Guide to Fairhope

DEAR NEW FAIRHOPE VOTERS: This municipal elections can be won by the young voters that have not voted before and those of you who have moved to Fairhope in the last 10 years. PLEASE READ

Today, less than a third of Fairhope’s citizens can say they are actually from Fairhope. Most of us are not from here; but we all call it home. We were drawn to the Eastern Shore because of its picturesque, postage stamp vitality, quaint quality of life, and eclectic nature. Many of us in our twilight years, have chosen to retire here; others are just beginning a life, a career and a family. Every resident values Fairhope Every one of us wants to maintain what we have; we agree that there must be a limit to growth, and that which is allowed must be controlled, so that our investment here is not lost to the blissful ignorance of the times. We still believe that Fairhope is a special place worth fighting for.

If you share these concerns, and value your home, your property and your rightful place in Fairhope, Alabama, then this voter guide is written with you in mind.



Four years ago, in 2016, on the eve of the municipal election, it was announced that the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office Elections Division was sending a legal representative to Fairhope to oversee the voting and the counting of the votes for official tabulation. The result of the chaperoned election was that the incumbent Mayor, Timothy Kant, was defeated by a 400-plus vote margin by current Mayor Wilson, first women Mayor of Fairhope, and bookstore proprietor, Karin Wilson, was at the time, a political novice. After the election it was learned that the Alabama Secretary of State Office had received numerous complaints regarding election tampering during the 2008 and 2012 voting cycles, and decided to send someone to Fairhope to investigate. It proved to be critical, as the incumbent of 16 years was defeated by the city’s first woman head of state.


While the mayor was defeated in historic fashion, the council was nonetheless populated by five individuals selected by the previous mayor and his compromised minions. This created a problem for the new mayor, as she lacked a single friend on the council, which is made up of men friendly to the building and development industry.

During the last four years the current council has done everything possible to thwart the mayor’s efforts to improve planning and growth management, as well improve its physical infrastructure used to process and treat wastewater and storm water. The good ole boys on the council, CATALYST, consider it their show; and are more intent on making insider deals that enrich themselves, than they are taking care of public business that will protect and promote our life quality.


The future of the City of Fairhope lies in your hands. It is new voters like yourself who will determine the outcome. Fairhope is the fastest growing city in the State of Alabama. It has grown too fast, threatening the very quality of life you came here for.

There are four races up for grabs. The results of these contests will determine Fairhope’s future–whether or not it remains the sought after, idyllic destination; or becomes an unthinkable glut of prefabricated homes, overcrowded schools, clogged roads and overflowing sewers bleeding into the bay. All four races have CATALYST/Scott Boone Candidates.

THE 3 B’s



Incumbent Jack Burrell versus. Deb Hopkins. Burrell is a dubious character on an insane power trip. He refused local blogger Paul Ripp his right to free speech during public participation. Ripp sued the City “CATALYST” council in federal court, and was vindicated with a monetary settlement. Burrell has served as President of the council for eight years, refusing to relinquish his grip on the questionable governing body.

Burrell’s last four years have left a trail of corruption from the Airport, bid rigging, to lying about the Triangle lawsuit, voting himself full family insurance and the insane purchase of 2.65 million for farmland as recreational property and then leasing it for 9000 a year back to farmers because no funds were available for development. Burrell has held the position of council president for an unprecedented 8 years, with the expectation that he might replace the Mayor. Burrell bragged shortly after the election that he “was going to drive the Mayor nuts and out of office. He did a damn good job but he could not break her. Burrell is the absolute worst kind of elected official, with a police record he never disclosed prior to the last election.


DEB HOPKINS is running against Jack, she is a fresh face and not CATALYST. Deb is honest, a quality Jack knows nothing about. This is Fairhope’s opportunity to vote out Burrell and CATALYST .Please check out Deb’s site for more information. Fairhope needs a woman on the council and who would better to replace Jack than a woman? That would be fate and karma rolled into one.



Kevin Boone is the father of, Scott Boone, the self-proclaimed head of the local machine, formerly known as “CATALYST.” The new name Scott Boone Consulting is one in the same. Son and father make a good team, just remember it is not your team. This outfit is known for recruiting and electing local candidates so that they can control things. Boone and his son have been featured in the spider graph detailing the Strawman fraud, in Lagniappe. This land fraud story will tell you just what CATALYST is all about. Boone has numerous llc’s. All related to developments, some he voted on. Please read the whole story. You can vote Kevin, Scott and CATALYST out with one vote. Boone has many more llc’s than he has declared, this is just two. Notice the name John Avant, his name also appears in the “Strawman” series, Boone’s partner in llc’s.

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JOSHUA GAMMON a young man NOT connected with CATALYST, is Boone’s challenger. Joshua brings youth to the table. Who has more at stake in Fairhope than the younger generation? This is an addition to the council that is long over due.

City Council candidate Joshua Gammon is ‘focused on Fairhope’s families’


Incumbent Robert Brown is fleecing our hometown. Brown has landed several large public contracts while serving just four years on the city council. He currently has an ethics complaint filed against him for using his public office for personal gain. This complaint has been filed with the Alabama Attorney General. Brown used his office and inside information to land a contract for the concession building at the soccer fields and the Fairhope Art Center contract, both totaled close to a million dollars. Not bad for a councilman, that is what CATALYST is about.

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Make a change from a self serving politician, who loves to use semantics to avoid telling the truth, to a fresh face on the council that can speak with a straight tongue.

HOWELL GIBBENS is running against Brown and he would be a huge improvement over the CATALYST Brown who has fleeced his hometown.



Incumbent, one term, Karin Wilson has accomplished more in 4 years than the past administration did in 16 years. She has had to fight the CATALYST council for 4 years and now they have political ads claiming accomplishments of the Mayor.


Fairhope cannot afford to go backwards and backwards we will go if we allow CATALYST in office. The CATALYST candidate for Mayor is a fired disgruntled employee who sued the city. She has limited experience, no accomplishment to speak of, a high school education and is sponsored by CATALYST, Scott Boone and Kevin Boone. CATALYST is running Sherry for THEIR Mayor, Karin is running to be YOUR Mayor. Sherry was part of a corrupt administration we voted out in 2016.




Simply said: Please vote Aug 25th and vote for Our Mayor Karin Wilson for her second term and allow her to follow up on numerous projects and grants she has already started.

For Council: do not vote for anyone of the incumbents, the three B’s,




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  1. RidingTheKarinWave | August 20, 2020 at 8:57 pm |

    Heard some of BP Chill Guy’s people talking tonight at a restaurant and they said that our Karin was a distant third to him and Kant Jr. Sherry. How do we stop them Paul? You need to hit the truth harder against them.

    • Francis Ripp | August 21, 2020 at 5:15 pm |

      The BP paddle board guy, with good vibes, was last seen in Mobile Bay without a paddle, distant third.

    • I won’t answer for Ripp but I’ll tell you that if you let Sherry be in the top two you must not have witnessed just how stupid a person can be. She handed out personal fans at the Fairhope Football game Thursday night so we could all enhance our chances at getting Covid by circulation!!!! Talk about stupid!!! That’s definitely who I want to by out next mayor!!! LOL..seriously? OH! One more thing. John Manelos for Mayor??? Get real dumbasses who are really clueless to the whole world….

  2. Old Fairhoper | August 20, 2020 at 9:28 pm |

    Vote out the Three B’s
    They are bad people

  3. Karin is who we need to re-elect. Brown, Burrell, and Boone must go home

  4. This is all lies and bullsh#t.
    We are the number one place to live in baldwin because of the leadership of this council.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha
      What a load of BS
      THE THREE B’s JUST CAME TO OFFICE TO CASH IN ON IT. I have been here longer than you and I know what I am talking about
      Jack4fh, are you trying fool us or are you another Catalyst trying to spread lies for your developers who OWN you?

  5. BP guy is pretty conceded if he thinks he’s beating an incivant that has done an excellent job. He told me for 3 years how much he supported and admired her. I do not understand why he is even running on getting along. He claims to have gone to everyone meeting and those who have even gone to a few meetings know who the problem is. I don’t trust him.

    • Clearly, you aren’t big on school any more than Sullivan!

      • Why are we even considering a thief, liar and troublemaker like Sherry or someone that doesn’t even belong in the City of Fairhope much less being the Mayor. John Manelos hurts women and thinks he’s one of us. Pretty f ing confusing to those who can’t think for yourself??? Wait for it… Yes, Karin is the only sane choice.

  6. Manelos is doing this for tail on the side. Gigolo is what he is. I know his ex. He is not trustworthy. He lied to her repeatedly. He cannot help his serial philandering.

  7. The bees ? are self-serving for sure.
    They eat our ? honey.

  8. If you see comments on FB by “theodore hunter” it’s really @WKRG fake weatherman John Oldshue who is big buddies with all the B’s.

    • Francis Ripp | August 21, 2020 at 5:47 pm |

      That is not true Oldshue is much smarter than hunter who has limited ability to communicate and he is Catalyst. Anita Hunter is another alias of his.

    • It’s a fact that John Oldshue is great friends with the 3 BBB’s. Especially with Jack Burrell. Talks to him in a pretty regular basis and Oldshue thinks Burrell hung the moon. By the way???? Where are either John Oldshue OR Jack Burrell from??? They for damn sure are not from around here!!! Yet they pretend to have been born downtown and their families founded Fairhope. Be careful of these people. That’s why you have Jack Burrell speaking to women like they are lowlife dogs. Because the women and men of this town has let them.

  9. Wishful thinking | August 21, 2020 at 11:19 am |

    This mayoral race might end in a run off between Karin and Sherry.
    This will allow Catalyst to launch a full-on attack. Hopefully this will be Catalyst’s last stand. But I am just doing wishful thinking….
    Ripp, how do you walk down the street knowing that the Catalysts probably resent you for running so much opposition research against them?

  10. Sherry is the mistress of propaganda.

  11. Burrell ans the council ate responsible for McSherrys reign of terror.
    All for free beer and popcorm

  12. Take a drive to foley.
    They have a world class soccer facility.
    It’s one of the nicest in the entire South. In FOLEY they can hold prestigious events that draw thousands of competitors. These competitors and their families spend millions.

    Take a drive to Fairhope. They have the lousiest soccer complexes in the county. It is an embarrassment to a community that considers itself forward thinking and certainly “better than foley”.
    Fairhope’s soccer fields are not uo to standard. They are full of weeds and are not even. The fields cannot be considered for championship soccer tournaments. They are glorified practice fields with massive parking areas that no one will ever use.

    Robert Jack and Kevin made a nice bundle on this scam.

    Vote these guys out on Tuesday.

    They suck as people and they are no fans of Fairhope or soccer. They care only about themselves.

    • Georgia Orwell | August 21, 2020 at 9:49 pm |

      Yes, thank you for pointing this out! Sadly, we are stuck with the 3 B’s blanketing their stupid church friends about what ‘good Christians’ they are. Why are people here so stupid and blind as to what these frauds are doing to their property values? It amazes me; Karin worked her butt off but she needs to either work with others or get off the ballot. Manelos and Karin are competing for the votes of those who are tired of our CC and developers selling out our schools and city. It would be great if they would be Mayor/Vice Mayor and run Sullivan off before she can build more apartments for her buddies. Her running for Mayor reminds me of when that coffee shop ran its dog for Mayor. Nothing personal, but she can’t even run a coffee shop, let alone a city.

      • Dammit Georgia! I’ve gotta give you a pat in the back. Way to go. Made my day and the Foley man, you are spot on about the Soccer fields! They are a disgrace and a very TRUE EXAMPLE of what the Fairhope city council stands for and just how much they “do not “ care for us citizens of Fairhope. I cannot begin to share enough with you, Georgia and you Foley Man, just how sorry the Fairhope Council really is. Maybe next week will tell. Or maybe we will get really lucky and the storm will was was Boone and Burrell down the drain along with the rest of the Shit this council has put us through.

    • Francis Ripp | August 22, 2020 at 8:05 am |

      The final cost of soccer fields was somewhere between 5 and 7 million. Fairhope got royally screwed, but Brown, Burrell and Boone made out like the bandits they are.

  13. I have seen the school class sizes grow every year in fairhope. If you have young kids you better wake the f up.

    Vote out this stinking council.

    • Georgia Orwell | August 21, 2020 at 9:53 pm |

      A vote for Sullivan is a vote for more cheap apartments and cheap housing that will absorb our infrastructure and, already, stressed police and fire departments. Karin has worked so hard and helped so much……vote Karin or John, but don’t vote Sherry…….just a step toward disaster……that’s why you see Sullivan and the 3 B’s signs together! Think!

      • Hey Catalyst, Satan called. He said to stop
        Lying so much because you are making him look good and that is bad for his image

  14. Jim from Tuscaloosa | August 22, 2020 at 11:34 am |

    Someone needs to warn the insurance company that covers Fairhope that the old guard will be back in power and will be filing false insurance claimes to pay off lawsuits.

  15. This Fairhope Council thing continues to be an embarrassment to the city. It’s obvious how the corruption works here in Fairhope with our city council and former mayor. I don’t understand how anyone would consider voting that same bunch back in. Well, unless they could benefit from their bought and paid for deals. Or they’re just not bright folks. Why do you think Tim Kant continues to hover in the wings?? He needs a piece of that pie that he had for years before being voted out of office. Vote Karin Wilson back in and Jack Burrell and Friends OUT!!! VOTE for FAIRHOPE

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