Today’s Freaky Friday is a post by Doug Snow with the Facebook group Baldwin County Citizens for Accountability.

No way should the First Congressional District be represented by CATALYST and Hightower is CATALYST.

It is in the best interest of the constituents of the First District to elect a PUBLIC SERVANT, Jerry Carl.

Please spread the word and vote March 31 for Jerry Carl.

Jerry Carl Alabama Congress

Doug Snow

As a Jerry Carl supporter, this post reflects my personal opinion, and not the opinion of this group.

You might think I’m crazy for putting Bill Hightower’s social media statement out there for everyone to see. But I really want people to read this thing, and when I say read it, I want you to read between the lines. This statement personifies exactly what I’ve been talking about when it comes to Bill Hightower.

I guess he thinks we’re not smart enough to figure out that this is a political campaign. You don’t win political campaigns by putting out positive ads about your opponent.

He wants to put his personal friendship with Jerry Carl on his shirt sleeve. After reading the second paragraph of his statement, he has no problem throwing his so-called friend under the bus with personal non-political dirty laundry.

Lets assume Bill Hightower’s accusation about Jerry is correct about him borrowing like $200,000 to pay for his political campaign, I say, God love him. What in the Hell is wrong with that?

Bill Hightower is telling us that Jerry Carl went to the bank for $200,000 for his own campaign instead of following Bill Hightowers example oof prostituting himself out to every out of state special interest group that’s willing to hand him cash.

Compared to Bill hightower’s warchest of special interest money, Jerry has to do what he has to do in order to compete with Daddy Warbucks. He has to level the playing field if he wants any chance of winning.

Remember, every Hightower campaign ad you are going to see during this run off has already been bought and paid for by out-of-state special interest money. And trust me it adds up to more than what Jerry Carl supposedly borrowed from the bank.

In the end, the debt has to be paid back. Jerry may have to pay back a bank, but who do you think Hightower is going to owe?

Like I said, read his statement very carefuilly, read between the lines. If anything, Hightowers own words seem to reflect who is truely the desperate man.


I am disappointed in Jerry’s decision to start the run-off campaign with these negative attack ads. My wife Susan and I always considered him a friend. Heck, he supported my prior campaigns. He knows me, he knows that I was rated one of the most conservative legislators in Montgomery, and he konws these attacks are simply untrue.

Campaigns are tough on candidates and they are tough on their families. We understand the stress Jerry must be feeling. I think it is telling that his campaign is over a half-million dollars in debt, over $200,000 of which is owed to a local bank. That would make anyone act out of desperation. But we thought Jerry was better than resorting to distortions and negative TV ads to achieve his personal political aspirations. I guess campaigns reveal the true heart of a candidate.