Well it seems Mr. Jack Burrell is now worried about the accountability of school funds donated by the city, approximately $350,000 a year. He is demanding accountability or he no longer will support school funds for Fairhope.

Strange he never demanded accountability for the $500,000 the Airport gets for the less than 1% of the population. He made sure that when the appropriation was reduced to $350,000, that it covered the mortgage payment and that the Airport held the mortgage, not the city. But what the hell he gets free plane rides to golf tournaments and Fairhope citizens get the bill. The citizens citizens citizens also paid “come fly with me” Jack’s, attorney bill. The citizens are now paying for the second time for Burrell’s attorney fees.

Please remember the council voted no for any legal representation of the Mayor.



FAIRHOPE “CITIZENS CITIZENS CITIZENS” WAKE UP! Mayor Wilson told Jack Burrell, Council President, Airport Authority Board member and liaison to the city, and who also sits on the committee to select…


Councilman Brown is following in the footsteps of Burrell.



The Public Doctrine: Our government is a democracy which means the “people rule.” At this time in our democracy it seems there are less people involved, which results in a serious challenge to the…


As a result of his actions an Ethics Complaint has now been filed:

Feb.26 2018

State Of Alabama Ethics Commission

Theresa Davis/ Thomas B. Albritton

Ref. Robert Brown, Fairhope City Council

Statement of Facts:

The Ethics Commission asks the question what “prompted you to make this complaint?”

First was your letter, which I requested through a foia request, where the Ethics commission’s advise to Mr Brown’s Informal Opinion Request, was short, direct and clear.

“What’s important is that you cannot use your office to create a benefit for yourself or any business with which you’re associated or your family. You may bid on the work but you cannot have used or use in the future your position to get it awarded.”

Mr Brown should not have proceeded to secure the contract with Eastern Shore Art Center after receiving your very clear warning. If he were to proceed he would have had to request a formal opinion from the Ethics Commission, which he did not.

This is a classic example of how elected officials use the Ethics Commission as a vehicle to justify their actions. Mr Brown told the Board of the Art Center that he went to great pains to “ Get Permission” from the Ethics Commission to proceed. I doubt they ever read the Informal Opinion.

Baldwin County elected official’s feel empowered by the lack of accountability that they have witnessed from the Ethics Commission. They simply use what ever letter the Ethics Commission sends as a green light to proceed ignoring any Public Doctrine, Ethics or conflict of interest.

Mr. Brown is a Fairhope City Councilman and sits on the Board of the Eastern Shore Art Center as a liaison to the City. Mr. Brown is partners with Mr Cliff Pittman, Pittman Brown Development Co. Mr. Pittman is a director of the Single Tax Corp., he voted to approve the funds for the Art Center. Clearly Mr. Brown and Mr. Pittman had advanced knowledge of said contract and failed to heed your advice.

I do not have the letter to the Ethics Commission requesting the Informal Opinion, which I will foia request. I also do not know if the contract in question was even bid out. I do know that Mr. Brown assured the Board that he had “permission from the Ethics Commission to proceed.”

Your failure to hold Mr. Brown accountable will only encourage other elected officials to use their office for personal gain.

My complaint will be copied to many different individuals, whom I have already personally spoken with or corresponded with, related to the Ethics Commission and the failures previously mentioned.

I anxiously await your response. The public has been indifferent to filing complaints as they have never gone anywhere. The Ripp Report, a non profit consumer corp. uses a public forum to expose political corruption. The Court of Public Opinion has yielded results with little to no help from those elected, who’s job it is to enforce the Ethics laws.


Mr. Bryan Taylor

General Council for Governor Ivy

Mr. Steve Marshall

Alabama Attorney General

Alice Martin

candidate: Alabama Attorney General

Troy King

candidate: Alabama Attorney General

Chris Christie;

candidate: Alabama Attorney General


Gabriel Tynes

Assistant managing editor

Francis Paul Ripp

Stop laughing! I know the Ethics Commission has failed us numerous times, however Mr Brown is pushing the envelope. His actions are so blatant that even the Ethics Commission will have to open their eyes.


On the Baldwin County level we have Mr. Chris Elliott running for Tripp Pittman’s seat. Elliott is an original charter member of Catalyst and a vote for him is a vote for Catalyst and the good ole boys. This Lagniappe article sums up Mr Elliott and his word.

Who’s Chris Elliott trying to fool? – Lagniappe Mobile

Who’s Chris Elliott trying to fool? – Lagniappe Mobile

In terms of sheer political theater, watching Baldwin County Commissioner Chris “I Have Sinned” Elliott trying to fool voters into believing he hasn’t attempted to use political clout to keep his license after a May 2016 DUI is Tony Award worthy. Elliott took it up a notch last Thursday when he spoke at a luncheon …


Wake up people they are doing this:


Read the latest 🎉 Terrific Tuesday 🎉!

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  1. October 27,2017 Fairhope times

    EAC October meeting
    Councilman Brown: “We’re taking a step back … to re-evaluate how to move forward … (we are) not getting the necessary response from the county … as far as accountability … supporting what our money is doing.”

    Council president Burrell said their requests keep changing every year, making establishing benchmarks for measuring progress problematic: “If we change again when do we have certainty, a benchmark?”

    Brown called the AKRIBOS study (click) commissioned by the city in 2016 “the path forward” but added “we’ve got to get all three parties involved (council, BOE, EAC) … that is breaking down now.”

    ( Any organization that receives money from the city needs to be accountable and elected officials need to follow through with receipt of requested information)

    • Big Head is coming…under a new plan…a grinder pump city made of bamboo and toilet paper.

  2. Baldwin county is f*cked.

  3. Robert Brown I would like a statent. Calling Jester…

    Where’s Jester?

    Sucking [email protected]

  4. Jack wants that school money for his defense.

    • We aren’t Stupid | February 28, 2018 at 6:06 pm |

      We should have by now, at least sometime during the last 14 months. Done alway with any payments made to the airport. Jack Burrell, question, is this lawsuit the only brush with the legal system that you or any of your family members have had in Fairhope. The Fairhope Police Department has record showing you or one of your family members having records of some type that are associated with 4 different issues. We are pulling the entire state records as well as the state of Mississippi. Is there anything you would like to say Jack Burrell or Chief before we post these facts. The Chief of Police of Fairhope has said in record that there is nothing on the Fairhope books they have anything to do with the Police Department and Jack Burrell. Chief, I know just what and how Jack Burrell treats and talks to you. Even worse than he does us citizens. Come clean. Or be held accountable.

    • Fairhope Middle School | March 1, 2018 at 11:08 pm |

      Ask sorry Airport Jackass Burrell about picketing, yes with a sign and all, and cussing up a storm, the Fairhope Middle School when he was demading that the Fairhope Middle School put the side walk in at the School’s expense. Sorry ass Jack. That’s been 10 or so years ago? Bitching only to cause negativity. Probably had ties to the Contractor handling Fairhope Middle School’s concrete work to get the work. This is as factual as you can get. No BS!!! Jack Burrell, a name that will FU in the front and/or back. Just ask the proud people who was just happy to get the school built. Cut the funds to the Airport and double the amount we are giving to the schools. Aren’t both of your kids in high school this year Jack? Dumbass!!!!

  5. A True Native of Fairhope | February 28, 2018 at 12:43 pm |

    Tell me again how much the City paid for the Soccer Field Complex fiasco. I just rode by there & it is a joke. What an embarrassment!!

  6. A True Native of Fairhope | February 28, 2018 at 1:29 pm |

    If that is what they paid (Obnoxious Burrell & Boone were on board then) we the citizens demand a complete total breakdown of all cost involved & every person & company that was paid that had any part to do with this complex – from the designers of Complex on up.

  7. Clovis Wright | February 28, 2018 at 2:12 pm |

    Jack will soon announce a national soccer tourney held in Fairhope.

    Kevin and scott boone did some dirt spreading and overseeing work.

    • Clovis Wright | February 28, 2018 at 3:59 pm |

      There was plenty to go around. Tucker Dorsey dirt.

      • Rock Creaker | March 1, 2018 at 7:38 am |

        Please audit these checks related to the soccer fields. The public consumer has a right to know. And please stop the Jesus/Christian/Scripture asides. We are talking about good government for Fairhope and protecting what we have.

        • That’s a great idea rock creeker! Tell all the politicians to leave religion out of it and that will be fine with ALL of us. Problem is, they bring it up to hide behind their schemes and lies. Let’s all start today, including all Baldwin County Politicians. No more throwing the religion card in anyone’s face! Let’s see how long they can refrain!

    • Good luck showing all the teams that come here. We are stupid enough to build a soccer complex for not only paying double the amount that we could have built it for but we cannot feed it provide “adequate rooms” for people to stay in. We are promoting a shitty soccer field without the necessary things to have a tournament. Hell, Amy Greer Thompson who lives 10 miles outside the city limits the entire time her kids went to Fairhope City schools and tried to split out school system raised money to build and finish the soccer field and baithrooms that were already budgeted for. All you fucking clowns will get caught one day. There is factual evidence on all that is mentioned in this post. I’m still pissed at Lee Turner for waisting about $70,000 on building plans for the Gulley. You can blame anyone you want to. But stop meeting men or anyone down there effective immediately. You have no business down there in the first place.

  8. A True Native of Fairhope | February 28, 2018 at 2:44 pm |

    Not only is that a big conflict of interest – we need to know how much they were paid – Kevin Boone was sitting on the Council !!!????!!!!

  9. No to Good Ole Boys | February 28, 2018 at 2:56 pm |

    Well see where Representative Faust is running once again. I would not vote for him not only because he has done nothing to benefit us but also because of how he has treated some of his own family members. What Joe is good at is shaking hands & hugging & being nice and a good ole boy.

  10. Georgia Orwell | February 28, 2018 at 8:58 pm |

    Sadly, it will probably never change. Our pitiful City Council (and BC, I suppose) consistently lie, cheat and steal from BC/Fairhope taxpayers; however, the voters are too ignorant/lazy/blinded by their co-Bible-thumper-leaders to ask questions and hold anyone accountable. I hope that the FH/BC elite will begin to pay attention to where our property values are destined to go if they don’t rein in these clueless and greedy leaders. Once again, the City will pay for repairs to the Library…..there are no words for the original and continuing fraud within our City/County……looking forward to the Ides of March for Burrell and his buddies!

    • While the property fall our taxes will keep increasing. This is what the Catalyst group has done. If a politician uses Catalyst I will not vote for them. Already I have met two candidates running for office. My first question is if they use Catalyst.

      • Anonymous | March 2, 2018 at 8:14 pm |

        Totally agree. You pay them and GCN will write favorible articles. You don’t, they’ll try to take you down in the most immature way. People see right through it. Feeling confident a positive shift is happening. Need more women who are willing to stand up.

  11. Quail Ridge | March 1, 2018 at 5:06 am |

    Boone and Burrell…responsible for:
    1) Triangle “settlement” park – $12 million (payoff … how are you enjoying your beautiful park and “archery nature trail?”
    2) Soccer Fields – Six million dollar folly. Fields are not level (embarrassing). Ask the kids. Not a single tourney yet held. Thousands in maintenance fees monthly.
    3) fairhope sewerage plight – 13 million recently spent to continue pumping turds and toilet paper into the bay.

    jay rob and jester and banker boy are responsible for licking their boots.
    wake up fairhope! our property values are plummeting. the word is out about
    the crap in the bay and our corrupt politicians!

    if the goobs are not removed fairhope will be forever lost. time to man up.

  12. Esmerelda Hayes | March 1, 2018 at 1:43 pm |

    I want the jester on his knees..
    .apologizing for breaking the “thou shall not lie” and thou “shall not steal” commandments.

  13. Boone, Burrell and Brown were at bone and barrel last nite.


    • Anonymous | March 2, 2018 at 8:16 pm |

      They are the absolute most corrupt council in Fairhope history. It’s all going to catch up to them soon enough.

  14. Dammit Ripp. Was that Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliott’s mug shot when he got a DUI??? If not, I gotta see the mug shot!!!! He looks like I look like after a bad night. Please let me know if this was DUI Chris Elliott that’s running for “out in freakin left field Trip Pittman’s Senate spot. Pittman is just plain stupid and should be in jail, but Chris Elliot will lie straight to you face and then will lie again to cover the first lie up, etc, etc….

    • Time to run a poll. I want to know who thinks the council is doing a good job! Let’s get a new council to work with the hardest working mayor on the eastern shore.

      • Anonymous | March 2, 2018 at 8:20 pm |

        Agree. They look silly. Makes you wonder, whats their agenda? Did they run for a reason?

    • Anonymous | March 2, 2018 at 8:19 pm |

      Chris Elliott reminds me of a movie spoof. You watch it and say, “that’s totally unrealistic” and yet, it’s real. Such a joke.
      Has accomplished absolutely nothing and only looking for the next political opportunity. I will lose faith in humanity if he doesn’t come in last place.

  15. Demand Answers | March 2, 2018 at 7:21 am |

    Are you seriously telling us that the ridiculous Soccer Field Complex cost as much as a nice huge commercial building???!!!! Something is BAD WRONG with this!!

    • The mayor knows money was given to catalyst for the soccer fields. The documents and checks are with the clerk.

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