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A friend told me corruption in Baldwin County was like a plate of noodles, every noodle touches another noodle.

Councilman Boone of Fairhope has been featured in previous articles,


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Following up on documents that show Mr. Boone being in business through LLC’s connected to the engineering company of Preble-Rish; as well as campaign contributions, now documents support Mr. Boone voted on and supported projects represented by the same firm.

The cases cited below are Fairhope Planning and Zoning Commission Minutes. First on the list is a subject most people will be aware of, Fly Creek Apartments, which became so contentious that it resulted in the Mayor and three councilman being voted out of office.

Sept. 3, 2016 SD 16.14 Request of Dewberry/Preble-Rich, LLC. for multiple occupancy project approval of the Retreat at Fairhope Village, aka Fly Creek Apartments, a 240-unit project, Presented by John Avent. A business partner of Mr. Boone.

“Hollie MacKellar made a motion to accept the staff recommendation to deny the request due to drainage design not being in compliance with the PUD ordinance. Jay Robinson 2nd the motion and the motion carried with the following vote: AYE Bob Clark Lee Turner, Jay Robinson and Hollie MacKellar. NAY Kevin Boone and George Robards.”

Mr. Boone clearly supported his best interest.

Oct. 3, 2016 SD 16.16 Request of HMR, LLC for a multiple occupancy project approval of Old Battles Place, a 110-unit project, presented by Scott Hutchinson.

“Kevin Boone made a motion to accept the staff recommendation to approve the Old Battles Place multiple occupancy application and grant a waiver to the 10 LID practices due to soil conditions. Bob Clark 2nd the motion and the motion carried with the following vote: AYE Bob Clark Lee Turner George Robards and Kevin Boone. NAY Hollie Mac Kellar and Jay Robinson”.

Oct. 3, 2016 SD 16.20 Request of HMR, LLC for final plat approval of Azalea at the Colony, a 6-10t subdivision, Tim Lawley.

“Bob Clark made a motion to accept the staff recommendations to approve contingent upon following conditions”. Kevin Boone 2nd the motion and the motion carried unanimously.”

Take note that it was Kevin Boone who objected to the Mayor’s request to use a different engineer other than any who had done work in Fairhope in an attempt to put fresh eyes on our utility infrastructure. Mr. Boone insisted on using Preble-Rish or HMR, and ultimately pushed for HMR who he clearly favored in previous decisions.

Sept. 6, 2016 16.14 Public hearing to consider the request of Dewberry/Preble Rish project, LLC for Multiple occupancy project approval of the Retreat at Fairhope Village, aka Fly Creek Apartments. A 240-unit project, presented by John Avent.

“Jay Robinson made a motion to table until the October Planning Commission meeting. Bob Clark 2nd the motion and the motion carried with the following vote: AYE Jennifer Fidler, Bob Clark, George Robards, Jay Robinson NAY Bernie Fogarty, Hollie MacKellar, Kevin Boone.”

Again, Mr. Boone votes for his best interests.

August 1, 2016 SD. 16.09 Public hearing to consider the request of Dewberry/Preble-Rish, LLC for the Preliminary Plat approval of Old Battles Village, a 21-lot subdivision, presented by Steve Pumphrey.
George Robards made a motion to accept the staff recommendations contingent upon conditions. Bernie Fogarty 2nd the motion carried with the vote; AYE Jenifer Fidler, Bernie Fogarty, Lee Turner, Jay Robinson, Hollie MacKellar, George Robards, and Kevin Boone NAY Bob Clark. Again Mr Boone favors his business partner and contributor and does not recuse himself from the vote.

August 1, 2016 SD. 16.17 Public hearing to consider the request of Dewberry/Preble-Rish, LLC for Preliminary Plat approval of phase 2 of Silverleaf at Firethorne, Steve Pumphrey. Jenifer Fidler made the motion to accept staff recommendations. George Robards 2nd the motion and it passed unanimously. Mr. Boone stays true to his campaign contributor and favors his business connections.

June 6, 2016 SD. 16.11 Public hearing to consider the request of Dewberry/Preble-Rish, LLC for Preliminary plat approval of Fox Hollow, a 109- lot subdivision, Steve Pumphrey. Jenifer Fidler made a motion to accept staff recommendations continent upon conditions, Bernie Fogarty 2nd the motion it carried unanimously. Staying true to form Mr. Boone supported Preble-Rish.

The conclusion is that Mr Boone voted on projects that involved the principle, John Avent, of the engineering company Dewberry/Preble-Rish, who he was partnered with in an unrelated business LLC. He did not recuse himself or acknowledge a clear conflict of interest. The same firm donated 2500.00 dollars to his re-election campaign. This is a clear violation of Ethics rules and a betrayal of public trust.

The more we look the more you need to follow the bouncing ball of LLC’s and just how all the noodles connect. Below are more documents involving Mr Boone’s myriad of LLC’sand private business connections that the public had no idea of. This information will be provided to the City Council, who under Ethics guidelines is require to file an Ethics Complaint. Let’s see if the council is truly advocating transparency and accountability.


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  1. That could be a SOCCER ball!!! ( soccer fields)

  2. Rock Creeker | January 20, 2017 at 3:05 pm |

    Boone and Burrell are mules.

  3. F. Paul Ripp | January 20, 2017 at 4:46 pm |

    We will get to the soccer fields later which I am sure will be as corrupt. The total is somewhere between 5 and 6 million dollars?????? Boone and Burrell are for sure mules for the good ole boys. Goobers is also a good description.

  4. Goobers

  5. That ball is bouncing from the detention pond on SANDY FORD Rd all the way down & across the bridge on HEADWATER street….

  6. Boone got a sub on the soccer fields thru his pal clarence burke and summit. Ripp has a ton of manure to haul. He needs help.

  7. Quit saying three were voted out of office. 2 were. Mr Ford retired. Please do not be as misleading as you profess everyone else to be.

  8. I think that bouncing ball just landed in some cow manure!!!

  9. Is Kevin related to Aaron?

  10. I appreciate the things that the RIPP report brings to light. The substantial documents that you’ve uncovered on your own time is very appreciative. People it’s good for the residents of Fairhope to understand what’s happening in our town and with our city council. But do more than just read these blogs and leave your comments. Show up to the council meetings. Hear them bully our Mayor (it’s gross how they collectively treat her). See in person how Burrell and Boone really do not care about what’s best for Fairhope or the residents. They care about themselves. Will you be there Monday?

  11. Sometimes it is hard to admit how stupid Fairhope is. We dump raw excrement in the bay when it rains hard. We do this all the time and have for years. So gross!!

  12. This is why you don’t hire local engineer firms to do to the gas study. You don’t hire the same firm to do the study and perform the the job. And you definitely don’t hire them if a city councilman has connections in them!

  13. Boone is a criminal. So is Burrell. Wake up!!!

  14. The Lurker | April 23, 2017 at 9:32 am |

    The address of one of the LLC’s Boone is tied to, North Ridge LLC, has the same address as Summit Industries LLC, 12940 Underwood Rd, Smmerdale, AL 36580. And we all know who is affiliated with Summit Industries aka Summit Const. Co. and Baldwin Sewer Service, the infamous Clarence Burke and his protege, Tucker dorsey

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