Jack Burrell and Cristi Callaway Fairhope Alabama

Long before Fairhope Mayor Wilson even thought about running for office, Fairhope had major infrastructure and sewer problems. Baykeeper was contacted time and time again through the years about various issues. I know because I called. Now the Director of Baykeeper is claiming that all you got to do, if you have an environmental problem, is to contact Baykeeper.

Baykeeper never did a damn thing about the Publix project, flooding of Fly Creek by the developer, or filling of the creek with development site mud and sand. Then came the Fly Creek Apartments to be built along Fly Creek. Hundreds opposed the project and Baykeeper did NOT answer the phone.

Private citizens sued the City over some of these issues while Baykeeper’s phone was off the hook. Mayor Can’t and Baykeepers did nothing but use air and talk “crap”.



The Ripp Report is a consumer, citizen, group. The intent of the Ripp Report is to inform the public of current political events as well as consumer complaints. The Ripp Report is a non profit and for…


Now the Director of Baykeeper Casi Callaway is in damage control for grabbing headlines and NOT using the phone. This is a typical Casi trick, it is strictly a political Baykeeper promotion She said she sent everyone a letter, I am hurt not to have received my copy, but not surprised, she did not answer the phone either.

Fairhope mayor brings dispute with Baykeeper into limelight – Lagniappe Mobile

Fairhope mayor brings dispute with Baykeeper into limelight – Lagniappe Mobile

To be fair, maybe Mobile Baykeeper Executive Director Casi Callaway could have toned down the rhetoric in a July 30 news release about a viral video purporting to show untreated sewage floating on the surface of Mobile Bay. To be equally fair, maybe Fairhope Mayor Karin Wilson could’ve used a different approach than to — …


So after releasing a very negative media report about Fairhope and receiving, just blow back, Casi decides that she must address the Fairhope City Council and dig her hole a little deeper.

Normal procedure is for Public Participation to be at the beginning of the council meeting, for 3 minutes, on agenda items only. Public participation at the end of the meeting affords citizens 3 minutes to discuss non agenda items.

Does Casi Callaway contact the Mayor, NO she contacts the Council President Burrell. They both keep the agenda appearance secret from the Mayor. Then Mr Burrell allowed Casi to speak in the first Public Participation under an agenda item she never addresses. Casi speaks well over the three minute rule and Burrell remains silent.

Jack and Casi know the time allocated and agenda procedure was politically motivated to blind side the Mayor. The Mayor has produced a Timeline, dating back to 2016, that outlines the Mayor and staff’s due diligence.

Timeline for Sewer System Upgrades & Water Quality Initiatives

Timeline for Sewer System Upgrades & Water Quality Initiatives

I decided to dedicate a page for a timeline to keep citizens up-to-date on the City’s progress in fully Updating & Rehabilitating our Sewer System and clean water initiatives. This timeli…


where is the Council’s Timeline? and where is Baykeepers timeline?

Fairhope Council President Jack Burrell has been Council President for seven years. He has refused to yield power to other Council members while he uses the position and agenda for political purposes and bulling tactics.



The Ripp Report is a Non-Profit Consumer Organization. The Ripp Report handles consumer issues, offers consultation on specific issues, family court issues and exposes political corruption.


Council President Burrell now has the dubious honor of being found guilty in Federal court for violating the Constitutional rights of an American Citizen and veteran. That case is now being used as a precedent case involving the same constitutional rights being violated by other Council Presidents in the United States.

Let’s not forget about the Police Report Councilman Burrell has yet to explain.



A DOCUMENT FOR CATALYST A police report is a public document, it is not a Ripp Report, it is a police report. The Ripp Report has received several tips involving Mr Jack Burrell and the law.


So Casi and Jack appear to be in the same political boat and at the same council meeting Debbie Quinn and Sherry Sullivan, past political shipwreck survivors, were floating and yelling that they wanted in the same boat.

2020 is going to be one hell of a year.

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7 Comments on "IN THE SAME BOAT"

  1. Beenherealongtime | August 14, 2019 at 5:13 pm |

    All Casi wants is attention.

  2. Pedophiles and thieves.
    Fairhope proud!!

  3. Spanish Fort Oracle | August 14, 2019 at 9:20 pm |

    Mobile Baykeeper can do all the backpedaling it can but I have watched this group through the years. Other than hold social functions in the name of saving the bay, I cannot think of a single thing the this sham organization had done other than get in the press and throw more parties
    Can anyone name something that Mobile Baykeeper has done other than shake its finger at Daphne for dumping sewage and cry about the “Bowlifiication” of the bay? See Casi, I have been watching your phony group. You haven’t made a difference although you have made lots of money like the environmental pimp your group is.
    What a self-serving bunch you are.

  4. Trip'NwithPittman | August 16, 2019 at 1:41 am |

    This is what’s gonna happen folks. Listen up.

    Catalyst will dissolve. Football season will happen.
    Everyone will get drunk and forget politics for a spell.

    In the spring, after the thaw and the hangover wears off,
    Local rednecks will gear up for the favorite Christian candidates.

    Much love for Jesus and family and Alabama will be proclaimed.
    A few hallelujahs later Ripp will step in and wake everybody up.

    He will expose Jack and the rest of the council as bought and paid for.
    He will elect a new council and re-elect the most popular mayor on the eastern shore.


  5. Ben in Baldwin and seen it all | August 16, 2019 at 10:44 am |

    And the nonsense continues on… Jack is still the moderator and does the bidding of so many corrupt individuals.

    Their PR machine has been perfected in how to protect the self claimed elite. They deflect any negative talk by just moving the pan to another eye on the stove— distraction is the name of the game.

    They continue doing the same thing over and over again. They know that most people are so busy with their day to day lives that the Fairhope voters will not be able to keep up with what they have done or not done.

    These powerful individuals don’t have to make changes or think about improving a situation— they just deflect and continue blowing smoke!

    What a shame. Just think about what Karin could get done had she not met resistance from that group at every turn- just think what could have been accomplished. But they couldn’t allow her accomplish anything or it would have made Kant look inept. They still can not get over that loss of power and the puppet they had in him.

    People like BayKeepers really have same opinions as Mayor Karin- thinking she probably hasn’t made a political contribution or an agreement to financially empower them.
    Always follow the money as to why things are done- except for Karin- she is a rebel.

    One good thing in all of this, Mayor Karin never never, never, never gives up on what is just and right.

    • Georgia Orwell | August 16, 2019 at 8:57 pm |

      Well stated. I could not agree with you more. I do believe that if the City Council would remove Burrell as President that the City and residents would be so much better off. Burrell is the class bully that has never gotten over losing his own chance to be Mayor and is determined to make Fairhope look as bad as possible in hopes that the stench rubs off on Karin Wilson. He has one agenda: make Mayor Wilson look bad; if Fairhope sinks into a sewer cesspool, he will simply blame her. It would be amazing if the rest of the cowardly council would speak up and have him step back. Why are they so fearful of him? Jay Robinson does a great job when he presides over the meetings and people don’t hate him. (I also am happy that Mayor Wilson called out Casi Calloway….where was she when the Fly Creek Apartments were approved? I have no respect for her and her organization.)

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