Fly Creek residents are now seeing more mud coming into the creek due to infrastructure failures. The Publix project started the damage by dumping tons of mud into the creek. Then came the fly creek apartments that no one wanted except Mayor Kant, Jack Burrell and the City Council. Now all the predictions are coming true AGAIN.

Highway 98 shoulder on the south side over fly creek has caved in, dumping tons of dirt into the creek.

To repair the damage tons of red dirt has been dumped on the site overhanging Fly Creek.

It is a very steep slope that cannot be compacted. The foundation of the culvert has been damaged in several areas. The current work is a band aid and will soon need repair again when the freshly deposited red soil ends up in the creek.

As many as 4 or 5 lawsuits have followed the Publix project and the apartments. The developer, Angelo Corte has sold the apartments after his sales pitch to Fairhope citizens that the apartments would be a top rate project that they have no intention of selling. The apartments have already experienced flooding damaging several units. Corte, as predicted sold the apartments got his money and then moved on, now the citizens will pay for repair after repair, lawsuit after lawsuit.

This is Karma. The infrastructure in Fairhope has had failures all over town. Electric and freshwater issues and constant flooding of the sewer system. Who is responsible? The current Mayor worked for Mayor Kant and continuously wrote articles in the city’s propaganda newsletter disavowing any city responsibility. The current City Council with exception of Corry Martin is the same council who supported, Mayor Tim Can’t, and still remain in office. DO NOT SWIM IN THE BAY.

The damage done through the years has cost millions and will continue to cost millions to consistently repair the damage from the outfall of water from Publix and the apartments. Upstream the banks of Fly Creek are eroding and fallen trees crisscross the creek.


This is what the developer does not want you to see. The Kant-Corte Apartments are the responsibility of the last council, Mr Burrell and Mr Boone played a very important part in the success of the apartments.

Fauxhope you elected these individuals that are pro development, pro toll and ignored infrastructure for 16 years.

Citizens made a horrible decision in the last election Mayor Wilson was addressing the issues that the current council has ignored. The corruption within the City government was curtailed and infrastructure issues addressed. Mayor Wilson obtained in excess of 10 million in infrastructure grants.

Mayor Sullivan and the current council will most likely NOT complete the grants afforded the city, before their term ends. Please pay attention and don’t vote for the same damn people again. Vote them OUT. Take a good look at the pictures taken today.

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13 Comments on "FLY CREEK MUD"

  1. I was there when the apartment complex was presented to the Zoning Commission. The developer showed pictures of cute and quaint cottages in the drawings. Today there are multi-story buildings that look nothing like the drawings.
    How do you know when a developer is lying? His lips are moving.
    How do you know when Corte is lying? Same way.
    The Corte patriarch must be ashamed at what the sons today are doing. Angelo, why do you disgrace a good family name?

  2. Consumer Report | August 29, 2022 at 12:05 pm |

    I reported this to ADEM. They sounded concerned. Gave them the link to the ripp report.

    • ADEM concerned? Nope.
      ADEM let’s cities dump raw sewage in the bay and they collect fines. If they are concerned they just want to collect another fine so they. An pay the staff who are friends and relatives in Montgomery

  3. As long as Council is owned by the developers the out of control growth will continue.
    The Council should be ashamed of themselves but that would take a conscience. The are psychopaths claiming to be Christians but they lie, cheat and steal.
    They think they own the town and will try to bully you until you stand up to them.
    Just ask Paul Ripp. he stood up to Jack and Papa Boone. Jack got sued and Boone had to stop a council meeting to get away from Ripp.

  4. Cat list council doom daze
    No more jubilees

  5. Tiredofittall | August 31, 2022 at 1:53 pm |

    It’s a shame what has happened.
    Lies and greed.
    Nobody knows Jack.

    • Why do these council members keep getting re-elected? Who voted for these people? I know that the developers pay for their campaigns, but somebody out there is voting for them. I would like to know who because I would like to ask these supporters why they vote for them is it all just about money?
      Do they know why they are doing to the town or do they just not care?

  6. Jim From Tuscaloosa | August 31, 2022 at 9:08 pm |

    I think less than 25 percent of the voters showed up the the last election … no one cares.

  7. Ripp stopped the rigging b4.

  8. How is Fairhope the number one place to live in Alabama if the bay is polluted, the schools overcrowded and the traffic unmanageable?

    • It is the number one place to live because the blue state refugees can relate to the wine bars, artsy stores, and saying that they live in Faaaaaiiiirrrrrhope.
      Bay Minette is much better. Not the jammed traffiic for now

  9. Yeah. About that Voting Thing. Consider our current national state and local leaders who were “voted” in; or were they? Do you think they were elected or were they selected? I think I know

  10. One legit election in 50 years.

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