Big Mules

The Alabama Legislature has always played to the Big Mules, this Session has been no different in that Corporate Welfare was the apparent objective for 2023. Stuart Rhodes the head of the Oath Keepers has been found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy(circa 1867). This week The House Homeland Security Committee grilled figureheads at the FBI for another round of “hide the salami”. And SCOTUS once again upends our lives this week with a pair of decisions. SACKETT V EPA limits what can be considered wetlands under the Clean Water Act. TYLER V HENNEPIN COUNTY, MINNESOTA the Court held that tax delinquency satisfactions can not exceed the tax due; and of course Alabama is one such State, with an entire industry built on greed and misery. Texas has impeached their RAGA Attorney General on 20 Counts. Alabama State Rep. “Coach” Plump has resigned in the wake of an FBI corruption investigation into the $100,000.00 in discretionary slush money appropriated by the Legislature to themselves to dole out in their districts (that’s per district per year). The Legislature this week sent a record multi-billion dollar budget to the Governor for her consideration. And is was reported this week that Alabama has spent $1B of BP Money on restoration (most of it not on the coast). Fairhope, has a drag queen problem? Two City employees take kilos of drugs that wash up on the beach. This Friday marked the one year anniversary of the disappearance of Orange Beach realtor Danny Williams who was later found dead washed up on the very beach where he had disappeared two days before. And the BAMA RUSH reality tv show starts this week. Have a great Memorial Day and observe in reverence.