’s city council voted unanimously last week for a resolution that authorized the council to subpoena documents and records from Elias Technologies, following questions that have been …

Source: www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/the-courier/stories/fairhope-council-subpoenas-documents-from-elias-technologies,52305

Remember the problems listed above? This self imposed investigation by the city council into Elias Technologies does not involve millions or thousands, in fact very little money is involved and is not the subject of the council’s interest. They want to know what the hell the Mayor knows and pass that information on to the wishful three, which is against the best interest of the city and should not be information the council hands out to those suing the city. It is current litigation and the council should leave the “investigation” to the attorneys and not inject themselves into potentially more litigation.

What makes the subject even more interesting is how the resolution was presented to council. The early printed version of the council agenda read:

However the final printed agenda condensed the first version to a much more generic version:

The Courier’s editor, Chuckee, chose to use the first unofficial version for his news story. So now it is official the Fairhope city council has launched an investigation. Go back and look at the resolution and you will see Chuckee not only use the unofficial resolution he also omitted that councilman Jay Robinson was charged with obtaining the information. In the official generic version Mr. Robinson was also omitted. This all happened after the Ripp Report started pointing out the conflicts of interest. Mr. Robinson’s wife is best friends with one of the wishful three, Sherry Sullivan, and Mr. Robinson, who should recuse himself from any involvement with the investigation.

Chuckee also missed quoted me when I said that any “ information found could or could not be used in a court of law” Chuckee said “ could be used in court against us.”

The Mayor refused to sign the resolution so Jack Burrell exercised his right as council president to officially sign it. That seems only fitting since it was his idea.

The 84% in Fairhope better wake the F up, Burrell is the architect of the obstructionist behavior of the council and the efforts of the wishful three. Burrell is doing nothing but diverting attention away from himself and his airport misdeeds.


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Source: rippreport.com/2017/07/19/airport-diversion/