Troubled Waters

From the ill fated Alabama Port Authority “wetlands habitat/spoilage disposal” to allegations of a boat accident coverup by the City of Fairhope Police Department for a prominent Judge, Gambling America’s Amazon (Alabama Power Company’s cap-in-place of million of tons of Coal Ash in the Delta), the amphibious boat landing assault caught on video related to a local football coach (not guilty btw), a bridge battle at the beach, a mullet bonanza, and an initiative to protect a 10,000 year old cypress forest 30 miles offshore in 50 feet of water…this podcast has it all.

Additional Police malfeasance in Fairhope related to a No Bond Warrant for a Harassing Communications Complaint, J. Armstrong of the Court Referral Service wants back on the Baldwin County Commission, and Viagra is good for you. It’s shame the Captain wasn’t here for this one.

Top Marks for Filmmaker Journalist Ben Raines and Mobile Baykeeper for keeping up the good fight.

50 Million infected so far in the USA with SARS-COV-2 with 800,000 deaths.