Alien Indictment

This week we saw revelations come to light that indicate that the Executive Branch (Defense Department) has been concealing from Congress and the American People the existence of non-human remains and technology in the form of aerial vehicles recovered over the last 50 years. Almost as alien was the indictment of a former President for mishandling of classified documents, a crime which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was given a “pass” by FBI Director Comey prior to the 2016 election. The Supreme Court of the United States again step-childs Alabama in a decision related to how our U.S. House Districts are not complaint with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a huge gamble and loss for Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall. Hottie Colorado Rep Lauren Bobert claims to have seen evidence of a $5Million bribery scheme involving President Biden when he was the Vice President. His response at the following presser was rehearsed. And did Baldwin County really lose in the distribution of almost $20B this legislative session or were we sold down the river so the Creek Indians could maintain their status quo monopoly? Name Image and Likeness is the talk of DC with Coach Saban in town to try and maintain his recruiting dynasty. Instagram algorithm helped connect pedophiles. And certain parties want you support a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution for the purpose of gun control. Your homework is to read Unrestricted Warfare, a book written by two PLA air force political officers, Senior Col Qiao Liang and Senior Col Wang Xiangsui.