Ronan McSharry is a public nuisance and the City Of Fairhope has failed to protect the general public, for the forth or fifth time. If you are not suspicious of how Mr McSharry has avoided prosecution then you have not been following his repeated domestic abuse charges and public drunkenness.

A couple of weeks ago the Mayor of Fairhope went on TV News to announce that the city would take away the Little Whiskey, ABC license, if they did not conform to established closing hours. However when the city council was asked to do the same thing to McSharry’s for beating up women, not a word. In fact the position of the city was they had no authority over any ABC issues. This is no surprise since councilman Jack Burrell has a long friendship with Mr. McSharry. Mayor Sullivan’s has remained silent on Mr. McSharry’s assaults on multiple women, while publicly pressuring little whiskey. Fairhope the Mayor and Council attack any critics, political opponents, or vocal citizens, their corrupt political history is infamous.

So let’s get back to McSharry and his ability to manipulate the judicial system:

The above are Lagniappe articles about Mr McSharry and his history of judicial abuse. Judges, lawyers and police have not done their job. In fact they have brought tremendous skepticism upon themselves and their actions and inaction. One has to ask themselves, What the hell is going on? What leverage does McSharry have over the City of Fairhope? The City Attorney Marcus McDowell has lied to the city council and the general public in the last case involving Paula Dinardi. He dropped the ball then and this time he did not even attempt to pick the ball up.

Mr. McSharry’s was let off the hook again last week for beating the hell out of yet another woman, Jennifer Blackwood. McSharry was represented by John Beck. Beck likes theatrics and he did not fail in his presentation to the Judge. At one point he admits to surveillance tactics that involved citizens critical of McSharry and his antics. It is alleged that former Mayor Wilson, Attorney Harry Still. Paula DiNiardi and yours truly had all been under surveillance and some of us filmed by a drone on our private property. These are typical Beck tactics from his bag of dirty tricks. Becks defense concentrates on blaming everyone else and deflecting from the truth. McSharry would have been the one to pay for the surveillance or any of Becks dirty tricks. { Much more to come on surveillance issue}

Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker ruled, after over a 6 hours in court, that he could not convict on the evidence presented by Marcus McDowell, who represented the city and Jenniffer Blackwood. Marcus again goes over the judicial ledge and deliberately did not investigate the alleged incident. Remember this is like over 30 news articles and 4 or 5 separate incidents and multiple arrests involving McSharry.

What about the one sided position the Mayor has taken? She has yet to say a word about Mr. McSharry’s continuous domestic incidents, mostly involving women. It is the responsibility of the Municipal attorney to take the proper steps to investigate the domestic abuse charges. Marcus obviously did nothing of any substance in defending his client, the citizen, in court. The Police work for the city! What investigation did they conduct? Or were they even asked to investigate the claim?

Has the Mayor or City Council said anything about what guts it took for McSharrys victims to walk into court and face a morally compromised defense that relies on victim bashing, further knowing that the city has no interest in bringing Mr. McSharry to justice.

McSharry has made a mockery of flower town Fauxhope. McSharry and Marcus McDowell are shining examples of political and judicial corruption, at it’s lowest level. McDowell should be disbarred and McSharry and his political allies should be investigated by the FBI.

In addition to the Lagniappe articles, here are a few of the Ripp Report articles:




The McSharry Will Out


We have said it three times already and will say it again. Ronan McSharry will do it again, Just wait and see, let’s pray no-one is seriously injured or killed.

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  1. Thelma Fairhoper | January 23, 2023 at 10:42 am |

    Jack and Ronan go “fishing” together often.

  2. Well well, Ripp.
    You take a long time off and come back with a blast. You just cannot let McSherry go, eh? Come on, he is buddies with the council members. He has Carte Blanche. Remember this and things will make better sense.
    Why don’t you go over to McSherry’s pub, get a few pints, and make friends with McSherry?

    • Are you so used to writing fake reviews for McSharry’s that you every comment you can’t help but sound like a fake review? Nobody cares to make anonymous Facebook accounts to defend a woman beating narcissist like yourself, McSharry.

      Narcissists make terrible friends outside of opportunistic ones, usually other narcissists.

      There is no one who cares enough to click on every McSharry article to defend a woman beating narcissist. Nobody cares enough to advertise for you.

  3. Jack 4fairhope 4ever | January 26, 2023 at 10:54 am |

    Fairhope is the number one place to live. Not only in all of Alabama but the entire south. Y’all are just poor.

    • You keep saying that Fairhope is number one. I hear it a lot. I can’t find any publication that made that claim. The closest one is over a decade ago that says it’s one of the best…

  4. Eat the 🐟 from the bay.
    Lemme know how ot goes.

  5. Tired of the Crooked Politics | January 28, 2023 at 8:20 pm |

    someone needs to investigate this. When he finally kills someone, all involved in letting him off over, over and over should be held responsible

  6. Klaus Von Beulah | January 31, 2023 at 4:22 pm |

    city attorney is a shill for the machine. he gets paid and does what he is told

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