Last week we featured, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, this week we peel back the onion a little more.

What we do know is that a lawyer paid a lawyer to write a letter to lawyers, Ethics Commission, for an advisory ethics opinion { no. 2016-04} that would allow a lawyer— who is also a member of the Fairhope Airport Board, to enter into a lease with the same airport authority, whose partner is the Municipal Judge for Fairhope. The opinion is 6 pages. For simplicity sake we will address page 1.

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Please understand that the Ripp Report does not have a copy of the original letter requesting the opinion of the ethics commission and that the opinion outlines the standards the lease must comply with.

The third paragraph:

“The Airport Authority member may not use confidential information gained by virtual of his position on the Airport Authority to benefit his company and their submitted bid.”

On August 7, 2015 three board members resigned— why?

Airport Authority Selects New Leadership

At its July meeting, Airport Authority members unanimously voted to appoint Joe McEnerney as next chairman, Pam Caudill vice chair, and Ray Hix secretary/treasurer: to be finalized at the August 18th meeting: previously-announced resignations of Chuck Zunk, Rod Platt and Charlie Bassett become effective in September.

Source: thefairhopetimes.blogspot.com/2015/08/airport-authority-selects-new-leadership.html

Joe McEnerey was unanimously appointed as Chairman, Pam Caudill as Vice Chair and Ray Hix as Secretary/Treasure, by the Airport Authority. From that day forward, board member Hix was privileged to confidential information regarding airport leases, bids, and financial information the general public is not privy to. Mr. Hix should not have proceeded as a board member to secure a lease as Mid Bay Air LLC. Mr Burrell and the new board members turned a blind eye to the obvious conflict of interest.

Furthermore, the rest of the Board should have raised objections immediately and advised Mr. Hix to step down from the board if he was going to proceed with the lease. Instead, they set up an ad hoc committee chaired by City Council President and Airport Authority Board Member— Jack Burrell.

Mr. Burrell should have run like hell from any such deal. Instead, he reviewed the bids and determined his associate board member was the winner. He was blind to any ethics issues.

The last paragraph on page one of the Ethics Opinion states:

“A copy of any contract/lease agreement entered into between the Board member and the Airport Authority must be filed with the Alabama Ethics Commission within ten days of its having been entered into.”

On Nov. 8th 2016 a request to the Alabama Ethics Commission requested,

“A written report and/or remarks regarding the Mid-Bay Air Lease that was awarded around Dec. 2015, at the Sonny Callahan Airport in Fairhope Alabama.”

On Dec. 2 2016 the Alabama Ethics Commission replied,

“No lease has ever been submitted to us regarding this issue.”

On Dec 23 2015, prior to any Ethics Opinion, the Airport Authority signed a memorandum of lease with Mid-Bay Air LLC.

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The only conclusion to make is that the lease is null and void and that the Airport Board failed miserably to oversee an obvious conflict of interest or even their own due diligence of complying with Ethics rules. Mr Burrell should resign his position immediately.

This is a developing story and as we peel the onion back we will update you.

Some obvious questions of Mr. Burrell would be;
Does he have any business interest in any Hix/Snedecker companies?
Has he ever flown on any Hix/Snedecker aircraft? Or has any other board member?

Mr. Burrell attended the Paris Air show representing the City of Fairhope and has a personal occupation that represents aviation field; what conflict of interest may exist that we have yet discovered?

These are questions that need to be asked by authorities in an in depth investigation, because it appears “WE DON’T KNOW JACK” about what is going on at the Airport.

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  1. Why after all these years (and you have been doing this for many). All these transactions you claim are illegal , why has no one ever been arrested? Because you have been full of doo doo for all those years. People take note. This man lost his mind many many years ago and still hasn’t found it. No one has ever been found guilty of what he accuses. Bad track record

    • Easy answered Tim Kant. He never investigated anything because he was involved. Please understand these are their documents I am using. As far as no one being found guilty may I remind you Tim Kant is no longer Mayor. Ethics equals transparency and that brings accountability, stay tuned.

  2. Had someone ever been arrested and charged as accused I for one would be your biggest fan

    • The BP Boom Fraud involving Kant and Senator Pittman should have landed them in jail. I don’t want to disappoint so i will keep trying, in this target rich environment of Baldwin County.

  3. This deal stinks to high heaven. Looks like the good ole boys are getting their coming ups.

  4. To those that say Paul Ripp hasn’t done anything significant, consider Tim Kant.

    Ripp exposed the election rigging that had gone for years.

    • He didn’t expose anything or someone would have went to jail. He just worked to get the process changed pea brain

  5. Kant and Pittman were accused. They were dragged into federal court and had to testify. I dont know what happened but read they did. That boom deal stunk. Just like this one.

  6. One of the men involved in this is Vince Booth. He played football at Alabama for Bear Bryant. I wonder if the Bear would approve of this?

    • Thanks for the promo. Coach Bryant was traveling to Arkansas to interview for the head coaching job the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. Turned around, headed home and joined the Navy to help protect his country instead. However, Coach Bryant only honed my athletic skills that I acquired from my high School Coach, W. C. majors and his staff. My ETHICS, ability to work hard and my dedication were all instilled in me by my parents. Coach Bryant recognized these attributes in me and my parents. I believe I have represented my parents and family well in each of these areas. I also believe Coach Bryant would be proud of me also. Also, he would have been man enough to sign his name to his comments! He also spelled my name correctly. Vince BoothE
      Ps. Roll Tide

  7. I want to get in on these brother-in-law deals. Who do I have to marry or go to church with?

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