Get your popcorn ready! For latest controversy surrounding Sheriff “No Body Cam Available,” aka The Boss, Hoss Mack. This story has legs and I am sure we are going to hear some backstory involving the Baldwin County Sheriff Office, BCSO. This is the chicken shit intimidation tactics used quite often in Baldwin County, especially if ya upset the Boss or one of his buddies.

Get this straight, this is not about a car. This is about unbridled power of Sheriff Mack. He greatly influenced which judges got elected and now is the time for the Judge to bend over for the Sheriff and lackey District Attorney.

OR will the court grow a set of balls and remind the sheriff he is an elected official and his constituents are the boss. The court has got to be the higher power. If the sheriff is the higher power and dictates to the court, you have the political corruption that exists today in Baldwin County.

Hoss does not like being told to do his job, so the Judge has been advised his actions are not acceptable to the District Attorney and Boss Hoss. The Judge, must reverse his decision, to the satisfaction of the Sheriff.

Baldwin County District Attorney Robert Wilters and Sheriff Hoss Mack have asked a judge to change his ruling compelling the Sheriff’s Office to return a car that deputies seized earlier this month.

Sheriff Mack and District Attorney Robert Wilters are joined at the hip. Their relationship spans 30 plus years. Wilters will do whatever the Boss wants.

Do ya remember 10 years ago when the infamous Boom Boom Pittman sponsored legislation for the qualifications of Baldwin County Sheriff. This dirty little trick allowed the Boss to eliminate all his competition. A good ole boy deal that locked Hoss Mack into a secure Sheriff position for two terms.

Baldwin County was the only county in the state with such qualifications.

“I just felt like at this point with all that’s going on… we need somebody that has above the minimum standards in order to adequately do that job,” said Sen. Trip Pittman, who sponsored Senate Bill 312.

Three years earlier, then State Senator Pittman awarded himself $750,000.00 of B/P money. Birds of a feather flock together.

The Baldwin County Sheriff has his own Major Crimes Division. This way any issues, such as a citizen being killed by the sheriff’s office, are investigated by the sheriff’s office. It is no surprise that the BCSO has NEVER been held responsible, for anything. Transparency and accountability do not exist in the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, THE BOSS is the BOSS.

That 2021 ruling in Lagniappe v. Mack — our lawsuit against Baldwin County Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack for withholding bodycam footage of Deputy Matt Hunady blowing away an unarmed motorist on the side of I-10 — set a precedent for our state that totally shut down the ability of the media and the public to see such video.

Associate Justice Greg Shaw wrote the majority decision in the case, stating, “Law enforcement investigative reports and related investigative material are not public records” and, “Law enforcement investigative reports, records, field notes, witness statements and other investigative writings or recordings are privileged communication protected from disclosure.”

Chief Justice Tom Parker was the only member of the court to dissent, and he blasted the decision.


You think this is bad? Stay tuned.

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