The good ole boys in Fairhope won the last election and were successful in electing a Mayor and Council that were willing to embrace development and return to the old “corrupt” way of doing business. The municipal attorney is old school and the municipal judge is a major developer in Fairhope. You can thank Catalyst, aka Scott Boone Consulting for this cast of characters. Jack Burrell has been the puppet for developers and special interest groups since first elected. For almost 9 years, Jack was president of the council. His involvement in the Fairhope Airport Authority has been a cluster f— from day one. In March of last year, he canceled the video online broadcast of the Airport Authority meetings to the public. I knew then he was up to some kind of B.S.

“After 9 years of Jack Burrell tenaciously holding on to, the position of President of the Fairhope Council, it may come to an end tonight. Jack has soiled the seat of council president to a point that a new chair is necessary. Jack’s legacy is infamous and it has cost the taxpayers millions. If you think he is relinquishing the seat out of courtesy, then have another drink.”

See the past articles for Jack Burrell or the Fairhope Airport Authority.

If you wish to be educated and entertained, at the same time, about the infamous Jack Burrell. I have listed a couple archived posts for you:

“Jack’s latest stunt involves the Fairhope Airport Authority, FAA, where he already has an infamous reputation for bid rigging. The latest stunt is that there will be NO Airport Authority meetings on line for the public to see. Not since February has their been a recorded meeting, nor has there been any explanation or public notice. “

In November he resigned from the Fairhope Council Presidency abruptly and slithered to a council member status. Anybody who knows anything about Jack, held their breath, knowing he was involved in some self motivated chaos.

“In Fairhope the quarterback is none other than the most sneaky and corrupt politician in Baldwin County. The great negotiator, Sneaky Jack Burrell who chose tonight to use the City Council meeting, which no-one goes to, to swear in the Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker.

Please remember, it was Jack and his two worker B’s that spent 2.65 million dollars on recreation land. Don’t forget the town clock that cost six thousand dollars or the K-1 that is leaking and rotting since his great deal.“

“The Ripp Report and BCLE are offering a $5k cash award to anyone who can prove that the contents of the formal complaint against Councilman Jack Burrell of Fairhope are false. Prove that the documents quoted or provided are fabricated or altered from their original copies or that there is any willful malicious intent to mislead the public for any reason or to unlawfully disparage Mr. Burrell by making fictitious claims or providing erroneous documents, and you will be five thousand dollars ($5k) richer.”

No one ever claimed the award and no one came forward to sue The Ripp Report over the printed documents.

Jack’s has canceled any video’s of the Fairhope Airport Authority meetings. This should have sent up red flags, but the council just went along with Jack with their eyes shut. It is the only committee meeting taken offline. Erased from public scrutiny.

He then begins to distance himself from the council presidency, by withdrawing from the position, saying he did so in order that someone else could serve. HA, after he had hogged the position for 9 years. If you believe that then you have been eating the Burrell Burger at McSharry’s.

Christmas, Covid and Football was the perfect time for the Airport Authority to file a lawsuit to eliminate the FBO, Fixed Based Operator, Continental Motors.

“The lawsuit alleges various shortcomings by Continental on its own FBO (fixed base operator) lease agreement, including: failure to secure proper insurance and inadequate fuel farm maintenance; failure to install required office/hangar space; et al. “

Seems Continental Motors does not want to play Jack’s game, so they made their move:

“the company rescinded its surprise decision the day before to terminate over 30 leases it had with local citizens for hangar space for storing their planes at the Fairhope airport (effective January 30).“


“During the meeting the city council’s representative on the board, Jack Burell, called the letter to evict “absurd” and asked members of the aviation community present for patience: “this is nothing more, in my personal opinion, a ploy … to drive a wedge between the aviation community and airport authority … an attempt to coerce us into settling this dispute (lawsuit) in a manner not in our best interest … or your best interest … no reason to vacate (evict) given … other than for you to come to us to force setttling (lawsuit)…”

What the hell is Jack up to?

Or, which good ole boy has Jack selected to replace the FBO?

What has the great negotiator got under the table?

Pay attention. The 1% who use the airport are the ones creating the issues that cost all the citizens in Fairhope an appropriation of $350,000 a year, without any monetary gain, additional Fairhope Airport Authority holds the mortgage, not the city, who paid for it.

The Ripp Report knows more about this story, however we are going to wait and see how deep Jack digs a hole for himself, and the taxpayers.

Remember when Jack was on his soapbox screaming about NO TOLLS on the proposed Bay Bridge and how it could be built without federal government money? He now is on his knees begging the federal government for money and has become an advocate FOR TOLLS.

Jack claims to be a rocket scientist and some actually believe him. The only rockets Jack knows anything about are Lego’s.

Stay tuned I guarantee you this story is going to get much more interesting.