There are two types of salesman. The ones that put a sign up and wait for the phone to ring, they usually have the most bravado and produce the least. Then you have the ones that knock on doors, they are used to being turned down however they keep knocking on those doors and are the successful ones.

Baldwin County is experiencing an explosion of growth especially the middle and coastal part of the county. All that growth can be misleading, what may appear to be a booming economy has a dark side as well. Is Baldwin County going to depend on housing as a major industry? Is Baldwin County going to become a job market primarily for the service industry? What jobs are going to be available for the next generation?

Booming Baldwin continues to lead state economically – Lagniappe Mobile

Booming Baldwin continues to lead state economically – Lagniappe Mobile

While there were no mega deals developed for Baldwin County in 2018, the county did enjoy another stellar year of growth in manufacturing and retail as the county’s economy continued to boom. Baldwin County was number one in the state in incoming business, workforce talent attraction and job growth for the year. “By all economic …

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Booming Baldwin has a gain of 200 jobs. Think about that, 200 jobs, four new or relocated companies, have made Baldwin County home. We certainly welcome them and wish them success in their business. 200 jobs in Baldwin County does not sound like a “Booming” economy. Where are the manufacturing jobs, car plants or support manufacturing for the airplane industry?


Here we go again, a lot of hot air and no results. Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance, BCEDA, sounds important doesn’t it? The CEO Lee Lawson sure can blow smoke when it comes to the mega…


North Baldwin still has the, onion, mega site. Who is knocking on doors, FULL TIME, trying to sell the mega site? NOBODY they are waiting on the phone to ring.



The Ripp Report has written about the Baldwin County Mega-site numerous times. In May last year we had an update on it’s sales status, nothing new. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT In 2012 the Baldwin County…


The 200 job gain has now been offset by a 200 job loss. No gain in a booming economy! Something is wrong! A lack of manufacturing. Let’s hope that when the mega site sells that the county does not pay someone to buy it by offering ridiculous incentives.

Almost 200 workers lose jobs at Standard Furniture

Almost 200 workers lose jobs at Standard Furniture

Almost 200 employees at Bay Minette’s largest employer will lose their jobs at the end of March. Standard Furniture says it will cease manufacturing laminated case goods as of March 31st.


North Baldwin is an excellent location for large scale manufacturing but if you are waiting for that phone to ring, you may have a long wait.

The Baldwin County Commission, State Senator and Representatives and Mayors should look for some sales people who knock on doors. There should be a specific marketing approach that would target large and small scale manufacturing in North Baldwin. This could include some sort of incentive to independent sales people that normally would not operate in that market. The more people knocking on doors the better.

Stop waiting for the phone to ring, KNOCK ON DOORS

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  1. Red Huffman | February 1, 2019 at 1:47 pm |

    Mega site is mega theft.

  2. Spanish Fort Oracle | February 1, 2019 at 4:25 pm |

    But Ripp, you have that Baldwin Economic Development Alliance or whatever they call those retired “Executives” who are trying to sell the site. Like I said earlier, I will either take up golf or get a hobby if I make it to retirement and promise I will NOT join a “Development Council” where retired guys bug the crap out of those still working on how to do their jobs. Are you listening South Alabama Workforce Development Council? I remember these guys bugged the crap out of the school board until they were asked how they were going to come up with the money. You could hear crickets. They never bugged us again.
    Just send me off to the Paris Airshow, or Anaheim, or other exotic locales where I can be put up in a five star hotel and I will try to remember the Megasite.

    • Repube Lickin | February 1, 2019 at 11:40 pm |

      Chris Elliott is telling peiple the gas tax is necessary.


      He sounds like Doug Jones.

      • Jones and Elliott. Two pricks mirrored together. Jones is a baby killer and Elliott is a Baldwin County Killer. What some stupid people we have voting in Alabama. I not a catalyst but they aren’t baby killers. I don’t care for Democrats and Liberals because they are! Elliott and Jones have no business being elected officials. I will guarantee that Elliott will go done just like Pittman did and so will the pathetic Fairhope City Council. It’s all coming soon. Orange Beach will be coming up soon too. Don’t think Mayor Craft is in the clear either. Gulf Shores have been making their own rules and they have broken laws as well. Just look around you. We have a lot of stupid people putting these people in office. They main problem is that anytime I go speak to an individual or a crowd. Most of them don’t even know what’s going wrong with Fairhope. Airport Authority will be crushed!!!!! Get out before you find yourself going to jail with Burrell.

        • Nodinehater | February 3, 2019 at 4:43 pm |

          Burrell is fine.
          He os a protected catalyst flunky.

          • Know a Catalyst by their campaign reports | February 4, 2019 at 2:22 pm |

            If anybody wants to see these politicians get REAL defensive, ask them WHY they are a Catalyst. They will squirm and get very defensive.
            Don’t let them tell Boone – Scott will come after you.

  3. When was the last Jubilee at the pier?

  4. The city of Fairhope is being held hostage by a catalyst council.

  5. Nice job beating Burrell in court.
    I heard his catalysts pals give him shit over it.

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