No 98 – Ethical Abortion

Backstory Podcast 98

39.5 Million SARS-COV-2 infected in the USA with 643,00 deaths. The Delta variant has Gulf Coastal Hospitals are out of ICU beds and the Feds are in Foley helping out.

The Peacock Network has a new documentary series Monster in the Shadows: Inside the Beyond-Shocking Aftermath of Brittney Wood’s Disappearance- about a young woman who went missing in Baldwin County- her family members were later convicted of child sexual abuse, including relatives (Another Unsolved).

The Supreme Court of the Untied States in a 5-4 decision let stand a Texas abortion law that punishes participants- down to any facilitators of an abortion- after a fetal heartbeat is detected (approx. 6 weeks). Opinions are split. Apple withholds “child protection features” amid privacy concerns.

And we ask the question: What does the Federal Trade Commission do? And the Country takes notice of Hurricane Ida (NOLA to NYC). The Alabama Ethics Commission and the General Counsel of the Alabama State Bar responded this week to Mr. Ripp’s complaints against The Executive Director of the Alabama Ethics Commission Tom Albritton for his role in the Mable Amos Scholarship Trust and the apparent benefits to his family. And the Lagniappe Mobile Newspaper had several articles this week that you should check out.

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  1. James Cain & Able | September 8, 2021 at 6:26 am |

    Australia has had not a single flu case since 2020.
    How is this possible?

  2. The flu is much less transmittable and until recently, they averaged 1 case of covid per day. Not deaths, infections. Why? They, despite having their guns taken away, listened to their health department. Social distanced, wore masks, stayed home, shutdown longer and can cut off international travel much easier.

    Make sense?

    No mainstream politicians made the pandemic political. The vulnerable took extra caution. Flu deaths are mostly from the same segment of vulnerable people.

  3. Xi Biden has mandated the vax.
    We have become RED CHINA.

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