The Mugshot

Former President Donald Trump was defiant in his first interview after being booked into an Atlanta Jail this week under a RICO prosecution scheme that has almost 20 co-conspirators, complete with what will become an iconic mugshot. There was a Republican Presidential Debate and taking the lead from the Mee-Maw and Coach Tubbs playbook, Trump did not participate. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has let off a salvo of allegations at the Biden Administration regarding the announcement that Space Command will not be located in Huntsville Alabama but instead to Colorado. And while the AG is fighting Washington, the Decatur City Police are taking down multiple illegal gambling establishments. The Backstory Crew attended the sentencing hearing of William Coleman Barkley who was convicted of the attempted murder of an Auburn Police Officer, an officer who shot him first and Mr. Barkley (and his wife who called for assistance) claim that he did not know the police were at the residence. He got 35 years. State Senator Chris Elliott AKA THE TAX MAN spoke to citizens in Foley this week where he espoused the dangers of books and his opinion that sex should not be taught in schools at all (good luck with teaching biology, history, anthropology….). This was the flavor of the week for the NEOCON Right who have taken to the podium at the Foley City Council meeting this week and there is a new Right Wing Soccer Mom club with a new chapter in Baldwin County known as “Moms for Liberty”. There was an officer involved shooting in Westchester Colorado and the body cam was released within a few days, note to all Alabama Law Enforcement and The Alabama Supreme Court. The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission will find out if it violated the States Open Meeting Laws by going into an executive session on Monday in Montgomery County Circuit Court. The Baldwin Bridge Company lost its lawsuit against the Alabama Department of Transportation so the third bridge onto Pleasure Island in Alabama is back on and will be toll free. And finally we discuss the best way to remove the Richard Scrushy beaver dam from a Foley Park, this one has a hot tub and beautiful views of the bay.