The Ripp Report and Baldwin County Legal Eagle had a record posting:


A total of 48,200 people reached through 112 shares, 109 likes, 28 comments and 9 phone calls.

Those are powerful numbers and converted into votes can unseat unethical judges and expose cottage industry attorneys. Those are accurate stats.

What I cannot identify is the number of children who were victims of a corrupt system that fails to protect their best interests while attorneys fleece their clients.

The nine phone calls were interesting and added to earlier allegations leveled at Judge Thomason and Attorney Stephen Johnson. In fact, one prospective client of Johnson decided to go elsewhere for an attorney, upon my advice.

The only way things are going to change is to VOTE bad elected judges out of office. The key to that is not voting straight ticket, republican or democrat.

The straight ticket voting allows unqualified and unethical candidates to obtain office just because of their political party.

That short-changes us all. Both parties do a good job of convincing us to be loyal to the party, the party that is making decisions for us; we need to make the decisions.

BCLE is following multiple cases in family court and in the coming months we hope to expose, again, the dysfunction of the court and the unethical behavior of its attorneys.

In case you have not seen DIVORCE CORP., check out the trailer or better yet watch the movie.

This will give you a good example of exactly what is happening in Baldwin County.

The demographics of Baldwin County have shifted and the good ole boys are on the defense.  The majority of the citizens in Baldwin County have moved here in the last 15 years and they could care less about supporting a good ole boy criminal enterprise.

The defeat of Tim Kant is a good example; this will have a profound effect on the good ole boys initiating a domino effect of removing elected officials at the polls.  The court of public opinion, social media and EXPOSURE will be the demise of a culture that has infected Baldwin’s County’s judiciary, county government and municipalities.

The only thing that can turn the tide for the worst is the citizenry turning a blind eye on an opportunity to change things for the better.