Fairhope restaurateur found guilty of assault – Lagniappe Mobile

Fairhope restaurateur found guilty of assault – Lagniappe Mobile

A well known Fairhope businessman was found guilty of public intoxication and third-degree assault earlier this month after an incident at a bar late last year. Ronan McSharry, owner of McSharry’s Irish Pub, was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but credited for two months already served in a rehabilitation facility, according to municipal court …


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The Fairhope City Council has bullied the Mayor at Council meetings and other public venues. The first council meetings of this council’s term, were disgraceful. The “leadership” of the bulling was headed by Council President Jack Burrell, who refuses to share the Council President chair, and is supported by Councilmen Boone and Brown. Councilmen Conyers and Robinson were mute, but complicit.

Bulling, intimidation, and victimization are one in the same. Intimidation is a major weapon in the Baldwin County political and judicial arena and some “men” find women an easy target.

Women need to speak up more.

One women is:



Corruption has many faces. In Fairhope the local arrest of a bar owner, Ronan McSharry, drew little more than a paragraph of coverage and little or no print media has covered the story. FAIRHOPE, Ala.


The VICTIM, Paula DiNardi, in this case had to endure several postponements of the case and over 8 hours in the Fairhope Municipal Court, only to be victimized again. Paula was the latest victim of McSharry and has had her life turned upside down since the incident.

Paula has for the most part has stood alone in her attempt for justice. The City Attorney has represented her poorly and the defense attorney wants to politicize an assault case into a continued witch hunt against the Mayor.

Ronan McSharry was found guilty In Fairhope Municipal Court, this last week, of public intoxication and assault, sentenced to 180 days in jail, with time served during his re-hab stay. McSharry was represented by Defense attorney John Beck, well known for victimizing the victims. You can be sure an appeal will follow. McSharry does not want to go to jail.

Mr. McSharry, through another attorney attempted to “settle the issue” with DiNardi, providing she remain silent for life and not show up for court, thus the charges would be dropped. It is the Ripp Report’s understanding both offers were rejected. Her reason for not taking the money and running is quite simple. She feels that women should not be beat up by men, and then paid off to remain silent.

Mr Beck not only defended McSharry but he wandered into a line of questioning that politicized, and was not relevant, to the assault and public intoxication case. Mr Beck has a way of victimizing the victim and making the guilty party look innocent.

DA continues pursuit of Spanish Fort rape case – Lagniappe Mobile

DA continues pursuit of Spanish Fort rape case – Lagniappe Mobile

The Baldwin County District Attorney’s office has no plans to drop charges against 18-year-old Cameron Harrison, the Spanish Fort High School (SFHS) student accused of raping an unconscious 16-year-old female at an open house party in Timber Creek last month. Harrison’s attorney John Beck claims the defendant is falsely accused. Beck said the district attorney’s …


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Paula was represented, in court, by the City Attorney Marcus McDowell, who job it is, to vigorously, represent the victim. However Mr. McDowell neither objected or interfered with Mr. Beck’s line of questioning which had no relevant value to the case.

The Municipal Judge allowed Mr Beck to go unchallenged. Beck asked DiNardi a series of questions related to me, Paul Ripp aka Ripp Report. and my involvement in the case. She explained that the Ripp Report, a non profit consumer organization, was acting as an advocate for her. Why the judge nor the city attorney did not ask, Mr Beck, what relevance it had to do with the case, I do not know.

Then Mr Beck asked a series of questions about the Mayor, and her alleged involvement, in the case or her connection to Paul Ripp, The Ripp Report. Beck just rambled on without any objection being heard.

It appears that the politicization of the case will be Mr. Beck’s defense, supported by victimization of the victim.

The City Attorney did not even mention the medical damages, over 6000.00 dollars, that DiNardi has incurred, nor did he mention that Mr. McSharry has a green card and is not a citizen of the U.S. WHY?

DiNardi not only finds her life turned upside down but now has come to the realization that her case is being used in an ongoing political witch hunt, focused on defeating Mayor Wilson in 2020.

The Mayor and the Ripp Report are not relevant to the criminal charges against McSharry.

Get ready folks for 2020 because this is all about politics and politicians, Judges and Attorney’s keeping their jobs. By the way McSharry’s has a J Burrell sandwich on the menu. J Burrell is also the Council President that secured the City Attorney his job as well as the Municipal Judge, it is all connected folks.

Since Mr Beck appears to be ignorant about what the Ripp Report is all about we will be sure to sign him up for the newsletter. In the meantime here are two articles that Mr. Beck may find helpful.



The Ripp Report is a Non-Profit Consumer Organization. The Ripp Report handles consumer issues, offers consultation on specific issues, family court issues and exposes political corruption.




The Ripp Report is a non-profit organization, politically non-partisan. The focus of The Ripp Report is political corruption and exposing the elected officials involved. In the past we specialized on…


It is women like Paula DiNardi that make a difference.

Stay tuned this is going to get real interesting.

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  1. Gloria Steinem | May 1, 2019 at 10:37 pm |

    Burrell is Fairhopes favorite mysogynist.

  2. Ole Fairhoper | May 2, 2019 at 5:26 am |

    If Daphne and Fairhope had a decent sewer system, they would FLUSH these catalyst councils down the drain

  3. Rupert Piramy | May 2, 2019 at 1:17 pm |

    I see human logs in the bay on the reg. Sad times.
    No jubilee in years.
    Mired in excrement. Catalyst calm. Apathy stinks.

    • Sad for Fairhope | May 2, 2019 at 3:57 pm |

      Just how the sewer board and utilities board accept the extra load without saying to the city, “Enough! The waste treatment plant cannot take anymore!”
      A worker for Fairhope Utilities told me that the Fairhope electric grid is so overloaded that he is afraid that the grid will collapse. Yet the Council keeps allowing more and more houses to be placed on the grid.
      If the City Council had any real backbone they would say “NO more houses!” But they are owned by the builders.
      The only REAL MAN is our mayor. She shows more testicular fortitude than the “Men” on the council who are supposed to be biologically equipped.

  4. DiNardi is a drunkard. In fact she was out drinking the night after the incident. Anyone who has been in this area for a while knows she’s only after money. I’m curious to why Ripp never covered the other incident where another customer at L.W.C.C. fell out of there stool the following Saturday after the incident with McSharry and DiNardi. The fire marshall actually shut down the bar that Saturday after the ambulance had to come and tend to that customer. Also, why didn’t Ripp cover the rape that happened outside of Plow that same week? Ripp needs show some bias and stop being the mayor’s little puppet.

    • Anonymous | May 8, 2019 at 1:45 pm |

      Oh please. Let me spell out how it works. You don’t assault people. Simple as that. If she gets money, she fully deserves it. Again, DON’T ASSAULT PEOPLE. Is it that hard? Somebody fell out of a chair? Guess what’s missing? ASSAULT. If you expect Ripp to be able to cover every story relating to a female, well then you better start donating.

    • Francis Ripp | May 10, 2019 at 2:13 pm |

      Your first and second sentence are slander and I bet you will not identify yourself. Your allegations are false. She was NOT out drinking the next night, that is BS. As far as the other incidents, I did not report on them because I did not hear about them. I have been hearing about McSharry and his many convictions for years. The man has a serious problem and needs help, not a pass.

  5. Anonymous | May 8, 2019 at 12:37 pm |

    Marcus McDowell has a disregard for actual law.

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