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The explosive growth that Fairhope has been experiencing has not just overloaded our infrastructure it has put strains on our community in other ways that need to be addressed. We have weakened the foundations that this town was built upon, both physical and social, and they need shoring up.

As for the physical, it is true that needed improvements have been made to the sewer system. I’d like to see a couple of years go by without a major overflow of sewage into the bay before we put any additional loads on that system.

Parking will always be an issue, one that will never be completely solved. As we try to work through solutions for our downtown churches and businesses, we should first stop making it worse. Managing our growth more wisely won’t reduce traffic but it will stabilize it.

The same can be said of our schools. If we weren’t focused on finding more seats for ever larger classes, we would be improving test scores and college placement rates.

Our police department has had to adapt to our booming population as well. Those officers do heroic work every day, but out of necessity they interact with citizens less, and the department shows signs of evolving away from its traditional small-town approach. We should see more of the faces of our law-enforcement officers.

Beyond these physical elements, there is a social foundation to Fairhope that is being eroded. I have seen property purchased and cleared, without a tree left standing, as every neighbor and passerby watched aghast. No consideration was given to the concerns of these existing residents, the newcomers thinking only of their own wants and dreams. Any neighborhood is nothing more than a series of bonds between like minded people. Such thoughtless development breaks those bonds, hurts the neighborhood, and ultimately weakens and destroys the town.

My father used to say that he would defend property rights more than any other rights, including defending them with the use of nuclear weapons. I won’t go that far, but I do have respect for the fact that someone can do whatever they want to with their land. But just because something is a right doesn’t mean it is right. A lot of what is happening in Fairhope is legal but it’s wrong. We need leaders who are not afraid to remind us of this.

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Slow Down Fairhope

The above post is a copy from Mr. Gibbens Facebook page and placed in the Ripp Report for your information.

The below information is that of the Ripp Report and Mr. Gibbens was not consulted prior to this publication.

Mr Gibbens opponent is Robert Brown. Councilman Brown has done very well as a city councilman. He has used his office for personal gain. He fully supported the Fly Creek Apartments and his mentor Developer Angelo Corte.


Brown sided with the developer and his mentor. He ignored his constituents and proceeded to use his office for personal gain.


Mr Brown presently has an Ethics complaint and Attorney General complaint filed against him for contracts, closely related to the city, that benefited him personally.

Brown was involved with the Recreation land purchase, without public participation, to the tune of 2.65 million. He is in favor of giving up control of the triangle property to a conservation easement, a taxpayer cost of 11.25 million. He was willing to “take a chance” on the Arts and Craft Show and is a naysayer of covid.


The Ripp Report ‘s long range prediction is that if Mr. Brown loses the council race, he may escape complaint charges. If Mr Brown wins he will face the music of the complaints sooner or later.

Brown exemplifies a CATALYST/Scott Boone loyalist, CATALYST has cost Baldwin County Millions and their good ole boy’s club needs to end.


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  1. I like this person. Seems logical, not corrupted. I like the fact he’s young.

    • Also, Gibbens has only lived in Fairhope since April of this year after moving from Monterey County California. That makes him qualified. Fairhope needs more people from California telling us how to run the place.

      • Brown sold out his hometown | August 11, 2020 at 8:13 am |

        At least Gibbens knows what greedy developers do to towns. I am not crazy about him being from the Left Coast but I surely do not like Brown who claims his home town and sells it to developers
        At least Gibbens will keep the developers at bay
        In our case the handful of locals are the bad ones

      • You have bad information. Gibbens finally moved to Fairhope last year. He lived in Monterey for a year, it doesn’t make him “from California”.

  2. I would like to see the Three B’s lose the election and get sent to Hell for what they have done to this town
    I await them for eternal absolution
    I have a reserved place for them along with the rest of the Catalyst bunch. I have my assistant devils stoking the fires for their arrival. When Hod sends them to me I will be ready
    Bwahhh haaaaa haaa haaaa

  3. Vote catalyst candidates out and prevent new catalyst candidate Sherry from getting in.

    Otherwise, Fairhope will be sold out to developers. Get the facts. Sherry and current council represent Catalyst!

    Ask Sherry and see if she lies. Councilman Kevin Boone started Catalyst and now his son, Scott, is running it.

    You will see a whole slate of signs together. BOONE, BURRELL, BROWN and SHERRY. Total corruption to the core.

  4. Catalyst signs are Catalyst sins | August 11, 2020 at 8:28 am |

    Dear Catalysts,
    We know you read this website. Just because Catalyst has changed its name doesn’t mean we still know you all are out there.
    We also know your clients. Why do you still use PVC signs when the word is out? Are you that stupid or are you just lazy?
    I hope both because it will be easier to defeat yiu in the election

  5. Jerry Carl and John Manilows have PVC signs. They are Catalyst? Thats great news to know.

    • We KNOW that Jerry Carl is not Catalyst. Mannelos is just a faux candidate to split the vote to force a run off.
      Nice try, Catalyst, but could you step out of your stupid complacency and try just a wee bit harder?
      See? We are figuring out your game. Go ahead and keep trying to play Ripp off as a lunatic. You all just cannot gt over the fact that people are waking up to your corruption and back room deals. Your days in office are numbered.
      Now go and throw up some more PVC signs and better yet, see if you can get Chuckie Cheese and Sullivan to put out some more “Baldwin Insider” articles. That should do the trick.

  6. Manilow is vibin and cryin.

  7. You can’t complain about the sewer overflowing and then think its ok for the city council voting for apts and new subdivisions, that they benefit from. Our infrastructure can’t handle it. But if you have developers on city council which way do you think they are going to vote.

    • Of course because the council does not care about the people but the money they can make off of the citizens
      The council is self serving
      Now they are increasing the sewer
      Surprise surprise.
      They are [email protected]

  8. Georgia Orwell | August 11, 2020 at 6:36 pm |

    John Manelos was in the race well before Sherry Sullivan threw her hat in. Why does anyone believe that he would waste his time if he were not in it to win? What would the benefit be of a runoff?

    • Georgia,
      Putting in Manelos, whatever his name is, first then follow Sullivan will make it a three way race.

  9. City council has two weeks to answer many questions.

    I want to know about Burrell and that POLICE report!

  10. Screw the police report.
    Jack likes little girls.
    So what ??

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