Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy your time with your family and friends!

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2 Comments on "Happy Thanksgiving"

  1. Stop with the indictment talk.
    You are embarrassing yourself.

  2. Leonard Faulk | November 24, 2018 at 3:30 am |

    Let’s talk about the 900-lb. gorilla in the room.
    Development. Over development.

    O.K. so the new mayor comes in and says we have to slow down. It seems like we have.
    Or have we? There are new subdivisions and buildings and businesses going up every
    where I look! What is being done to improve roads and build new schools and sewerage?

    I located here from Maryland. There they have development zones that help control the rate
    of growth. Here it seems like there is no infrastructure plan. I know we continue to
    pump untreated sewage into the bay when the old system experiences overflows, but this happens all the time and is a regular “solution.” This is disgusting. And it should keep Fairhope off of any “best of” lists until it is fixed. This is obvious. Everybody talks about us now like “too many lists” “not enough infrastructure” “too many cheap houses” etc.

    Who did this to Fairhope?


    Thank you Mister Ripp for exposing them.

    And thank you for serving our country with honor.

    I heard Rob Brown from my hometown is bragging about his military “service”.

    Well I guess it’s okay for him to take public contracts since he served?

    Geez. Faihrope has some mental midgets if they think he is a leader.

    So Fairhope is on the skidz. If something isn’t done soon it will not be recognizable in
    10 years. Too many people. Not enough roads and services.

    Wake up Fairhope. Mr. Ripp, the Marine sniper, is on target. In fact, he hits the bullseye weekly. Nobody’s paying attention, obviously. Property values must first plumment, I guess.

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