Fauxhope mouthpiece and long term councilman Jack Burrell is crying in his milk and pretending to be concerned about the Fauxhope sewer. Don’t be fooled he is a professional B.S. artist.

The upgrade should meet the needs of the city for the next 15 years, then a new sewer plant may need to be constructed on city-owned land south of the airport.

Instead of building a new sewer plant in 2013 for around 20 million Burrell led the charge to upgrade the failing sewer plant, that is still failing to keep up with demand. The council approved 10 million for upgrades that ballooned to 13 million by completion.

Latest Wastewater Treatment Upgrade Proposal Expensive

A proposal to replace the head works at the city’s wastewater treatment plant at the north end of Church Street met with a cool reception from some council members due to it $5 million estimated price tag. Councilman Burrell told the Times the cost seemed very high considering a comprehensive upgrade to the entire plant completed in 2015 cost only $12 million.

Burrell is at his public B.S. podium,again, expressing his “concocted” concern for citizens money. He is responsible for the problem. He’s B.S. depends on the ignorance of voters and lack of information that the council provides the taxpayer.

It is a joke but the joke is on Fauxhope. Prankster’s Sign Causing Confusion


All mouth Burrell is again pulling the wool over taxpayers eyes. The council and Mayor are full steam when it comes to development. They are ignoring the failures of the sewer system and strain on utilities due to out of control development.

Anonymous said…

Even though I have a lot of respect Mayor Sullivan I disagree with the Utilities Superintendent position being assigned to the Mayor. Obviously, this was and has been a way to boost the Mayors salary over the years to above $100K. However, maybe it’s time to go back to a professionally trained engineer as the Fairhope Utilities Superintendent to oversee the water/electric/sewer departments. Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Mayor Wilson’s salary was less than half of that of our current Mayor. Mayor Sullivan is a double dipping with two salaries from Fauxhope. Her appointment to head utilities was to boost her pay but most importantly to have access to the utility fund. Sullivan has absolutely no experience in utility management. She is however the darling of developers and the cabal of good ole boys that run Fauxhope.

Here is a little history lesson:

Due to the non-budgeted 2.65 million land purchase, the council is now having difficulty approving a budget, which is past due, just like the last three city budget’s. Now the council is talking about police and employee cuts as well as infrastructure and sewer repairs, being delayed.

They are now having to amend the budget that they have yet to approve.

To top it off the entire council voted themselves a full family insurance package, valued at $17,000 a year.

Full family insurance plus salary for the council and a double dipping Mayor are now fulfilling their obligations to developers.

Pay attention to that 2.65, under the table recreation land at the airport, Jack has plans for that land, he will let ya know later, when you forget all the above.