Sen. Tripp Pittman and the State Representatives Faust, and Randy Davis, INDICTED, did very little in the last 11 years, as far as representing their constituents.

Pittman is going out the back door with his pockets full of BP money, Davis may be headed to jail and Joe Faust, District 94, wants another term, to do nothing.

They all three said the Alabama Accountable Act was the best thing for education since sliced bread. Pittman is not out the door and educators, in his own district, are asking for the repeal of AAA.

Local schools call for repeal of Alabama Accountability Act

Joe Faust says “We must invest in education” AAA was a bad investment.


District 94 needs to do something different than nothing, Please vote for DANIELLE MASHBURN-MYRICK

Campaign to Elect Danielle Mashburn-Myrick for Alabama State Representative District 94

Campaign to Elect Danielle Mashburn-Myrick for Alabama State Representative District 94

Welcome to the home of the campaign to elect Danielle Mashburn-Myrick for Alabama State Representative District 94. Learn about Danielle’s background, how you can volunteer or contribute to the campaign, her core values and legislative priorities. Vote for Danielle on November 6th!

Source: danielle4alabama.com/

Sen. Pittman your legacy is the BP dollars you stole from your constituents.



The infamous BP Sen. Tripp Pittman is finally leaving Baldwin County political life, covered in BP oil, and a legacy that is as dark as the oil. Baldwin County should have a holiday marking the good…

Source: rippreport.com/2018/10/17/dont-let-the-door-hit-you-in-the-ass/

PITTMAN, FAUST and DAVIS are all singing the same ole song and the have maintained office by straight ticket voting. Pittman says he believes in term limits and at the same time he has used his office for personal gain. DAVIS is indicted for the same reason and Joe Faust never said a word. He just kept carrying Pittman’s water.

Trip Pittman: Reflecting on 11 years of representing Baldwin County in the Alabama Legislature – Yellowhammer News

Trip Pittman: Reflecting on 11 years of representing Baldwin County in the Alabama Legislature – Yellowhammer News

For the past 11 years, I have served the citizens of Alabama, representing Baldwin County and the Gulf Coast area in

Source: yellowhammernews.com/reflecting-on-11-years-of-representing-baldwin-county-in-the-alabama-legislature/

A VOTE for Chris Elliott, to replace Pittman, will change nothing. Elliott is also depending on a straight ticket vote. Elliott is bought and paid for and he will be a mule of the CATALYST machine.



One of the architects of Catalyst, Chris Elliott, is now going down and dirty on his run off for the State Senate Seat 32. Elliott gave up his County commission seat, even sold his business…

Source: rippreport.com/2018/06/29/catalyst-does-baldwin-county/

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  1. True Truth on ‘Pinocchio Joe’ Faust | October 31, 2018 at 11:50 am |

    Apparently, THE REAL TRUTH wrote about and defended Joe Faust’s experience and law making, along with his forte on creating bills for our district. To that, I say the following to THE REAL TRUTH; you know absolutely nothing about what value Joe’s experience has brought or lends to OUR district.

    I do know a lot of truth. Some of it relevant, some not. Some of it I will express in this rebuttal, some I will keep quiet about.
    I know a lot of dirt about Joe, but I am trying to be polite, not slander his name with innuendo.
    I understand that perception of the truth can vary, but their are some truths that are just that, undisputable truths.

    I am going to set some things straight as I have know him and have known a few of his friends and relatives throughout the years. Nice folks, by the way.

    I have heard a lot around town about him. I have also been asked not to say anything, or do anything to hurt him or his campaign. I will only say what I know and think everyone has a right to know about his record. How’s that?!

    Joe does a lot of talking. Joe is easy to influence and control by those who support him, and Joe does exactly what those supporters tell him to do. That can be good for those who contribute to his campaign or do him favors, and bad for those who don’t. Many see it as a sign of weakness, it disappoints me. You can hand out peppermint candy and sit on the front row of your church and that doesn’t make you perfect or even a good person.

    With that being said, my Mom knew him when he was the route milkman. (Pinocchio Joe was never was a manager of Woodhaven Dairy.) He would drive a milk truck for Woodhaven Dairy Fresh and go from house to house, pick up expired milk and deliver the dairy fresh milk and ice cream from his milk truck. It has been said that he would talk to a door even if it wasn’t listening. When my Dad would be off on occasions, Joe would drop in to make his milk delivery and visit, my Dad would always shake his head after he finally left and remark that he never knew how the milk he had just delivered wasn’t expired again before he finished his route.

    Joe also left a tidbit out of his resume, his insulation business. Wonder why he left that enterprise out?

    Throughtout his work career, he was also an insurance salesman, he had route sales for liberty national and then woodman of the world.
    ( Pinocchio Joe – don’t think this constitutes being an insurance broker)

    ( Pinocchio Joe, did you get a degree from Faulkner State or just attend a couple of classes on the GI Bill, you weren’t real specific on that)

    Finally, after all his wandering, Joe found his niche in life, politics. He was elected as Baldwin County commissioner normally considered a part time job and paying position; he was supposedly selling insurance at the same time.

    Next, he ran for State Representative against Walter Penry. He defeated Penry who had been in office for almost 20 years. ( Pinocchio Joe said he wouldn’t run again after he served a 2nd term – Joe said he believed in term limits) Joe’s platform, when running against Penry, was that Penry had been in office too long.

    Here we are today over 20 plus years later, and our career politician, Good ‘Ol Joe is still in office. He has plenty of time and experience under his belt. He says he loves helping individuals with their needs. If you run into a problem, he picks up his flip phone and gives the proper person a shout on your behalf, sure does! He is more of a liaison for his district than a state representative, because Joe knows who does what and he can put you in touch or introduce you to the right person to help you. He is more of a government level Glorified Walmart Greeter.
    He was willing and helped his friend, Randy Davis’ with his plot to make Blue Cross and Blue Shield pay for treatments in a clinic that Randy had ownership in. Joe should have know that was unethical and he participated anyway by having treatments in the clinic for the purpose of giving testimony to how well the treatments worked so they could gather the support of fellow representatives throughout the state and vote in a law forcing the insurance company ( Blue Cross Blue Shield) to pay for services charged by the diabetes clinics. Folks, these are NOT the kind of laws that we need our experienced representatives attaching their names to. This sounds like a license to write laws that personally benefit the representatives not the constituents. This sounds like all of these guys know the ropes too well and how to make them work for personal game. What they didn’t count on was going against Blue Cross Blue Shield. This powerful company is right up there with RSA & Southern Company in controlling what does and does not happen in this State. Their lobbyists are crawling around the State Capital. Joe and Randy and the rest of the representatives involved in this fiasco did not count on Blue Cross bucking them. It backfired, Joe told what Randy did, Randy was indicted! All of a sudden, Joe is listed in the indictment papers as Representative A, and testifies against his long time friend, Randy Davis. That angers me about him: for not being strong enough to tell Randy that his ploy was no only unethical, but wrong and by not having enough spine to say that he would have no part of this scheme! On the other hand, seeing that he did choose to go along with Randy, it sickens me that he would turn on Randy and give information against him. I wonder if Randy feels betrayed.

    When there were strong rumors of Pittman and Kant taking BP money out ( everyone in town was talking about this problem) and not putting the money back into our community. Why didn’t Joe PUBLICLY challenge these two and request an investigation?
    Folks, this is YOUR MONEY AND YOUR DISTRICT. Again, why would Joe have trouble and a not have a clear conscious so that he could stand up and even question the rumors of unethical and questionable activities? Or is it that he is so experienced in trading favors with other career politicians that it becomes a ‘I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine’ situation. I dare say, this sort of turning your head and ignoring the elephant in the room has become commonplace!

    When the State siphons our tax dollars out of Baldwin County and redistributed them “equally” among all counties for education, why hasn’t Joe coordinated a media campaign and a bill to bring our money or more of it proportionately back to our county? Instead, he says that he is not opposed to gas taxes for education. Yep, let my constituents pay more taxes, they won’t catch on- that is what Joe thinks.
    I, for one, can see through it! I think, after 20 years in office, Joe could have found a way to write a law to keep more of the money we have already paid in our school systems. We have enough trailers sitting in the back of brick and mortar buildings, simply because our brilliant politicians have not forecasted for growth.

    Same goes for our roads!

    Same theory about our property insurance rates. We see as much damage to property in the northern regions of the state from tornadoes as we do hurricanes in our district. But do tell, who continues to pay the high insurance rates, folks, it is our district. We are still paying for Katrina and Ivan. Joe says he has helped us with this. I for the life of me can not figure out in what way he has helped our insurance rates. My property insurance bill doesn’t reflect his help. I see no laws he has attached himself to or written to change this.

    Poor ol’ Pinocchio Joe, he just doesn’t seem capable. He walks around with his cane, he takes photo ops that he puts in his advertisements showing him putting up signs and posing with friends. I doubt if he could dig a hole and put up a sign if his life depended on it. As a matter of fact, I doubt if he ever dug a hole when he was young and capable. Just ask someone who is honest and knew him back in the day. Nice, yes. Loves to visit, yes. Friendly, yes. Hard worker?
    Capable and working to make laws and implement change? I don’t think he understands a thing about it. And that is from looking at his work as a whole. I think he has enjoyed the people of his districts, laughed, found friendships and had a good time on everyone else’s dime, voted in favor of what his friends or contributors have asked him to do.
    But, why should the people of his district continue to pay extra because he has been ineffective? Why is Joe Faust entitled to draw a paycheck on our tax dollars; he isn’t any better than anyone else. I don’t get that much money from the State every year, what I get, I earn by working for it. He certainly shouldn’t be getting a state retirement, salary, Alabama football tickets, and all the other perks that come with this position, ESPECIALLY, if he has not done a good job for EVERYONE, regardless if they do him favors, or contribute to his campaign.

    Don’t be taken in by his talking to you at one of his mullet frys. Heck, I doubt very seriously if he can even hear and understand a word you are saying. Don’t be charmed by one of his, “ how you, suga’?” pats on the back. All of that talk does not help you one iota! If you did have a problem, I’ll bet he told you to call his office and tell his secretary and she’ll send a letter on his behalf.

    In every picture I see of him lately, he is standing there with his mouth wide open leaning on his cane. And that is not meant to be an insult, or mean because I am respectful of my elders. I respect those who deserve and earn my respect. I look at a person’s track record.

    Why would someone want to continue to be in power knowing full well that they can not do a job to their best ability? Why would someone put their friendship in front of the business at hand? Perhaps Mr. Faust is not looking at this from how he is being seen by most people in his community. They like him as a person but don’t see him as the best person for the job. Perhaps his ego is big, like his talk.

    I hope someone shows this to him, or reads it to him, or maybe prints it out for him to read. I hope it makes him sad. I hope he knows that we aren’t at all fooled by his facade. Some of us know him.

    We should all do him and ourselves a favor and let him pack up and retire with dignity. After all, he is a nice guy, he just doesn’t have a clue and all of the crooks around him know it and he does their bidding.
    There is one thing I do agree with Joe on. He took Joe Siegelman’s campaign slogan, People Over Politics and changed one word, People Over Politics. Yes, Joe Faust, it should be People Over Politics! So when you go in that voting booth, take every line, every office and every candidate, consider THE PERSON over POLITICS, and check the individual who will serve our district the best. In the past couple of decades, the Republican Party has not done one thing for our district because in the past 20 or so years, the person in that office hasn’t seen a need to. It has been all talk and everything floating all no on the same course.

    So, there. That IS TRUTH!

    • Aunt Pitypat | November 1, 2018 at 9:39 am |

      Thank you True Truth on ‘Pinocchio Joe’ Faust. I see you know him well. I could not have said it better myself! Hope he reads it also or someone reads it to him. Hope someone reads it to his brother Bobby, the jerk with all the money that either buys people off or just takes advantage of them. There are some really sad things going on in Baldwin County. Wake up people!!!!!

      • Not surprised that this kind of comment is allowed on this site. Really, Mr. Ripp? You talked to me about truth and fairness but you allow comments written anonymously by cowards to grace your pages.
        Bobby Faust is a private citizen and while “Aunt Pitypat” is allowed to say or think whatever he/she likes, is it really necessary to attack an 84 year old man’s good name on the Internet?
        How about some facts about why you think he is a jerk or who you think he buys? Give us your name so we can see what a fine upstanding citizen you are? Bobby Faust is my father. He has never run for political office.I don’t enjoy reading people’s mean comments about him. Of course, I wonder who you are and what could possibly make you such a bitter, sad human being. Drop me a note or message me on Facebook if you want to discuss it like an adult. I can tell you whatever you want to know about my dad. I can also tell you he has never taken advantage of anyone. He and I don’t share political parties or views but he raised me to respect people and their opinions no matter how much they differ from mine.
        Lorie Faust-Epstein

  2. Time for Change | October 31, 2018 at 12:02 pm |

    Can someone – anyone name one thing that Joe Faust has done while in the Legislature besides helping give himeself a huge raise?? I know of numerous people who went to him to help with something & he did nothing – did not even try – he & his wife are in Montgomery for the social part only – they thrive in the political scene. How sad.

  3. The Postman | October 31, 2018 at 3:13 pm |

    Joe is a disgrace. Neck and neck with Pittman.

  4. Fairhopemom | November 1, 2018 at 7:46 am |

    Sad AL hasn’t sponsored a gubernatorial debate.
    Speaks volumes about the corruption. Al.com appears like gulf coast news…catalyst…

  5. Truth Seeker for Faust District 94 | November 5, 2018 at 7:58 am |

    This is in reply to the Lorie Faust, who bravely put her name up on the internet.
    I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, as you might be new to the internet, but the sole purpose is to bash people and hide behind keyboards, tell falsehoods and disparage other people’s names. ANYTHING can be written to make others side with them, make themselves appear better than they are, or try and convince others that they are right. I am sorry if you got your feelings hurt. Believe me when I tell you you are not the Lone Ranger!

    But while I have you on the line, can you clear up a few questions?
    I noticed the following in an AL.com article:

    This. Quoted from Joe Faust District 94 Facebook Page and run in several articles on Al.com and Al. Daily news :

    “Campaign Facebook Page
    Joe Faust has been serving District 94 since 2002 when he first won the seat. Before that, Faust served six years on the Baldwin County Commission and worked a regional sales manager and supervisor in the retail milk business. He also did some work as an insurance broker.”

    Is this true? Or am I remembering wrong?

    Joe was my parents milkman. He delivered fresh milk in a Dairy Fresh truck and picked up our expired milk. Why would he want to “paint” himself as a manager and supervisor? If someone else recreated his resume, he had to have read it and approved of what does and does not appear in print.
    Can you clarify?

    He was also an insurance salesman for Liberty National and then for Woodman of the World. I personally never knew him to broker insurance products.
    Can you clarify?

    Also, he had an insulation business somewhere in between all of this- what became of that?
    Can you clarify?

    Can you clarify his employment for the constituents of his district?

    What matters or rather concerns me, is that it appears he has tried to rewrite his resume to impress.

    You brought up the importance of truth and being accountable for what is written on the internet- let’s start with Joe.

    My mother and father never could stand a liar and taught me to NEVER be one. Always tell the TRUTH and you will never have to lie.

    One of my heroes was Ronald Reagan. He said, “ Eventually the truth will always come out.” I believe that.

    I like honesty in a person. Even if it hurts, it is important to ALWAYS tell the truth.

    Thanks, Miss Faust. And I know that you will just consider the source that wrote the post about your father. Unfortunately, internet users can post unflattering comments but at the same time it can give the public access to much needed transparency.

    Sign me, Truth Seeker-

    P.S. Since Joe has such a reputable history in the dairy industry he could probably be hired as a state lobbyist for the dairy industry. He would probably make more money.

    • Lorie Faust | November 5, 2018 at 2:12 pm |

      First of all, my response was not for your remarks about Joe Faust. My feelings were not hurt by your post. You are entitled to your thoughts and perceptions. My Uncle Joe would be the one to address your concerns about his work history. He is a politician. He is aware that his choice comes with criticism. He does not expect me to respond for him. Call Joe and ask him.

      It was the post that followed about my father, Bobby Faust that I was addressing. It isn’t that it hurts feelings. It is more the absurdity. I spoke to Mr. Ripp on the phone about it a couple of years ago. I think the truth is just as important as you do but most people aren’t interested in truth. They just want to believe whatever fuels the cause. I took the opportunity to say my dad isn’t a jerk. He hasn’t bought any Fairhope politicians. The only thing my dad along with other members of our family have done was attempt to protect the land they grew up on. That’s it. No developments.

      • Truth Seeker for Faust District 94 | November 6, 2018 at 9:37 am |

        Thanks for your reply, Miss Faust. As I told you earlier I was sorry your feelings were hurt over the mention of your father.
        And the reason I asked you about Joe and the information he had on his FB page was that it seemed logical that you would have a connection to him. I had seen and heard various people question and heard conversations about information that he put out there about himself.
        I was simply curious because much of the information was different than what most had remembered.
        Not at all important in the grand scheme of things.
        If someone chooses to flower up or paint themselves with a wider brush to appear smarter or more experienced, it is no skin off of my back. As my grandmother used to say, you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.
        And as far as what your father has or has not done with politicians I can not understand why in the world anyone would say such things?
        And I do not have a dog in the hunt over whether or not you can or can not develop your family land. The last time I was there for a political breakfast it looked to me like your family had developed that land to the fullest and weren’t more than a couple of lots left. So much for being anti -development. But that is your land and this is the United States and you can do what you wish with it.

        I’ll leave you with this- because the polls will close today and I have far more important things on my plate than dueling with empty words.
        I wish Mr. Faust the best in his political endeavor today. If he wants this position, I want him to succeed. But in the future, I hope he will be painfully honest about everything. I would have admired him much more if he had said that he was a milkman and made it a success story.
        If there is a politician or citizen out there that has become greedy or has done underhanded deeds, you don’t have to defend or fight for their innocence. If they haven’t done anything wrong, their conscious should be clear and they have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if they have, the truth eventually comes out.
        And I am not writing about the truth that some people write and make up behind their keyboards about others. No, there is still truth that is realized from documents and history and records. You can not rewrite history and you can not undo misdeeds and you can not undo the hurt caused by greed.
        In the end, be careful what you tell as the truth, make sure it is the truth and not your truth. Make sure you are kind to everyone even if you disagree with them.
        Check your motivation for why you have your opinion; ask yourself, am I motivated for approval, for the hope of material things, or the promise or thought that you might somehow benefit. Always be willing and strong enough to stand up and say and do the right thing, even if you risk being hurt financially or separating yourself from the rest of the sheep, because if you don’t- you are culpable.
        Thanks, signing off for good and wishing Mr Faust the best!

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