PO PO Hoss Mack CCUO

PO PO Hoss Mack CCUO

The good sheriff deputies at the Baldwin County Sheriff Office are fed up with their CCUO, Chief Cover up officer, Sheriff Mack. Mack has a colorful past of cover ups involving sheriff deputies and high ranking officers, sexual misconduct, missing evidence, incompetent investigations, traffic accidents, homicides, etc. This is the opportunity to expose the truth about what a good ole boy club the sheriff’s office is.

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Lets not forget the wrongful conviction of Murray Lawrence Jr.

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“Letters and documents contained in that second autopsy report indicate Whetstone, Wilters and Mack should all have been aware it had been performed long before Lawrence’s trial. Hoss Mack and his father were both CC’ed in on the May 17, 2004, letter from the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences to Whetstone, which accompanied the autopsy, forensic biology and toxicology reports. Wilters wrote and signed the order allowing it.”

Hoss Mack was the lead investigator, he now claims he had little to do with the case. Antony Lowery, who will do whatever Mack says, was also an investigator. The investigation was an utter failure at producing one shred of evidence. Mack, Wilters and Whetstone hid evidence that would prove a man was innocent, and they knew it.

It seems the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department has internal hanky panky problems.

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Be sure you read all the comments following Po Po article, very telling.

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The truth talker 6 days ago

It may not be a “real news” site, but the statements made are 110% truth. This is fact.

Anthony Lowry is a cheater, who cheated on his wife with a reporter. He has an agenda, and if you as a person do not agree with it, then you are labeled a trouble maker as long as you are not in the inside circle of his social or civic group.

Andre Reid is an Insider in the inside group. He has had 3 affairs and then mishandled disciplinary or evidence. He has a mindset of advancing social causes that are ultimately baseless. Nothing happened to him, because he went to them an spilled the beans before it could get in the public.

Hoss went along with whatever the recommended action was, based off a biased and skewed investigation(s).

This is not the first time things have come to light. They just try to mitigate the publicity and actions resulting from fallout.

Other administrators are along for the ride, because of the inside influence. If the offending party, is an insider, then all heck breaks loose. If they are not, then they chop the tree down.

There have been documented examples of improper behavior and no one ever gets in real trouble as long as they flash the insider or good ole boy card.

A punishment for one is not the same for a punishment of another there. Where else can you go, be arrested for a felony, and still have your job? While others are banished to the wild?

Andre caused division when he was caught fucking another deputies wife, who also works for them. He caused tension and a hostile work environment, but all he is getting is moved??

Then there is the secretary to the Boss who was caught with another deputy who was married. She may still be there, but nothing happened to her. I don’t know about him. This caused a stink.

A deputy was caught on camera expressing his “controversial views”, and nothing happened to him.

An incident occurred at a family fun day, and it got swept under the rug by Lowry. Again the actors were part of the inside circle.

Another deputy has been caught multiple times cheating with female deputies, and all that happened to him was demotion and then promotion again. Again an insider.

The list can keep going. The point is that it’s not “real news”, but it has real and valid pointed truth.

This article sounds like a press release not an in depth explanation of the problems at the BCSO.

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This article sounds like a press release not an in depth explanation of the problems at the BCSO.

Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack confirmed to 1819 News that two of the department’s narcotics investigators are looking into cases that may have been impacted.

“At this time, we are not aware of any cases that have been impacted or any missing evidence,” Mack said. “However, that is the focus of the investigation.” That is a lie and the first step in any cover up.

According to law enforcement experts, the mishandling of evidence can compromise ongoing cases and dramatically affect the outcomes of those cases. Mack said the sheriff’s office is taking this investigation very seriously.

The Ripp Report sources say that this is nothing new. In fact they know who is responsible for the missing evidence as they have already recovered “some” of the missing evidence. Mack relies on immunity, the DA, and Judges he has put in office, to facilitate some of his cover ups. Lets not leave out Baldwin Major Crimes who investigate themselves and covers Hoss’s ass. Then you have some loyal press that are happy to print BCSO Press Releases.

Who is Jon Grey ?

Pay Attention because Sheriff Mack has Jon Grey master spinner of the truth as a secret weapon. Grey also works for the Baldwin County School Board and Ventures 68. Conflict of interest, ethics and transparency do not exists in the for pay public relations business.

Sheriff Hoss Mack and his good ole boy senior officers need to go. If the Feds are reading this , Do your job and do an in depth investigation of the BCSO, it needs good ole boy sanitation.

Be sure to read all the comments:

It seems the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department has internal hanky panky problems.

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