Fairhope Town Hall Meeting

Fairhope’s first town hall meeting is this Thursday, 2/16/2017 at the Fairhope public library. The Ripp Report strongly suggest you attend and demand answers to some very pressing issues. Repealing ordinance 1572, the Fly Creek Apartments and the Airport Authority are issues that effect all of us and our schools.

The Mayor has fought hard to bring up the repeal of ordinance 1572, however the council president refuses to put it on the city council agenda. The Fly Creek Apartments were the number one issue during elections. Now they are elected, our city council is turning its back on the citizens. The same council president is also behind the efforts of the Airport Authority’s demand to maintain control and ownership of airport land while the city pays the mortgage. The Airport land is equivalent to 21% of the city debt and represents less than 1% of Fairhope citizens. Fairhope has been spending more on the Airport than schools.

Fairhope High School is under construction of another wing of classrooms. The original plan was to eliminate the portables, that is not going to happen. By the time the new wing is built they will need every portable they have now and more. Our schools need much more financial help from Fairhope than they are getting.

We cannot afford to lose 7 million on some plan cooked up by a few people flying high with deals that favor a few on the Airport Authority. The Fly Creek issue could cost us millions upon millions in the coming years in damage to Fly Creek and the Fly Creek basin. Fairhope cannot sustain losing millions on these issues and expect to support schools any more than at our present level.

Please support the Mayor on these issues and attend. You may, and I encourage you to do so, contact the city by phone 990-0218 or [email protected]. And request these issues be first on the agenda. At the meeting please remind the City Council who they work for.