Historic Preservation what a joke. No one is more responsible for the demolition of historic buildings and houses in Fauxhope than the Mayor and council. Second would be the First Baptist Church who destroyed numerous houses for parking lots. But they are not called parking lots even though they are used for parking lots.

Historic preservation, water, infrastructure, annexing, and continuously lying to their constituents, goes hand in hand with the Mayor and Council, voted in and supported by developers. The current Mayor and Council address subjects like Historic preservation like it is a new idea, knowing past councils all discussed the same issues.

The discussion of Historic preservation has been addressed in the last 6 councils and each time it dies a slow death. This time it will be a heart attack. The city government of Fauxhope is 100% pro development and will provide all city services to developers first.

Cory the Crier went on TV supporting the Fauxhope Municipal Judges east side project. Watch the video. The priority is infrastructure for commercial projects. It is obvious that Cory has bitten the poison apple of developers. The council will have to approve the Judges project and the council appoints the Judge. It will pass with flying colors.

The draft ordinance comes months after the demolition of historic buildings around Fairhope, including the home of Nancy Lewis, a woman who lived in Fairhope after being freed from slavery.

Mayor Sherry Sullivan called the draft “a good start.” If the ordinance were up for a vote that night, Sullivan said she would advise the council not to pass it because of the workload it could put on city employees and the extra government body it could create.

“I guess the bottom line I have and always had is money,” Councilman Kevin Boone said. Councilman Boone is a developer and works with developers when he is not a councilman??? He has a rich history of supporting back room good ole boy politics.

Fairhope voted for the good ole boys to take back TOTAL control of Fairhope city government. When I say total control I mean the Mayor/Utility Director, City Council, City Attorney and the Municipal Judge.


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