Jack Burrell Fairhope Council President

Fairhope Council President fails, again. The Fairhope City Council rushed into a deal to obtain grant money to purchase the K-1 center. Council president Burrell would not consider any other options or the best use for the K-1 Center. It was his plan or no plan.

The council ignored any issues like lead or asbestos. They did not consider the renovation cost verses new construction. They gave no consideration to a proposal of a boutique hotel, over 100 additional parking spaces for downtown, and saving the facade of the school, and much more.

Fairhope council votes to purchase K-1 Center property

Fairhope council votes to purchase K-1 Center property

In a special called meeting last week, the Fairhope City Council voted unanimously to purchase the old K-1 Center and two other properties from the Baldwin County Board of Education at a cost of $4 …

Source: www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/stories/fairhope-council-votes-to-purchase-k-1-center-property,67061

The half baked application for a grant was delayed and the purchase for the K-1 is still set for March 31 deadline.


Jack gets an F and the council as well. Let’s see if the council will listen to reason and explore the best use for the site. The city is posed to purchase the K-1 regardless of the grant failure, or Jack’s failure.

K-1 School Purchase Plan Falls Through

K-1 School Purchase Plan Falls Through

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.

Source: thefairhopetimes.blogspot.com/2019/02/k-1-school-purchase-plan-falls-through.html?spref=fb

The current Fairhope City council has not one accomplishment, in their term, to boast about, not one. The council should not be allowed to make a final decision on the K-1 without public participation and the input from the Mayor and staff.



Jack Burrell is like a pop up target. He is involved in one controversy after the other. The newest “sketchy and secretive” project is the K-1 Center. I eluded to it in the last post under B.

Source: rippreport.com/2018/08/31/pop-up-target/

The council continues to find itself embroiled in one controversy after another. The council has no leadership! The four other councilmen have given Captain Jack full rein to drag them through the mud with him. Catalyst will be their undoing.



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Source: rippreport.com/2018/10/19/loser/

P.S. Don’t forget it was Captain Jack, as council president, who made the “legal Settlement” of the triangle, that cost taxpayers 11.25 million.

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  1. Burrell told me he will be council prez for life.

    • Judas, If you were talking him to him. That makes you just as much as a Jackass as anyone. Dumbass!

      • Probably drinking buddy at mcsherrys.

        • This blog is a joke.
          What’s your readership weekly?
          47 people?
          Karins staff?
          Your Marine buddies?

          • Jackfan. Kiss our butts. If this site is such a joke for you, quit showing how stupid you are and don’t visit it. Sort of like watching a football game and your team is losing. I’m assume you are a loser. All Jackfans are! Turn the damn thing off.

          • Francis Ripp | February 19, 2019 at 9:07 am |

            We post on three major sites the last post had 1497 readers plus the 2018 e-mails

  2. Name Witheld | February 15, 2019 at 7:49 pm |

    Why is the airport budget so high?
    28 percent of the budget for what?
    What’s going on out there? Why did the city sign over an airport to a bunch of
    Burrell’s pals? What type of businesses are at the airport?
    How does the airport help Fairhope?
    WTF is really going on? Why is this not an issue?

    • Drug smuggling is my best guess.

    • I love Catalyst | February 16, 2019 at 7:22 pm |

      The airport is a good ole boy deal. What part of this is complicated?
      Just think real estate, developers, money, and Catalyst. There- all variability has been accounted for

  3. The Dean of FH | February 16, 2019 at 6:27 am |

    Jack was a road scholar at State.

    • Jack is on the road to being kicked out of the city. He said publicly that he was an engineer. He holds no such license in the United States!

      • He pulls the train.
        That makes him an engineer!

        • I’m sure Jackfan pulls on Jacks?
          He pulls on it and doesn’t even know he admits it by being a jackfan. Boy how stupid are these folks. There are probably several men that you let you pull on them and treat you better than Jack does. Hilarious!

  4. Yaya sistahood | February 16, 2019 at 7:24 pm |

    Boone and Burrell has a better burger than mcslurry. Fyi.

  5. When can we swim at pier again? I saw a couple big brown floaters iut there last week. Not a single bite fishing with kive bait.

    • Water Quality | February 18, 2019 at 12:56 pm |

      Never, and I realize that’s a long time. I wouldn’t even fish down there. Your skin will come in contact with the water while you are swimming or fishing. Nix and Kant ruined this along time ago and Kack Burrell and his peckerwoods are keeping it that way. They are all to busy giving us the shaft from behind to worry about the water quality.

      • Stop the Madness | February 18, 2019 at 9:11 pm |

        They are letting the subdivisions being built uncontrolled – why does not anyone stop this insane growth? Don’t say “It’s in the county.” That is bologna! All a municipality has to do is say “Our sewers cannot handle the new houses,” and guess what? It stops!
        But no, these guys – along with certain county commissioners who have been bought by Truland, DR Horton, and Belaton keep these guys in their pockets. This is the 700 pound elephant in the room.
        Mr. Ripp, where am I wrong on this? Can you please tell me where I am wrong so I can adjust my thinking?

  6. Kant us running.
    He told everyone at theNix Center he is.

  7. Name Witheld | February 24, 2019 at 6:11 am |

    Jack’s eyes appear too close together.
    Is this a photoshop or is his face really this punchable?

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