In 2012 the Baldwin County Commission convinced itself that Baldwin County needed to spend 32 Million dollars on 2300 usable acres called the Mega site.

South Alabama Mega Site – Shovel Ready in Baldwin County

Baldwin County is one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S.


The property remains vacant with no serious buyers, as far as we know. County commissioners sold the project to sleeping citizens and the county employees ended up helping to pay the 32 million dollar price tag. Today’s commissioners say they have greater oversight and that the Mega-site would not be approved by the commission in 2017. However, 18 months ago, a little more insight into the mega site raised more questions than answers.

The bottom line is that 32 million in 2012, almost 5 years ago, would probably be a value of 50 million today, taking into consideration lost opportunity. Another example of county commissioners and economic development is the recent penny school tax that they skimmed a cool 5 million dollars off of for county infrastructure projects while telling everyone what a good deal they made. The schools now have 5 million less. A deal with the devil and no one got to vote on it.

Baldwin County Commission approves permanent extension of penny sales tax

The commission, with unanimous approval Tuesday, approved a permanent extension of a tax that was set to expire in 2018. The tax provides $40 million in funding for the Baldwin County School System, among the largest in the state.


Why would you vote for any incumbent for any elected position in mid term?

Fairhope Economic Development is just as fickle. Last week the city council approved an old invoice of our previous mayor. Only problem is there was no invoice, purchase order, or paperwork.


Well, Wonderful Wednesday had some very interesting commentary. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN Fairhope’s mayor extended an olive branch to the city council and they accepted it. The last city council meeting was civil, polite…



Council President Jack Burrell, come fly with me, explained that it happened on his watch, however had no comment and suggested paying the presented bill for $32,000 dollars. Mr. Burrell two weeks prior, during city budget approval, cut economic and community development funding for a new department, for less money than he approved for a bill without documentation. Mr. Burrell also gets credit for his economic development plans for the Fairhope Airport.

Fairhope taxpayers pay for the airport; however, the airport authority has the title to the land? Mr. Burrell has also fought the mayor on any appointments the mayor has suggested for the airport authority board. Keep your eyes on the airport. Jack has his own economic development plan, called the 1% plan.