It is no secret that the Fairhope City Council is CATALYST through and through. It is also well documented that the council opposes, procrastinates or just refuses anything the Mayor may propose. Even projects that have been previously endorsed by the council, are delayed or canceled by the council.

After 3 and half years, The Fairhope Waterfront Project is finally on the drawing board. This $6.2 million project has had a wealth of planning and public participation. In the work session, prior to the council meeting, a detailed, 48 min presentation was given to the council.

Timing is important with the permitting phase of this project and the council was asked to give some guidance or the OK to proceed. The mayor was passionate about the project, however it fell on deaf ears.

“The council took no immediate action on the plan but will likely revisit it during a council meeting at a later date.“

The next meeting is May 11th, another delay and money on the table.

Fairhope unveils design for $6.2 million pier project – Lagniappe Mobile

Fairhope unveils design for $6.2 million pier project – Lagniappe Mobile

The Fairhope City Council got its first peek at a conceptual plan to redesign the space surrounding its landmark pier and parks around its public beaches Monday. As part of a $6.2 million working waterfront and bluff stabilization project funded by the RESTORE Act through the Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council, the design and engineering …


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The CATALYST Council then refused to consider the Mayor’s Marketing plan for all businesses in Fairhope. The Mayor wished to hire a marketing firm and come up with a helpful strategy for Fairhope business owners who have experienced severe financial difficulties during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Included was a plan to welcome tourist back to Fairhope.

To finance the $65,000 proposal the Mayor suggested raising the lodging tax from 6% to 7%, which is paid by tourists, and implement a ½ cent gas tax. Fairhope is the only municipality that does not have a gas tax where the average is 1%.

The CATALYST council refused to accept either proposal, leaving the MONEY ON THE TABLE.

Please remember it was the council that endorsed and pushed a $3,000,000 school tax. They refused to listen to the Mayor who had a plan to finance the same $3,000,000, without a tax.

The council refused and the taxpayers got blindsided by politics.

The Mayor also suggested that annual payments made to the Hatch program and Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance should be appropriations. The Mayor has supported Hatch program from the beginning.

The Council rejected the idea without any suggestions, except to have a wait and see approach.

The City of Fairhope annually donates $35,000 to Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance, $15,000 to the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, which represents the whole Eastern Shore, and $21,000 to the Downtown Business Association. The latter two are member based.

In the end the council rejected any help to the business community instead reinforced it’s position with BCEDA, who’s 35,000 will most likely go to executive salary or payroll for BCEDA.

What irony the CATALYST council turns down economic development for Fairhope businesses’ in order to give it to Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance to allegedly promote Economic Development. BECDA most likely will use the funds for salaries, that is not helping business.

Think that is stupid? Then consider this. The Council will not support the Mayor and the Marketing Plan for $65,000 but they did support:

1. Raising their salary and full family insurance for the entire council, approximately $125,000.

2. Councilman Burrell, Brown and Boone, the 3 B’s, without public participation, purchased 2.65 million for recreation land then leased it for 9000 a year. Fairhope desperately needs that money now. The council has no plan and no money for development of this property. This deal stinks of CATALYST.

3. The CATALYST council has made repeated efforts to give away the Triangle property that cost taxpayers 13 million in a legal settlement. Beware they will try it again before municipal elections.

4. The CATALYST council paid 2.5 million for the K-1 Center, Fairhope Community Park and the Nix Center. They however allowed nothing for immediate repairs and have elected to put a temporary roof on the K-1 Center and have no renovation plans, or money, for the properties.

5. The CATALYST council, especially, the great negotiator, Burrell, have spent over half a million dollars on the clock property, the final price may exceed $600,000.00 for 1000 sq, feet of property. Burrell, and council oppose spending $65,000 for Fairhope business interest while ignoring the trillions the federal government is spending to protect business and employees.

6. Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance, BCEDA, is run by Lee Lawson, brother in law to Mayor Dane Haygood and very close friend of Burrell, all are CATALYST, “Status Quo” players. CATALYST taking care of CATALYST.

This is the same council that now rejects a $65,000 economic plan for the businesses in Fairhope. The Mayor has a plan and how to pay for it.

The council has no plan except to oppose the Mayor and leave the MONEY ON THE TABLE.

Folks in Fairhope had better get rid of this CATALYST council, especially Burrell, before they dig a hole so deep that citizens cannot get out.

The above major issues were dwarfed by the attention the CATALYST council gave to opening the Quail Creek Golf Course.

That’s right the golf course opening is more important than the Marketing Plan or the Waterfront Project.

In an angry outburst, Burrell blamed the Mayor for closing the golf course. What he did not explain is that the council could have opened the golf course anytime they wished, they just dropped the ball and wanted to blame the Mayor for their lack of action. The Mayor closed the course for public health concerns.

Leaving the MONEY ON THE TABLE, and doing nothing, will cost Fairhope, more in the end

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  1. Regarding closing the golf course by the Mayor is true, it’s also very clear to me that Burrell could have and should have already opened Quail Creek already. While the Mayor certainly did the right thing at the time. Both parties could have see what some other golf courses have chosen to do to have a safe and open course to the public. I’m not quite sure why Burrell didn’t open back up the course when he could have? I can only guess that when asked a couple of weeks ago about opening it, he said “I’m not going open Quality Creek, I’m gonna to let the Mayor get blamed for the course being closed”. WOW! As many golfing buddies that Jack has, I’m surprised that he wants to screw them out of their enjoying playing golf while trying to make the Mayor look bad. What sorry ass person Jack Burrell is to do this. Could have been a hero and did the right thing by opening Quail Creek himself but chose to not let us play golf simply to try and hurt the Mayor. Well Jack, you truly are a jackass. Go back to where you came from Jack because it’s certainly not Fairhope!!!

  2. Laura Gaust | April 29, 2020 at 7:05 pm |

    Burrell is one sorry s.o.b.

  3. If I run a win a seat on the City Council can I get that good health insurance? I could really use it

  4. Is there anybody who is going to run for city council? If not I will run if the voters support me. I don’t have an agenda except to support our mayor and get Catalyst off the council

  5. So they purchased land for $2.6 MILLION ans rented it for 9k a year?

    Whoa. Fraud? They claimed it was for recreation and then switched?

    Has this been scrutinized through foia? Who owned the land? Who got the 2.6 mill?

    If Robert Brown owned that land I’ll barf.

  6. Truth Hurts | April 30, 2020 at 11:34 am |

    It has taken Krazy Katin 3 years to get the proposal on paper and propose it to Council. They want 30 days or so to review???? What a travesty! She is an idiot and so is the premise of this BS blog.

    • Francis Ripp | April 30, 2020 at 2:57 pm |

      Read it again and watch council work session and council meeting on u-tube, then you”may” understand that council is the problem. This is not just the mayor but staff and many engineers.

      • Yep, Ripp, once again you are right
        Why do the Catalysts even try to discredit you when you have lined up your facts?

        • Ripp spews garbage.
          He talks about covid 19 on his podcast like it will kill everyone. It’s a lie. CDC so scared of lawsuits they revised their tabulation.
          Be sure and correct yourself.

          • Catalyst Question | May 2, 2020 at 2:43 pm |

            Ripp doesn’t spew half the lies that Catalyst does. Catalyst has ruined Baldwin as they have trashed and pillaged the place
            If Catalyst wants to refute more things then I will listen just like you mentioning covid 19.
            So how do you answer Catalyst allowing out of control growth that has ruined Baldwin?
            How do you answer Catalyst bro g financed by a few developers funneling money to the politicians they have bought by way of Catalyst?

            • Builders built fairhope. Not catalyst. This is high level illuminati stuff. Y’all are losing it. You can say there’s a catalyst but what is it? It is between yiur ears ripp. Stop the i sanitt. Move on.

    • This blog means nothing. Few read it and the rest could care less. Move along Mr. Ripp.

      • Jack4fh, you mean nothing. Oh troll this site dropping your lines
        Most people ignore you. Maybe I should too but I solid LOVE to meet you face to face and see that you are probably Burrrell or one of his butt bitches

      • Hey mini Jack4hf. You read it! Didn’t you? Pull your head out of Jack’s ass and tell us who you are. Freakin idiot

      • Hey Jack4fh
        How do you take it on top or on the bottom with Jack?
        See? Your posts are received with the same idiocy that you send. Give it up
        Jack is through. Go hide

      • Anonymous | May 1, 2020 at 12:52 am |

        Jack4fh is actually Jack Burrell. Hey Jack do you and Brown share a common dislike for Ripp

    • Truth will set us free | May 1, 2020 at 11:53 am |

      Truth Hurts must be a flunky for the Council. Too bad that the rest of us know what is happening and his “Truth” can be fact checked.
      The days of the political machine that runs the council is coming to an end.
      As they were exposed, so will be their misleading propaganda. Just ask Chuckie who use to write for the Baldwin Insider. He got busted and so will you.

  7. Has anyone ever heard of Who owns it? Who is “Metric Media Publications”? Why don’t they have ads or even classifieds? A little weird, don’t you think? It’s about a year old.

    • It’s that guy who has the computer store across from Julwins and worked at the Organic School I think

      • No, that’s and he had the camera shop that at one time shared the space. He is not the owner of Fairhope PC, that’s a different guy.

        • You are correct and I stand corrected

          • Confusing, isn’t it? 18 websites for Alabama with local sounding names. All registered in a year. No ads, no revenue source. Looks pretty innocent doesn’t it? Very professional. Anyone find this interesting? You should. More to come.

            • Anonymous | May 1, 2020 at 10:49 pm |

              What are you getting at, Hmm?
              It is a sorry state we have no local coverage other Than Ripp
              The GCN is a sorry excuse for news unless you want to know what Shoe Station is selling
              Gulf Coast News is a waste of paper, time, and ink
              Journalism does not exist there

              • Anonymous | May 4, 2020 at 2:38 am |

                I’ll explain soon when I have more time. Maybe Ripp would be interested in a series of articles about this? I think people need to be aware.

  8. Jack4fh sends a feeling up my leg Who are you, Jack4fh? I have these dreams about you. I am jealous that Burrell has you all to himself

  9. The title should instead read “MONEY UNDER THE TABLE”
    I used to think Fairhope was a nice place to live. What it has become the last six or seven years is concerning. Where it is going I dread. Why not get a new council and president? It’s kinda important dontcha think?

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