One thing is certain Alabama will lose hundreds of millions if not BILLIONS of dollars if Roy Moore is Alabama’s next senator. We are in a global economy at a time when companies and public figures have used their position and stature to protest against social injustice, bigoted views and religious hypocrisy. International companies as well as US Companies are going to stay away from a state that promotes such views. The commercial dollar loss will be matched by the isolation Alabama will feel from existing international companies who will also reconsider any plans for future expansion. Mr. Moore would find himself neutered and isolated in Washington rendering him useless and firmly putting Alabama in the dark ages.

H Bryant Ayers: “There is one certain outcome of the Alabama Senate race if Roy Moore is elected. He will be compelled to embarrass Alabama because of a set of personal religious beliefs that, in his mind, are superior to all man-made institutions, even the Constitution as interpreted by the US. Supreme Court.”

Read the last paragraph again, it’s not fake news, it’s reality.

H. Brandt Ayers: Roy Moore will shame Alabama

H. Brandt Ayers: Roy Moore will shame Alabama

There is one certain outcome of the Alabama Senate race if Roy Moore is elected. He will be compelled to embarrass Alabama because of a set of personal religious beliefs


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17 Comments on "IT’S NO JOKE"

  1. I am voting against Moore, just as I voted against Strange. I hope that Doug Jones wins, Democrat or not! Moore is a disgrace to Alabama.

  2. The Washington Post is so left-leaning it is not funny. Please!

  3. Freida Davis | November 1, 2017 at 5:49 pm |

    Roy will cost bama billions.

    • Do you have any idea who H Brandt Ayers is. Check it out!!

      This site is great for holding our local politicians feet to the fire but I suggest keep it focused on local issues.

      Readers don’t fall for the liberal bias of some people. If you think for yourself you will not go wrong

  4. Moore will be elected without a doubt
    And the embarrassing thing is people who claim to be god fearing constitutional based believers who would vote for a liberal with the platform the Dems support.

    Business will not be negatively effected. Look at National politics….Trump an embarrassment…

    Stock Market through the roof,unemployment down…..and on and on.
    So if you don’t like our views on politics….move!! New York,California would love some more libs and don’t let the know the rest

    • If you don’t believe that Alabama will suffer for electing Moore, remember what happened to North Carolina after that ridiculous ‘bathroom bill’ debacle. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose Mercedes & the other auto manufacturers we have, just to mention a few.
      No one likes a bigot, and there is an ocean of difference between common sense and a so-called liberal viewpoint. Additionally, the Constitution calls for s complete separation of Church & State to protect the people from government employees like Moore. Our Country was not founded on any particular religion and those who engineered the Constitution did not consider themselves Christians at all.

      • I do remember what happened in North Carolina….as far as loosing any automobile manufacturers I think you need to take a deep breath. Cause that’s NOT going to happen. As a matter of fact we will probably land a few more automakers.
        And as far a who is or who isn’t a BIGOT I think if you want to see one…go look in the mirror!
        Don’t drown in your ocean of so called liberal viewpoints.
        Moore is the better of the choice we have.
        Like I said Senator Moore will not be your senator if you move away from here.

  5. Todd Sanders | November 2, 2017 at 10:18 am |

    Sure. Let’s elect another fake religious zealot (luvguv).

    Alabama can’t have roy moore and nice thangs.

    Real senators don’t wear suspenders and cap guns and cowboy hats.

  6. Tired of lying thieving Republican politicians.

  7. Dorothy Parker | November 2, 2017 at 7:10 pm |

    Those soccer fields are NOT level. I am disgusted becaise my boys love soccer.

    • Football fields should have at least a 1-2% slope. The highest point is usually about 10-18” above the lowest point on the field. Soccer fields made of native soil typically are built with a minimum of 1½ % slope and should never be flat. If the fields have underground drainage the slope should be at least 1%

    • There is no level playing field in Fairhope, honey bunch.

      Catalyst controls all.

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