What started out to be a “Fresh Start for Fairhope” has turned into a political PAC raising money and preparing for the 2020 Fairhope Municipal elections. All their talk and advertising promotes a change of Government for Fairhope, this part of the equation most agree on. A Council Mayor form of government also has a green light. The sticking point is the City Council being At Large or Districts

Here is where you got to be careful around skunk’s, they can take a good thing and make it smell.


I could smell the skunk through my computer, the first time that I read, Chuck Zunk, was agreeing with the Mayor of Fairhope, on the Council-manager form of government. Mr Zunk was appointed to the…


Fresh Start Fairhope started with the intention of having Districts rather than the tried and failed “at Large” status. That is the issue at hand. However that changed when 65 people, who happen to attend one of Fresh Start’s earlier meetings held a vote to support At Large over Districts. They didn’t smell the skunk in the room. Mr Chuck Zunk, supported by 39 people, then declared the City of Fairhope needed to remain with a council “at large.” Thirty Nine people decided for the entire City’s population to support the Skunk! Really.

For the last 20 years Fairhope has had, at large council’s, represent the City. This has failed because the Council acts as a whole and no one person represents directly any specific area of the city. It provides the Council with cover and no accountability. Council persons will kick the can down the road to the next council. The present day Council is a prime example, they are the worst Council in recent memory. They have accomplished only a few things, like the Fly Creek Apartments, isolating the Airport from the city and obstruction, they are damn good at obstruction.

So who wants to support at large over districts? a skunk, the City Council, disgruntled ex employees, antique City Council members and Board members as well as CATALYST. That’s right Catalyst, you see a lot of these people are more concerned with power and control than representation and accountability.


The Fairhope’s political Zoo is alive and well. Their is a full blown blast from the past party going on. The party goers are former City Council persons, Catalyst Council persons, three bees, fired…


Another interesting fact is that a lot of the organizers, led by the Skunk are for, at large representation, have ties to the Airport and Jack Burrell. They want to maintain control of the Airport and the only way to do that is have control over the Council and Mayor. Remember the Skunk was on the Airport Board before Jack. Think about that!

Beware of Skunk Mail and CATALYST, they are one in the same.


Sorry folks about being late for Wonderful Wednesday, which is now FREAKY FRIDAY but I have been in Facebook Jail for three days. The Ripp Report pushed someone’s button and they complained to…