We are joined from Pensacola Beach by former Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine to discuss the 5th Circuit ruling regarding the Federal Crime of being a drug user (marijuana) in possession of a firearm. Having been prosecuted for murder by the Baldwin County Justice System, Mr. Nodine lends his seasoned mind to help us unpack the seizure of an alleged stolen 68 Chevy Camaro from an Attorney in Good Standing of the Alabama State Bar, Hon. Jason Hadley. Baldwin County Circuit Judge Clark Stankoski has ordered the vehicle returned but late Friday there was a plea from the District Attorney and Sheriff decrying the decision and demanding the Judge reverse his decision. If we get a hearing date we will pass that on. The police coverup is alive and well in Boston Mass where Karen Read’s defense team claims she has been set up by The Massachusetts State Police for a crime committed by law enforcement, Officer of the Boston PD, the catch? The victim is also a Boston Police Officer. And “The Taxman” State Senator Chris Elliott is making friends and holding up a contract for the West Alabama Corridor. Go watch some SEC football.


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