First let me announce that no longer will the Ripp Report accept comments from Jester 666 and the Truth teller, most likely one in the same. Their comments add nothing to the subjects at hand and the personal attacks, some sexiest, will not be tolerated. Their comments are meant to distract from the subject at hand. They Do represent what is NOT needed in Fairhope or Baldwin County. They will continue to filter into the site from time to time and we will continue to eliminate them. The Ripp Report seeks to have constructive conversations based on documented facts.

CHUCKY with the GCN Courier told the Ripp Report he had interviewed the Jester 666 at his office, many believe Chucky is Jester 666 . Hell Chucky could interview himself! His constant attacks on the Mayor of Fairhope are based on fired employees testimony. His favorite subject seems to include fired employees Jennifer Fidler and Sherry Sullivan and Pandora Heathcoat who has joined them by accusing the Mayor of assault, Fidler is her witness? FAKE NEWS
These three women worked for Tim Kant and did whatever he told them, right or wrong. If he told them to jump off a cliff they would hold hands and jump together. They however turned on the newly elected Mayor and did everything they could to undermine and obstruct her, until they got fired. You had better believe Mr Kant has provoked the three to continue to file lawsuits, alleged assaults and keep the rumors going.

Chucky we know Mayor Kant is going to crawl out from under a rock soon and announce he is running for public office and his three loyal subjects will be on his campaign committee. Chucky you have quoted former employees who were under confidential agreements with the city. You have used leaked city documents that you have acquired by city employees and or council members. Your articles about the computers being investigated were so damn confusing most readers do not know the point you were trying to make. You never identify any sources and regularly use comments taken out of context.

CHUCKY stop giving Fairhope the finger. GCN, the Courier is the media choice of Catalyst. Catalyst
has a track record of supporting the good ole boys and the mid term elections are coming up. Chucky we do not blame you for wanting those advertising dollars, which will be worth tens of thousands.
Catalyst is supported by Councilman Boone whose son is the director and Jack Burrell is in bed with them too. One big happy family.

Your articles support a small group of people that are very self centered and are more concerned with maintaining a power base than supporting the community or county. You are far from a journalist and a discredit to the profession.

You have done a good job of keeping the misdeeds of “come fly with me” Burrell and the Fairhope Airport out of the news. However I predict that the truth will come out and Jack will be exposed.
The teachers and taxpayers in Fairhope have been hoodwinked by the Fairhope Airport Authority who spends millions on the airport and thousands on education. They will be the deciding factor on what they think is best for the community, so stop giving us the finger.

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  1. Thanks for policing your comment board.
    I found It a couple months ago and enjoying being brought up to speed with all the pertinent comments.
    BUT the last few weeks not so much. The comments had nothing to do with the issues at hand.

    • I agree 100% and want to help. I just got back from Winn Dixie and I made sure that I bought enough tissues for all those who will be missing the Jesters and the Truth Teller posts. Especially those of you who cannot read and must not have much of an education. Those of you who are saying that this posting site is being censored has got to be BIG fans of Jester Triple-Six and Truth Teller and I’m sorry that you are mad and upset. I bought plenty of tissues for you to have too. I need a few myself for the tears that I’m shedding that there are people out there who would follow such heathens with support and outrage simply for those who cannot read or understand what this article is about. The Mayor haters I have plenty of tissues for you. Even though y’all are fighting and complaining about censorship I tear up that you still don’t know what this article is about. Sniff. Sniff. Nobody said you cannot say anything negative about anything. One lesson that I have learned today is that if you are Jester or Truth Teller or don’t like the Mayor or support these people. I’m ashamed that you cannot handle this in a more positive way. Just because your heroes were knock out of the jerk and misfit games they were playing certainly makes me feel that we are working with a bunch of immature individuals. Get real. Get involved and express your opinion. Those a hole are gone. RIP (rest in peace)

  2. Lasagnabites | August 9, 2017 at 6:26 pm |

    I heard Jack is in deep. As in legal trouble. Also hearing he is being shuffled out for mayor by tge Goobs.

  3. Justice Coming | August 9, 2017 at 6:26 pm |

    Regarding the Article at hand and it’s subject. Particular to the last paragraph. It’s is my opinion that the wonderful week that we have had so far signing up our Kids for school that we are sooo lucky to have some of the best teachers and coaches that we could possibly have ever asked for. Most of them know and the rest of them are learning that the money that Jack Burrell is spending at the airport that actually could be going to the schools is almost double. No money should be given to the airport. It’s not even in the city’s name. I can assure that Jack Burrell will be punished by the taxpayers and the state for not only wasting money that is doing no good going to the airport but also the disgusting actions and words that he uses on a daily basis especially demeaning the women of Fairhope, will very soon catch up with him along with the terrible decisions that he and the council have made. I have seen this first hand while I even have students with me that Jack Burrell is rude and worthless and when the rest of the Councilmen sit there and let Jack Burrell talks down to everyone especially women and this goes for everyone. None of them react in a way that is respectful to any of us. They are just as guilty as Jack Burrell. I will tell you that Jack Burrell is going to have at the very least, having to resign his position. Let me make this also crystal clear. You councilmen who have allowed Jack Burrell to get away with wrong doings and treat people especially the Wonen of Fairhope. There will not be mercy given to anyone of you pathetic men that has continued this to go on and on. Say your prayers. You all will regret letting Jack Burrell use all of you like puppets. You all are just as guilty and the law will take care of this. This is a fact. It has to do with today’s article and subject matter. And may God have mercy on all of your worthless souls. No one should be treated like the way that Jack Burrell and this Council has treated all of us!!! Justice is coming from the legal system and I cannot wait. Be patient. I can assure you that each and everyone of you will witness this. And Tim Kant. We can’t wait for you to climb up from under that rock. There are a whole lot more people other than the 3 who should have gotten fired the first day in office or has leaked info to Jack Burrell and the rest of the councilmen. We have interviewed so many good people that we are not worried about the ones sueing and complaining about being fired. They have shown themselves as being worthless in the first place and they will end up being worthless when Jack Burrell and the rest of the councilmen think they going to hold Fairhope and the taxpayers as hostages. Justice is a coming! Thank you Teachers, Coaches, Principals and all other staff members of our Fairhope Schools for doing such a GREAT job! We need y’all and you know for a fact that we appreciate you all!!! We will!!! get that airport money coming your way!!!!

  4. Georgia Orwell | August 9, 2017 at 8:48 pm |

    I am clearly way out of the loop b/c I missed all of this about the Courier interviewing the Jester; however, my guess for Jester would be Jack Burrell; I have met Robert Brown several times and I don’t see any similiarity between the two…..Burrell……definitely!
    Also, is this a joke about Kant planning a run for public office? Forgetting his age, let’s take a look at the legacy that he left behind. Our flowers smell wonderful but his errors and omissions as Fairhope’s Mayor (and also picking up a salary as CEO of Fairhope Utilities) will tarnish his name long after he is dead. If the Fly Creek Apartments eventually get a permit to build, Fairhope is toast. Just look at what a moderate amount of rain (in our area) did to Point Clear last week. Kant was bought and paid for by Corte, who paid big bucks (IMHO to Burrell & Boone also, but they could just be stupid).
    There are definitely a lot of people who miss Fidler & Sullivan; I am not one of them. I have never met Sullivan but I did have several interactions with Fidler. She was the Queen of Fairhope and her final word was law. I have mixed feelings about her absence because she did a lot of great things for our City; however, as an individual property owner, I believe that she abused her office to the max.

    • I can tell you this. Day or Night. You seldom saw Kant without Fidler right by his side. Hummmm? Oh well. They are both gone. The more Fiddler pushes back against the Mayor. The more the citizens of Fairhope are going to realize is the only mistake that the Mayor made (concerning Fidler) was not firing her the first day. That goes for the other 2 as well. Other mistakes have been made by the Mayor. But this is one that should have been avoided to begin with! The Mayor I think was actually trying to give them a chance. Big mistake. Ask Fidler how many times she had talked to Jack Burrell since the Mayor took office. Fidler was negative before she got fired. Ask her!!

  5. Thank you so much, Mr. Ripp! I know it will be difficult to keep Jester from posting anonymously, but I do appreciate the effort and the reasons for it. Secondly, regarding Gulf Coast Media, it’s about time somebody called those fools out. It’s shameful that any “news source” could show such bias and still have people follow their propaganda. An hour after anything happens within the City that they felt they could slant to hurt the Mayor, it was on Facebook. By the same token, not once did I ever see anything positive that the Mayor said, did, or accomplish being covered in their stupid pages. My God, wouldn’t you think that just for the APPEARANCE of being unbiased they’d make the tiniest effort to be fair?

    • Hemiwolfgang6 | August 10, 2017 at 4:55 am |

      Burrell thought that being Trip’s buddy and learning the ways of the dark side would benefit his political career.
      He was sadly mistaken. Well, well, well. Jack Burrell…remember the name…he was the guy the new and improved Ethics Commission used as an example…on how NOT to do things in Alabama. Bail time is better than Jail Time. Somebody tell that to Jack’s friends.

  6. Solar Eclipse | August 10, 2017 at 12:04 am |

    “The Truth” is shining bright on Fairhope
    What didn’t seem right is not right…
    “He” is showing us…
    Have faith in these STORMS

    Thank you Paul Ripp. You will prevail for the citizens of Fairhope.

  7. Julie Von L | August 10, 2017 at 7:29 am |

    Well, too bad. I found the comments the most interesting part of this site. But, I guess you are like the Mayors page – either agree with my opionion or take a hike. Were the two banned posters too close for comfort? Did the Mayor instruct you to silence them? I’ve lost what respect I did have for you the way you’ve handled this topic. So long, farewell…..

    • My opinion is they are boring

      • Well. You should be one less person that reads or post in the Ripp Report. Find you something else since you yourself choose this site and comments are boring. You know what opinions are like? This clearly is not the site for you and that’s perfectly fine. Hope you find something more exciting. Try GCN or the Courier. They report as much fake news as this last presidential campaign. That might not be so boring for you.

        • I agree with Julie. This site will totally one sided with only pro-mayor views. I thought Ripp had an open forum like AL.com but it appears not, too bad.

          • Future Leaders | August 10, 2017 at 4:43 pm |

            Oh boy. Here we go. This site has never been the posting of only one sided opinions and only contain pro Mayor views! You must be a newbie. Did you even read the article? That has been one of the two major problems for people acting like fools for which we have had to put up with and now we are tired of reading stupid and uneducated responses and accusations. I can assure you after reading the Ripp Report for many years that it allows everyone to post their opinions whatever they may be. Against or for the Mayor. Doesn’t matter. Just read the darn current article (everyone) and comment however you would like to about the subject. Just keep it as honest and truthful as you can without the vulgar language and insane accusations and I am sure that you won’t be disappointed. If you enjoy reading the terrible and foolish posts like some of the ones in the past. Maybe you need to find these people and start your own site. Whichever way you chose to go. I hope that you will be happy. If you enjoy reading posts that are ridiculous and foolish this site may not be for you. If you decide that after reading the article and want to make a rational post whether it’s pro this or against that. I think you should be involved. The biggest thing is to not embarrass a lot of our youth and upcoming kids that will play major roles in helping our city become greater. You would be surprised how many kids in High School and even middle school read this and other sites. Keep it clean and about the subject at hand. I’m sure that you will be satisfied if you are a person having this kind of character.

            • George C. Wallace | August 10, 2017 at 6:20 pm |

              I have been reading the Ripp Report for a long time too. Ripp has never blocked posters and this is a first as far as I know. I for one will not be around anymore, I am sure someone will bash me and tell me bye! Sad for the Ripp Report.

              • jan parkinson | August 10, 2017 at 8:30 pm |

                ok. bye. I like the rip report and I cannot stand that GCN POS

              • THE ANONYMOUS | August 10, 2017 at 8:36 pm |

                You are exactly right GC Wallace. Good bye. You must not be as intelligent as I thought you were or didn’t read the article. You can read the future though. Bye!!!

    • Julie, I don’t think you read Mr. Ripp’s post. All comments that disagree with others’ opinions are not being deleted…you, like Jester, are making accusations that are false. But even you – who are obviously anti-Mayor (and that’s fine, not the issue at all) – must agree that responsible, adult discourse is the way to go about any issue or topic, political or otherwise. Jester was incapable of providing anything worthwhile and insisted instead on attacking the Mayor and her administration for things they are not responsible for and accusations which were personal instead of factual, such as calling SherryLea “Botox”, etc. I for one out-grew grade school many years ago and have no patience of grownups who haven’t.

    • Good riddens and may you never comeback. You have no respect for anybody if you truly found the comments the most interesting part of the story. It was becoming a shooting range for what ever topic the poster was thinking that day and not regarding the subject at hand. You pretend to know what the answer is and that the Mayor had something to do with it. Well, You know you are wrong and the fact the Mayor or anybody was attacked every week is the subject of this article and sticking to the subject. This is not the posting site for the Mayor and she does not control what is ot what is not posted. It’s people like you that reminds us so quickly of the people who can’t stay on subject so we bid farewell to you and hope you keep your promise of “So long and Farewell!” Bye! We have lots of work to do and we need to do it by working together just like this article is saying and without all the unnecessary name calling and accusations. No matter who you are for. Be a grownup and work hard to help what or who you think is doing a good job for Fairhope and is right for Fairhope. Doesn’t matter who. Just be civil about it. Again. So long!

    • Julie Von L. If you really found that the post were the most interesting part of this site and you think it was the Mayor’s page. You are first, a little off and second, post that agree or disagree with the Mayor have both always been and I’m sure will continued to be posted. If you really enjoyed the post most of all then you should be ashamed for even saying that. I truly hope this is not your real name because you will be know as a person who enjoys people making horrible accusations, calling people horrific names and enjoy reading what fools of Fairhope have on their mind at the time they post which about 95% has nothing to do with the subject of the current article. Go rent some old Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy live comic dvd’s. This will keeping you occupied and they will have some of the same wording as a great number of previous post has had. There funny and Raw. That’s what you like. Farewell Julie!!! Enjoy

    • I suggest you find Truth Teller or Jester Triple-Six and marry one of them if they are not in fact the person. If you are a fan of either one of them? You deserve him or them. It’s not about what they said, But, how they said it. You might be Jester or someone close. Sounds just like Truth Teller in fact.

    • Julie, Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  8. Fly Creeker | August 10, 2017 at 12:19 pm |

    Chucky Cheez gets the Finger!
    Fake news is right! Read the Ripp Report. Ripp wins every time they sue.

  9. April Gonzales | August 10, 2017 at 2:10 pm |

    Thanks for taking out the trash. Jester was Brown.

  10. “These three women worked for Tim Kant and did whatever he told them, right or wrong. If he told them to jump off a cliff they would hold hands and jump together. They however turned on the newly elected Mayor and did everything they could to undermine and obstruct her, until they got fired. You had better believe Mr Kant has provoked the three to continue to file lawsuits, alleged assaults and keep the rumors going.”
    What evidence do you have to substantiate this?

    • I will allow Ripp Report to reply but I have something to say about this. The way I see it, what he says only makes sense and this is why. If the Mayor just wanted to get rid of the employees in question she could have easily done it when she took office. In fact I’m sure many wondered why she didn’t, as that is pretty much customary for a new administration. But as she has said in interviews, she wanted to give them a chance to be loyal to and work with her, as they did with her predecessor. So, if she did not let them go when she took office, but decided to later, what exactly does that tell you? It tells me she discovered things once she finally had the ability to actually look at things, how those employees acted on the job and how they performed. To me, the easiest answer to believe is always the simplest one, the one that makes the most sense. Trying to manufacture complicated explanations for things we may not understand is just stupid and serves no purpose…for anyone.

      And again, I continue to be baffled by everyone’s curiosity about these fired employees. It’s as though never in history have employees lost their jobs before. Sometimes good employees lose their jobs through no fault of their own. I lost two jobs I’d had for many, many years, though I was considered a stellar employee with outstanding reviews by my supervisors. This happens in the work force and anyone who is astounded by this is living in a different world than me. But when I lost my jobs, though I was upset, it never crossed my mind to blame my supervisors or even my company. And it certainly never occurred to me to file a law suit and manufacture random trumped-up charges to make them pay me enormous amounts of money that I simply did not deserve, just because I wanted it. The fired employees may have been the sweetest women in the world. But now they are behaving like spoiled, selfish children, and I believe they were encouraged by one or more people to act badly, with the money-carrot dangling in front of their noses. It’s shameful is what it is.

      • George C. Wallace | August 10, 2017 at 6:28 pm |

        Last post – I think people are upset is because Fairhope is still a small, family oriented town where people care about each other or at least they did. I wish the Mayor well and hope for the best but our little town has lost its charm, not because of growth but because of social media. Instead of people talking to each other to solve problems, they talk to social media and post. I personally think the Ripp Report has become part of the issues around town. You can not post, become the censor, the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury. Paul is supposed to report the facts, but as with all media, the facts are not always facts. Sorry, it is time for me to retire.

        • FruitNutter | August 10, 2017 at 7:36 pm |

          Later Goober.
          Eight years for Wilson boyz.

        • Georgia Orwell | August 10, 2017 at 8:56 pm |

          Fairhope has lost its charm because it literally stinks! Forget who likes/ dislikes the Mayor. Kant and his Council have been betting for MANY years that they would not be caught in this massive fraud of stealing tax dollars for their ‘friends’. Now it is time to settle up. If everyone in Fairhope does not show up to the next Council meeting, it will prove to the Kant, Boone & Burrell that we don’t care HOW much sewage they dump into our Bay. Why is everyone afraid of them?
          Wilson also has mistakes to take care of…..could they all please broker a deal so that Fairhope can move on?
          There is no doubt that momentum is on Wilson’s side; our former Mayor and Council(s) have led us to this massive stink!

    • Francis Paul Ripp | August 10, 2017 at 6:27 pm |

      common sense, I have been here since 93 and following Fairhope politics for about 12 years, just wait it is going to come out in several different ways.

  11. Audit the airport. It does nothing for average people in Fairhope.

    Also audit the soccer fields and the sewerage plant “doo over” for $12 mill.

    I don’t trust Burrell. Or Boone.

    • The Fairhope Airport Authority has been used/abused for many years several mayoral administrations.
      A good forensic accountant should be able to expose the improprieties.

  12. Ripp deserves a statue. Boone and Burrell deserve handcuffs.

  13. Love Paul Ripp and I’m a long-time fan of this blog. However, once you being censorship and promoting one-sided views, I’m out.

    • Francis Paul Ripp | August 10, 2017 at 6:33 pm |

      not censorship but utter nonsense, rambling and being a bully and sexiest is a little too much, sorry. I welcome constructive criticism.

      • Sarah Huckabee Sanders | August 10, 2017 at 8:45 pm |

        I agree with Henry, I have never heard Ripp say anything negative about this mayor. I would set some house rules then toss people off but do not censor them, censorship is wrong. Paul, you know this.

        • Ripp. As I devoted reader of the Ripp Report I can only guess that these people who are saying that you censoring is wrong. They have to be Jeste or a Truth Teller fans. They surly didn’t read your article or they would (if they can read) understand that you are really cutting out some of the BS that I would hate for my 18 year old to even read. You have said nothing about not posting people’s opinion concerning if they were for or against anything that the Ripp Report current subject is about. Ripp, please tell me why these people are so disappointed when you are just trying to cut down on the awful crap and terrible name calling and not saying a word about not posting any of their post. Geez!!!

      • FPR
        correct amundo!!

    • THE ANONYMOUS | August 10, 2017 at 8:31 pm |

      Get with the program Henry G. Say what you want to say. Good or bad about the Mayor or Jack Burrell or one of the other councilmen. It will get posted. Just make sure it shows some character. Nothing is being censored except ridiculous and pathetic name calling or just crap. Hope your feelings are not hurt for something that you misunderstood. Let’s just get this out right now!!! NOT CENSORSHIP TOWARDS SAYING SOMETHING GOOD OR BAD OR FOR BEING FOR OR AGAINST SOMEONE OR SOMETHING. Just plain simple manners and respect of all people that you would like to post about. Damn. You can hate someone with good taste and get posted. This is not a one side posting!!!! Just trying to take out the rudeness and the dumbass out of it so that the intelligent people can enjoy reading the posts!!!

      • THE ANONYMOUS – You are one of the worst name callers on here. Your ALL CAPS rants and vulgar suggestions. Your posts should be looked at just like the others who were kicked off.

        • Bay Gazer. You are definitely are a Jester or Truth Teller fan. Sound just like Truth Teller.

          • Why do you think everyone is jester or truth teller? Can’t I have an opionion without being accused of being someone else? Y’all are a bunch of bullies on here. Not worth my time to express a different opinion. Adios! Have fun harassing the folks that don’t agree with you.

        • They are facts from what I can tell. Didn’t call anybody any names and tried to point out that bad or good. Post what you want to. Simple. I’m sure The Anonymous is tired of having to explain to everyone that you are not being censored. Say what you want to say. Prove them wrong and post something negative towards the Mayor or City Council and see if it gets posted. Heck, I’d rant to if everyone cannot understand what this article is saying.

      • There is one main reason people can’t get along. It’s because one person says something…llet’s say “The sun is shining.” Many people will agree with this statement but some for reasons only they understand will choose to interpret those words in an unintended and usually negative manner. “I actually saw some clouds so, not really that sunny.” “Hate the sun, too hot.” “It’s summer stupid, what do you expect?!” And so on. It’s as though we’ve completely lost the ability to discuss anything without offense.

  14. Let’s talk about the recent sewer spill. Nobody else is. Someone should ask the current sewer department head about the spill reporting practices directed by former utilities head. Will sit back and wait for the results….

    • Turds are floated every time it rains. Fairhope is a disgusting place. Look at Burrell. He is so smug. No care. No sanitation. Turdville.

  15. So now Jester666 is Chuck from GCN. before that it was Robert Brown. Which is it.?

    • Francis Paul Ripp | August 11, 2017 at 5:11 pm |

      Chuckee knows, he said he interviewed jester 666 where is the interview? call Chuckee and ask him

    • Who really cares. The idiot can erased from the world for all I care. Jester was just what it meant. A Fool!

  16. When the old guard is ousted there is always push back. As far as I can see, Kant is out, and yet life in Fairhope goes on. The town did not screech to a halt. The sky didn’t go dark. And the shops didn’t close. I’m sure this is dismaying to those who, for whatever reason, hate Mayor Wilson.
    Frankly, all I cared about was that the expansion of Fairhope slow to a manageable rate. Kant was handing out permits like trading cards. And our infrastructure simply cannot accommodate the massive influx of new residents.
    And that’s the laughy part. Permits were granted. New homes and neighborhoods were built. New people moved in. And none of them cared how long Kant had been in office or who was friends with. In fact, they had any reason to support him at all. Moreover, these new people began to notice that the quaint little town they fell in love with was turning into a small city, complete with traffic jams and parking problems. How long before crime was on the rise? They weren’t willing to find out.
    So out with the old and in with the new.

  17. Please don’t vote for Trip lije Jack Burrell. Thx.

  18. This entire post is just the pot calling the kettle black. The rude picture says it all. One sided news? Name calling? That’s your specialty with this new mayor. And I get that jester and truth got off topic. And they were a bit tedious at times. But you know what I did? Skipped right past their posts. (Although I did see some facts in their posts) All the fuss was exactly what they wanted.and y’all played right into it. And now they are banned. The same way the mayor blocks folks. It’s too bad, we are now living in a town divided.

    • Downtowner Also | August 12, 2017 at 2:15 pm |

      I consider it a pleasure to divided from people like you Downtowner. It has been brought to Jester and Truth Teller that the statements that they were making over and over again were not only vulgar, tasteless and rude but also that there where younger people reading the article and Jester and Truth Teller did not give a crap and could not ever stay on subject and most of the time, never posted anything that had to do with the recent article. If that’s your taste that’s fine with me. Glad to be divided from you.

  19. Snuffaluffagus | August 11, 2017 at 9:51 am |

    Fairhope…the crappy corrupt, little town on the bay. So boone and burrell and the last council and kant paid 12 million dollars (U.S.) for the sewer “up grade”. This upgrade resulted in normal fecal discharges into Mobile Bay. How can this be in beautiful lovely Fairhope?

    Silly Fairhope is right.

    Earth to Fairhope:

    Please wake up about your thieving pols. And the fact Mobile Bay is your terlet.

  20. I am living proof that GCN is a very one sided news outlet. I ran for city council in Robertsdale during the last election. When it came time to print out the candidates information mine was the only one omitted and left out. They told me the people in South Carolina made the mistake but they put the entire thing together here in Baldwin County.

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