Trump N Bama

After attending his arraignment in Washington DC former President Donald Trump attended the Alabama GOP Summer swag promising to six lane I-65 from Huntsville to Mobile; presumably as recompense for the whole Space Command debacle. While here he was endorsed by all ALGOP Congressmen. Tommy Tubberville of said Space Command debacle is alleged to not own any property in the State that he represents and we are sure the “Truth Will Out” on this one. In addition to hosting Trump the GOP also decided that any Republican running for any elected position on local school boards would be prohibited from taking money from the Alabama Education Association, a novel approach to defang ones perceived political enemies. In addition Montgomery was host to a “racially motivated brawl” that occurred at the Waterfront Park. Almost as inviting for tourism is the revelation that a rape kit is almost impossible for a victim of a sexual assault to have evidence collected in Baldwin County. Maybe the CVB should put these facts on their website. In another priceless moment, Gov Ivey responded to a question from a reporter as to who was going to take these jobs she is creating in a 2% unemployment state, to which she answered: “They are going to have to get off their fannies”. EPA is poised to deny Alabama Power Companies plan to cap in place 80 years of industrial waste in the form of coal ash. The State of Alabama also issued a new fish consumption advisory…dont eat a bass unless it came out of a pond. It is Jubilee Season in Daphne and the ADCNR wants to remind you that your creel limits are not abated during the occurrence. Marion County Kansas and Baldwin County Alabama seem to be the only places in America where the 4th Estate and freedom of the press means diddly-squat. Father Alex Crow Aka The Mobile Exorcist was allegedly a high school girl grooming sexual predator all along. After little debate a Montgomery Judge has suspended the licenses issues by the embattled Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission for entering into executive session to illegally discuss the licensures of individual applicants. The CDC has confirmed the existence of an illegal lab discovered in California allegedly run by Chinese Nationals that contained Covid 19, HIV, Herpes, etc. State Senator Tim Melson is back stateside after a heart attack in Korea last week. Fairhope Alabama has an infrastructure problem (shocker) this time they are out of water. Karol Kemp and Michael Hoyt have announced that they are seeking two of the three new judicial positions created by the legislature and on the ballot next cycle. Alabama’s hearing regarding their US Congressional reapportionment did not go well on Monday. Maybe we should blame the Rich men North of Richmond. And finally website related to the wrongful conviction of Murray “Bubba” Lawrence Jr has a new FULL STORY tab that went live this week and we hope that you will check it out at