Sorry for a repeat article. Eye procedures have prevented me from seeing, however this particular post has become more factual, since the General Election.

FAIRHOPE – CATALYST a Dirty Little Secret

The Fairhope City Council is an “at Large” elected Council. Each of the members of the Council is deeply connected to the machine named for now, Catalyst; some by blood. The present council was…

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Wake up Fairhope the “at large” catalyst council is the worst, least effective council Fairhope has seen in 20 years. They say they represent us all, however they cannot even pass a budget.


It is easy to see that people with special interests, Catalyst connections, or are from the Tim Can’t Club, do not want to see any change in Fairhope Government. They represent about 30% of the City’s…

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The budget NOT being passed is deliberate, meant to obstruct the Mayor and City Supervisors and you are paying with your tax dollars, for the obstruction. Catalyst is running the Council.