LAW and DisORDER Part 1

The Fairhope City Council has had blinders on when it comes to accountability and transparency. Leadership by the Council President is non-existent. In fact, Council President Jack Burrell has fully disgraced his position and the City of Fairhope and should immediately resign.

Last night at the end of Fairhope City Council meeting, at the 1:10 mark, Jack Burrell and Councilman Brown were talking about traffic. Mr. Burrell warned the citizens of the community:

“Fairhope has prosecutors who prosecute . Judges who enforce the law
and the Council appoints them all.”

That is true the council appointed the City Attorney:

City Attorney Rift Settled?

City Attorney Rift Settled?

Fairhope, Alabama: newspaper, information, government, events, arts, music, entertainment, travel, arts and crafts,


Last night the Council appointed the interim Police Chief:

Fairhope names interim police chief

Fairhope names interim police chief

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If the Council President is so passionate about traffic then certainly the Police Chief and the City Attorney will apply Mr. Burrell’s words to his actions.

Last night around 6:00 pm The Ripp Report sent the below e-mail to the City of Fairhope:


Aug. 27 2018

Dear Mayor Wilson: City Council
& Fairhope Police

I have received numerous calls about a house party at Mr. Burrell’s home last Friday night. Mr. Burrell was at the Grand Summer Ball, just two miles away. Alcohol and marijuana were present, minors from Fairhope High School and Bayside were in attendance. The police were called and found the neighborhood full of cars and over 75 underage kids. My information is that no one was arrested; no minors or adults, nor the property owners.

This sends a message to kids that you will not get arrested if the party is at the City Council President’s house. The mother of one of the Bayside students said many parents are furious that the police looked the other way. Kids in attendance were sons and daughters of lawyers and prominent citizens of the community.

Is that another reason everyone walked?

In situations such as this in Daphne and Spanish Fort, the minors were turned over to their parents, the adults arrested, as well as the property owners.

This has happened in Fairhope as well, except REGULAR people got arrested.

This information is being passed on to you for investigation and explanation, to the public. If true the City Council President should resign immediately.

Is the law not equal for us all?

P.S. I just got another call from a mom of another Bayside student, said it was THE JOKE the students were laughing about.

Francis Paul Ripp/The Ripp Report

Please remember this incident happened Friday night and at that time Fairhope did not have an acting Police Chief.

This incident has now gone viral with Fairhope kids and kids from Bayside. The party was planned while Mr. Burrell was dancing at the Ball, however all the kids were told days ahead about the party and the parents were “cool with it.”

Just because you, as a parent, are not present does not mean that you are not responsible for your property and child.

Why did the Police allow everyone to go Scott free?

Fairhope pay attention and let’s see if the “appointed by council” Police Chief and City Attorney do their job.

While the Chief and Attorney are doing their job will they please explain Mr. Burrell’s police record, part of which Mr Burrell has blamed his son for:


The Police Chief, City Attorney and the City Council need to make a public statement where each one of them stands on this issue.

Part two on Wonderful Wednesday. Don’t miss it!

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23 Comments on "LAW and DisORDER Part 1"

  1. Oh come on, Ripp. Rank has its privileges.

  2. Anonymousfh | August 28, 2018 at 1:29 pm |

    what a wonderful web we weave.
    when we practice to deceive.

  3. I’m not a Burrell fan, but that’s not what i heard him say last night. I heard him say that nit only do we need the police to write tickets, but we need the prosecutor to prosecute, and the judge to enforce the laws. And, the council appoints the prosecutor and judges so do your jobs.

    • What I heard him say is that the police are just to be another revenue source for the city and the judge to be the one who marks the prices. This is why people do not like the police because they just want to write tickets and do revenue enhancing things rather than to PROTECT AND TO SERVE
      God, this town is really f*cked up!
      I hope the city gets sued for civil rights violations. WHO THE HELL IS BURRELL TO SAY SOMETHING LIKE THIS? I am a property owning citizen here NOT A TENNANT!

      • I think Burrell is a jackass, but I didn’t hear him say that. I heard them say they want police to help slow down the speeders by writing tickets.

  4. I just finished reading the article and, yeah. That’s pretty bad, Jack Burrell. I don’t let my kids have drinking and smoking parties because, #1. I don’t like to encourage that behavior because it’s illegal, and #2 I’m afraid of getting arrested.

  5. So exactly how does he (Jack) know whats happening at his house when he’s not there? More hearsay and innuendo.

  6. Arrest the Burrells | August 28, 2018 at 3:27 pm |

    Everyone needs to band together – the parents need to come forth & have them arrested to allow this behavior as well as the children – what kind of message is Fairhope trying to send here??? It is more than time for everyone to wake up about what is going on around here!!!

  7. Double Dog Dare | August 28, 2018 at 5:11 pm |

    If the same exact scenario happened at my house in Fairhope or Montrose & my children held party at my home (yes if it is at my home I am responsible also) – and the police come, I double dog dare them to arrest me or my children & participants if they did not arrest anyone at the Burrell’s home.

  8. Grand summer ball was on Saturday night so how could this be true? Do you know what day it is?

  9. What’s next... | August 28, 2018 at 8:02 pm |

    Ripp, get your facts straight before you start with the propaganda! You are truly the CNN of Fairhope! It wasn’t at the councilman’s house! So by your logic if kids were there and not drinking or doing anything wrong, arrest them? Makes sense! If Jack was at GSB and not at the party nor had any knowledge of the party, he should be arrested? Again, makes sense! If you’re going to put something out there and go as far as calling the news to report the story – get you facts straight!!!

  10. Georgia Orwell | August 28, 2018 at 9:05 pm |

    I know for a fact that the Grand Summer Ball was Saturday night because I was there. If the Burrell kids had a party on Saturday night when their parents were not home (and haven’t we all been there/done that/and are so happy that no one was hurt), that is one thing, but I think that it’s even more important now to not confuse the public as to the facts.
    You implied that the Bayside Academy/Fairhope High blowout with alcohol and weed was Friday night at the Burrell home, but I would bet that the Burrell parents were NOT out late Friday b/c they were at the GSB Saturday night. Every false story sets back your goal by a lot, which is probably why there is no police report from that night. Sloppy reporting hurts your cause (which is just). Jack can certainly be a jackass but he is neither a sociopath nor stupid and he would never allow his kids to have a drinking/drugging blowout when he and his wife are absent (OR AT HOME).
    Please clarify dates so that everyone has the facts.

  11. peter goesimya | August 28, 2018 at 9:11 pm |

    Jack lives in montrose, not on hwy 13. maybe your time would be better served looking into why his harrassment case was dismissed and who the officer was that didnt show up to court as a witness.


  13. Is it really Burrell’s house? If it is, please confirm. If it’s not, whose house is it? Have to obtained the address from the police report yet?

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