I10 Toll Bridge

The infrastructure failures in Fairhope are directly connected to Jack Burrell and his lackeys.

Doesn’t it make you feel more confident knowing Jack is “speaking for the people of Baldwin County.”

Jack is all for the toll’s and “increasing the county’s soaring population”.

Just what we need while infrastructure failures and sewage in the bay are daily occurrences.

Interested firms meet with ALDOT, begin competing for the Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project

{Lagniappe papers are available free at news stands}

“Speaking for the people of Baldwin County, Burrell noted the new bridge and Bayway could increase the county’s soaring population growth and definitely boost business.
Anytime you make the transportation easier it could potentially have that effect,” Burrell said, “Depending on where you stand, if you ask a lot of people in Baldwin County they may want to say, ‘Let’s put up a fence and not allow new people to move in,’ but there’s a lot of people that invite that business. The business community will invite that flow.”

If Jack’s nose keeps growing the bridge will need another lane.


“Fairhope infrastructure is 10 years behind. Jack Burrell has been on the council 10 years and kicked the infrastructure can down the road. He was directly involved in slowing down or not even approving projects. A true politician, Jack now talks about infrastructure, what B.S.“

Burrell first promised no federal money was needed, and no tolls.

If his mouth is moving he is lying! NO TOLLS.

Burrell is the last person you should, EVER, believe:


I hope you read the above and understand Burrell is a consummate liar. He is the political mouthpiece representing Baldwin County and his job is to support tolls and development, while pretending that the population of the county is all warm and fuzzy and are now supporting tolls.

Sleep tight Baldwin County, Jack Burrell is speaking for YOU.


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9 Comments on "MOUTHPIECE"

  1. Bay is toxic. No 🐟. 30 years behind on infrastructure. Keep building.

    You don’t know Jack about Jack.

  2. Jack was bought by the developers long ago. Now that raw sewage is being dumped on the bay, roads are choked, schools overcrowded, and the quality of life has been destroyed, he speaks of infrastructure
    What a liar Jack is. He is a disgusting man who is trying to save his disgusting character.
    He knew what the end result was. He just had to take the money Truland and DR Horton was paying him
    When you sell your soul, you are owned by those that bought you.

  3. Catalyst is Evil | August 21, 2022 at 11:20 pm |

    Why should we pay tolls on an interstate? They are called FREEWAYS for a reason
    I say no tolls even if we have to stick with a backed up
    Bayway. Those people that bought the cheap houses
    In the cheap Cox subdivisions must pay for their ooor decisions or at least protest at the Cox Compound
    at the foot of Bellrose in Daphne
    Oops, Cox, I ratted you out again. Well I may be the few that you do not own.

  4. Consumer Report | August 23, 2022 at 3:19 pm |

    Hey Ripp have you heard about the latest from the overdeveloped eastern whore?
    Power surges due to overloaded grids frying air conditioners.

    Jack sleeps well though.

  5. Get the AG to come down for the next muni election.

    If so cat list is cooked.
    And Jack goes back to rural Mississippi.

    • If only – Catalyst has the deck stacked and the Secretary of State just watches the cards being dealt. it is up to the voters to DEMAND this council gets voted out.
      These guys are smart crooks.

  6. Mary Rutherford FHope | August 24, 2022 at 7:44 pm |

    Jack is not smart. Just protected. He is still a pubic official

    • Francis Ripp | August 25, 2022 at 8:12 am |

      You are so right Jack is not smart but likes being the mouthpiece for the smarter politicians

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