In 2016 I backed Karin Wilson and the current city council, which includes Burrell Boone and Brown. I got one out of four right, Karin Wilson. I was wrong in trusting Burrell, Boone or Brown but I wanted to believe them when they said that they were independent individuals with only Fairhope’s best interest at heart. What total BS that turned out to be, all three have betrayed Fairhope and used their elected office for personal gain.

In 2020, I am again backing Mayor Wilson who deserves another term to finish many of the projects started in the first term.

If you are a teacher you must have a college education to teach, just like many professions. Education is important in our society. As we speak, our teachers are working especially hard to educate our children. It is driven in every child’s head that education counts.

Fairhope has 4 candidates running for Mayor, 3 with college degrees, one, Sullivan, with a high school education.

Let’s not FORGET the Oil Slick candidate. The “good Vibes” BP guy on the paddle board, who wants you to forget the BP Oil Spill and the corruption it spawned in Fairhope. Just mellow and have “good Vibes”, forget the corruption, that is the message written on the paddle board.


Our Former Mayor and former State Senator, while Sullivan was employed, stole 639,000 dollars of BP grant money.

Most of all let’s not forget “good vibes” pledge not to have anything to do with CATALYST. We will see if he is covered in oil or clean on Aug. 26th.


Mayor Wilson has a degree in finance, is a small business owner, where she has made good use of the degree for 25 years. Mayor Wilson has also been Mayor for 4 grueling years subjected to bullying, lying and deceit, delivered by a CATALYST council.


The citizens of Fairhope had better use their education and decide on a Mayor with experience and education.

Sullivan was fired in 2017 since then she has had three jobs and resigned from the last one.

Sullivan proudly represents Catalyst, who is sponsoring her, and her get even attitude will certainly result in multiple firings in city hall. if elected. Since 2016, she has worked for the city, an internet company, Foley Main Street and most recently, Riviera Utilities, where she resigned. One job a year for 4 years? Think about that.

Mayor Wilson, who has had the same job for 4 years, reversed an annual 6 million dollar debt to fiscal health. Increased city and utility cash funds 59.18%: 17 million. Paid off city long term debt and paid down utility debt 33%. The Mayor obtained 23 million in grants and restoration funds. The Mayor also introduced responsible growth objectives and came up with a infrastructure revitalization plan, without borrowing money. She also increased dramatically overall citizen engagement. Her accomplishments were rewarded with 4 Nappi Awards, For The Hardest Working Elected Official on the Eastern Shore.

CATALYST and the three B’s have never received any awards.


The thing that has this election so hot is that Mayor Wilson, in addition to the above, Scrutinized, Identified and Eliminated wasteful contractors. She successfully stopped the majority of corruption within city hall. These wasteful contractors represent CATALYST, who has been supported by the three B’s, Burrell Boone and Brown. They want control and they want Sullivan to carry the water.

Re- electing the 3 B’s and electing a high school graduate, who is a fired employee of the city, that sued the city, without ever explaining why, is “GOING BACKWARDS”. Use your education to determine the best EDUCATED and QUALIFIED candidates. This is a Municipal election not a popularity contest.

Study the signs in Fairhope, CATALYST/ Scott Boone candidates all have their signs together, they want a CATALYST block vote. If you have a Catalyst Mayor and a Catalyst council you are guaranteed corruption. Think how stupid this is: CATALYST is run by councilman Boone’s son, Scott, talk about an inside deal!


The three incumbent city councilmen, 3 B’s, also face challengers next week. Jack Burrell, Robert Brown and Kevin Boone will face Deb Hokpkins, Howell Gibbens and Joshua Gammon on the ballot, respectively.

Hopkins, Gibbens, and Gammon represent new fresh candidates with no ties to CATALYST. The Fairhope City Council will have the opportunity to rid itself of CATALYST and the self serving B’s.

A special on the CATALYST three B’s and their accumulative corruption while in office will be featured soon.


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  1. I did not know you supported the Bees.
    Well, I guess we will learn how popular they are. Just by talking to friends in town I sense that everyone wants Karin for one more term, since she deserves to finish up her public service. I understand she will not seek a 3rd term. This is leadership, my fellow citizens.

    Speaking of, our current council three is self-serving. They need replacing.

  2. Well our little town needs to heal. It is time to cleanse our souls and forge a rebirth of leadership. I can feel the wave overcoming each of us. Karin is our best bet and a new council will actually work with her to help us control growth. God bless Karin and the brave people running against the crooked council taht steals contracts for themselves and families. Fairhope cannot afford to go backwards.

  3. I tell less informed resident voters do NOT vote for candidates if their last names begin with a B or an S
    In short do NOT vote for BS

    • No that post I can live with. BS is certainly what we can live without. Don’t forget, all of them are part of the P’s. Seems to me that several of Fairhope’s jobs require a college degree. Why wouldn’t it be a requirement for Mayor. Now a days, you definitely need someone with a degree AND experience to run a city like Fairhope!

  4. Jim from Tuscaloosa | August 19, 2020 at 7:46 pm |

    Sullivan certainly knows where all the bodies are buried
    and all the insurance fraud tricks

  5. Disturbing is an understatement. Embarrassing we are even considering the knee pad queen.

  6. Sherry would be a disaster.
    We can do better and will.
    Karin is not power hungry. She will continue the work. She will serve one more term only.

    • Sherry has a lot of people fooled. You people that may attend church with here or are friends of her Certainly cannot be as blind or stupid as you are seemingly being. Sherry Sullivan is a disappointing and a very untrustworthy person especially when she is an employee of someone. They only reason she wasn’t fired in the first place is that out previous Mayor Tim was hanging all over her and actually walking around downtown all times of the nights without one care. We can already see with her track record that she cannot hold on to a job. If you truly know Sherry Sullivan and you are thinking about voting for her. At least asked why she has had several jobs during just the past 3 or 4 years. Doesn’t make sense for anyone with this track record being MAYOR OF FAIRHOPE. The biggest mistake that Mayor Wilson made was not firing Sherry Sullivan the first freakin day she took office. But, she was actually giving Sherry a chance even though she knew that Sherry was a worthless employee and each time she has been employed since being fired and after suing the city, she is absolutely a terrible business person and by no means has the least bit of any qualifications to run the city of Fairhope. True that!!!

  7. I heard Scott baby Boone is really nervous. I think rippster is gonna gut him.

  8. I ran into Mahoney at the pier. I asked him about the BP spill and if he knew that the good senator Trip Pittmans anchors were still causing problems in mobile bay, and that they turn up all the time. I asked him if he knew each anchor weighed almost 60 pounds. I asked him if he knew kids had been hurt from running into them on skis and jet skis and that outboards frequently were ruined?

    He was unaware.
    I then asked him about his girlfriend, and if he’d picked an apartment downtown for after he was sworn in?

    No answer.

    The paddle board dude is a fraud.
    Like bp and his matrimony.

    • Georgia Orwell | August 20, 2020 at 9:31 am |

      Are you implying that John Manelos has a girlfriend who lives in a downtown apartment or are you just making up stuff to try and make him look bad?

      • Shut up Georgia!!! Go back to watching TV or get out and talk to people instead of commenting on things you just read.

        • Georgia Orwell | August 20, 2020 at 9:19 pm |

          FYI, I don’t watch tv and I am ‘out & about’ more than not when I am here. I haven’t heard anyone other than ‘Sherry’s junior high school fangirls’ saying anything negative about Manelos. Because you remain ‘Anonymous’, you can hide your identity but those who have seen your post are aware that you also are not well educated or clued-in to current events. The conversations that I hear are that voters are torn between Karin & John. Perhaps you are the one who should ‘get out and about’! LOL! If Sherry Sullivan wins, I hope that she will work for the citizens of Fairhope and not for those developers that are said to be financing her.

  9. Sullivan does not need any qualifications to be Mayor. If elected she will sign her name to anything the Catalysts want her to sign.
    Sullivan will just be a puppet for the developers and that is all the qualifications she will need
    Notice how blatant Catalyst is about what they want? They make no bones about overdevelopment and overcrowding

  10. I think Karin will probably win on the first ballot. People are backing up on Sherry like she backed it up on Cant.

  11. Boone runs a run down trailer park.
    He is mean. I lives there.

  12. ♥️ Fairhope | August 20, 2020 at 8:52 am |

    Thank you all for this information – I think this needs to be made more public! This is the best argument FOR keeping Mayor Karin! God bless Karin and the ‘NEW council! I love that all I. Red to remember is to NOT VOTE for the BS.

  13. KNOCKOUT the PEST | August 20, 2020 at 9:55 am |

    Go back and look at just about every city council meeting in 2015. Boone has to abstain from every vote bc he has his hand in just every development in town. The woodlands sewer project benefited him. Kant, Boone, Attorney they know what they did… karma is a bitch!! It’s no secret just read every council minute meetings 2014- until Karin took office
    Connect the dots

    • Boone has to abstain from 80% of voting. He truly is the slum dog lord. If people knew how nasty of a fellow he actually is, they would even attend the Fairhope City Council meeting. What a greasy dude. We need to seed someone out and take pictures of the slums he makes people live in. Just ask him next time you see him where can go to see a couple of his trailer parks. Him and Scott Boone have no morals at all so why wouldn’t you expect to get a good screwing from the coincil everyday!!!!

  14. This is the background info I needed to read. I have been here 3 years so I didn’t know the history. Thanks!

  15. Ripp you underestimate the building coalition. We will squash yiu on election day. We are #1 in Alabama for a reason. Fairhope is a damn good place to live and you can’t stop people from building on theirs. Dumbass.

  16. Marian L. Fisher | August 20, 2020 at 2:18 pm |

    When Chris Brown was running, I had a very good conversation with him and his vision for Fairhope. I voted for him. BIIIIG MISTAKE!!!. He has definitely disappointed me an I image a few hundred others when he hooked up with Boone and Burrell. I also have known Sherry Sullivan for a good while….’nuff said. I definitely will not be voting for the Catalyst Cabal.

  17. Y’all are sheep being led to the slaughter. The most evil, selfish person in this race is the current mayor. Her whole convoluted double sister husband family, membership stealing, lawsuit causing arrogance are the worst Fairhope has to offer. The overwhelming majority of Americans have a high school degree and no more. If Karin’s finance degree (wish she would publish it) is so great, then how did a former bookkeeper employee steal so much money from her? If Ripp and the strangely silent moat castle owner and the wannabe be mayor bad book writer are your number one antagonist supporters, and you follow them also, shame on you for believing the lies. Please move back to la la land. You are destroying paradise with your presence here. You are depriving some village of their idiot. Please go and report for duty. Go Sherry. Reclaim honesty and integrity. Vote Sherry Sullivan next Tuesday.

    • Francis Ripp | August 22, 2020 at 8:14 am |


  18. Is Fairhope a “high school” mayor town?

  19. Cammie Cowan | August 21, 2020 at 12:40 am |

    This is some of the sleaziest, ugliest ,campaign material I have seen, in what was already a notably nasty display.

    I wish everybody mentioned therein would disassociate him/herself from it.

    Surely there are better grounds on which to make our governmental choices.

  20. Richard Thompson | August 24, 2020 at 8:51 pm |

    Paul , are you not yet weary from carrying that grudge so long ?
    What’s it been now ? 20 years ?
    Did not your bitterness originate with a denied building permit ?

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