This is an endorsement not an advertisement. By that I mean no one is paying the Ripp Report to endorse Lagniappe. Lagniappe has become the only publication that is not considered a coupon paper. The Mobile paper has little to offer with more fluff stories than real investigative reporting. The Sunday Paper is $3.00, over $150.00 a year just for Sunday.

Lagniappe recently set up a pay-wall for on line subscribers. Trouble is that all those people who were sharing and reading posts on line now have to pay or get a paper copy. The Ripp Report shares many articles from Lagniappe and since the pay wall has been in effect, many of our readers have complained that they cannot link onto the article.

At first I did not understand the logic of Lagniappe as they had hundreds, if not thousands of shares through the years on the Ripp Report and Baldwin County Legal Eagle sites alone.

Then I read this recent article by the Publisher that made things a lot clearer. Lagniappe is worth the price and if you choose not to pay for internet availability, you still have the option of a free weekly paper copy from multiple sites.

Thank you for 17 years of support! – Lagniappe Mobile

Thank you for 17 years of support! – Lagniappe Mobile

There’s probably no kid in America right now sitting on the couch mindlessly blowing zombies away in “Resident Evil 2” and thinking, “One day, when I finally escape from Raccoon City, I think I’d like to work for a newspaper.” For most, starting a journalism career these days is a truly scary proposition. More than …


“One of our new challenges has been launching a paywall on our website. It wasn’t a popular decision, but it’s where all newspapers are going and it’s necessary to continue growing and hopefully to do much, much more to inform and entertain this community. Yes, we’ve repeatedly heard from the pissed off, but it’s only 21 cents a day, $1.50 a week. There probably aren’t many places you can walk in and buy a bottle of Diet Coke for $1.50, much less enjoy it as long as you can all of the information available on these electronic pages each week.”

Baldwin County has no print media except lagniappe, PLEASE, and no one is paying me to say this, read Lagniappe if you want to know what is happening.

Baldwin County and Fairhope also have four blog sites that report political issues:

The Fairhope Times

The Fairhope Times

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.


Please pay attention and read the facts, before, you are misled by gossip, half truths or outright fiction.

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12 Comments on "LAGNIAPPE"

  1. Why buy the cow when you can get free milk Ripp?
    The publisher lacks business acumen.

  2. Georgia Orwell | July 31, 2019 at 8:03 pm |

    Lagniappe is only charging $6.50 per month for full digital access and is worth every cent, imho. Sadly, there is no other independent media in this part of the country, but journalists deserve to get paid too!

    • Hungry for real news but starving in Baldwin | August 1, 2019 at 12:15 am |

      I stopped getting the Shoe Station Shill Report also known as the Mobile Prejudice Register. They aren’t journalists and they may deserve to be paid but they deserve to be paid for running Shoe Station ads not as journalists
      Gulf Coast Newspapers are just old news warmed over that has to pass editorial muster of the Commission, city Hall and the developers. Fairhope Times just squeals about yard signs every edition. That leaves Ripp and the Lagniappe

  3. Ripp Lover | July 31, 2019 at 9:45 pm |

    Just because you mentioned it, I will subscribe to the Lagniappe online so that they will see that I support them. May many others do so as well. I hope the “journalists” at Gulf Coast Newspapers will FINALLY realize how Chuckee Cheese RUINED their reputation just so he could sink their ship, jump the ship and land on to being a political hack for the legislature.
    Chuckee Chees not only sold out GCN, he ran them into the ground just to benefit himself.
    My next stop online it to sign up to Lagniappe.
    Tell Lagniappe that you are sending business their way.

  4. Wendy Webb Solomon ... I STILL BELIEVE ??? | July 31, 2019 at 10:08 pm |



    I subscribe to the Lagniappe- love it!

  5. Wendy Webb Solomon ... I STILL BELIEVE ??? | July 31, 2019 at 10:13 pm |

    FAIR HOPE missing
    Bring him on home…. we’ve got lots of love to give to him?❤️

    I support Lagniappe with a subscription! It’s great!

  6. Robert Brown was quoted in the Lagniappe claiming the sewage spills are not happening due to overdevelopment. If this is the case can we take the “spills” that aren’t “happening” and bring it to the council members’ homes and put the proposed storage tanks on their lawns?
    If there wasn’t any overdevelopment then we would not need the storage tanks.
    The poor folks on Twin Beech can’t have city sewage yet they have to put up with the smell of the overdeveloped poo poo that, according to the Council, isn’t “happening.”
    Geez, Brown, are you THAT desperate that you come up with this third rate bull? You and the rest of the council are twisting in the wind like the SHTF.

    • Fairhopebard | August 1, 2019 at 6:52 am |

      Robert is a true sociopath.

    • Fairhopebard | August 1, 2019 at 2:48 pm |

      Ripp lagniappe should run your report.

    • Brown is such a liar. How long is this council going to lie to the people when the town knows the truth just so they can keep carrying water for Corte? If they were decent they would be ashamed but they are too far gone

  7. Is Burrell running for mayor or council prez?
    Inquiring minds…
    Also. Ripp i read your uodates with regularity. You are much better than al dotcom.

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