Ki Yay Mother Yippee

Bruce Willis, the Star of the greatest Christmas Movie of all times: DIE HARD has Aphasia. We have have a crime problem in Alabama that begins and ends with the Ethics Laws and those who wrote them, but also those who enforce (and it’s kind of a joke) as is the 3 percent of the Alabama General Fund Budget allocated to the Court System. That they then spend on secret no bid contacts. (The Patriot Act says the Court’s computer system is critical infrastructure and does not have to be disclosed) And convenient for our former Lt. Governor turned mega-lobbyist Steve Windom, one third owner of said software firm; and his bride Presiding Judge of the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals Mary Edna Windom (R-Mobile). Instead the Alabama Legislature spent it’s time and resources passing laws related to transgender medications for children, don’t say gay, “decisive issues prohibition” for teachers, and other issues important to get THE BASE to the polls May 24, 2022.

And Governor Ivey now says the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. The Muscogee Creeks from Oklahoma make a trip to their ancestral homeland in Alabama this week.

The Fairhope City Council this week released a sketch of the problem solving tram to allow the Fairhope pier project to be accessible to the handicapped. The “sketch” is reminiscent of the “Crichton leprechaun”.

The war rages in Ukraine with war crimes decried by the press and other observers. With Mo Brooks losing the Trump endorsement it looked like a fair fight but this week a speech from 2011 surfaced that is sure to derail Mr. Durant’s purchasing of a Senate seat with money and celebrity. Yes, it almost happened again. And “The Trafficker” from Florida takes some shots at the Sec Def.

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