The Ripp Report is a non-profit organization, politically non-partisan. The focus of The Ripp Report is
political corruption and exposing the elected officials involved.

In the past we specialized on filing legitimate complaints with the Alabama Ethics Commission and the Alabama Attorney General. This method garnered a lot of attention among the public, however complaints fell on deaf ears. In fact many believe the sole purpose of the Ethics Commission is to provide “cover” for the offenders. Every major journalist in the state has condemned the Ethics Commission as worthless, even corrupt.

Corruption in Alabama has spiraled out of control, we have the infamous distinction of being the most political corrupt state in the United States. In Baldwin County, City Councils ignore complaints about fellow councilmen or any elected officials. They protect each other which only compounds the problem.

Baldwin County even has an organization that protects and promotes the good ole boys, Catalyst.

If there is one thing the Ripp Report has learned in the last 12 years, it is that the only effective way to challenge corruption, is by exposure. The second lesson is that voting usually is the only avenue citizens have of getting rid of corrupt officials, barring an indictment.

Now here is the rub, citizens are ill informed and the greater majority do not vote, no one has been indicted and accountability and transparency do not exist. So what the hell do you do if your complaints fall on deaf ears?

I will tell you what the Ripp Report is going to do. We intend to keep filing complaints, so a paper trail is established. We will be expanding our e-mail site, https://rippreport.com/, and our Facebook pages, https://www.facebook.com/TheRippReport/ and https://www.facebook.com/BaldwinCountyLegalEagle/.

We will include on our mailing list, State and Federal law enforcement agencies as well as the city clerks for all 14 municipalities of Baldwin County, and Baldwin County Commission, so there is no deniability on their part. We will also encourage national media to look at the corruption that exists in Alabama.

The Ripp Report will expand its efforts to expose political corruption in the smallest community to the largest. We will be relentless in our efforts to expose corruption and those involved.

The Ripp Report encourages you as citizens of Baldwin County to step forward, contact us and we will provide a vehicle that will expose the back room deals, needless lawsuits, Catalyst tactics and the political corruption that is costing Baldwin County MILLIONS of tax dollars.

An indictment and conviction of elected officials may be the only way we break the cycle of corruption. This of course must come from a Federal level, until then The Ripp Report will continue to use EXPOSURE as our weapon to combat political corruption.

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9 Comments on "EXPOSURE"

  1. Reginald Deinghy | January 2, 2019 at 9:36 pm |

    It is time to start anew.
    The council in uts entirety must be retired. They are pure swine.

  2. Robin Hudson | January 2, 2019 at 11:16 pm |

    Thank you Mr. Ripp please keep us in the loop!!! #federallevelweready!!!

  3. I watched good fellas over the weekend. It’s the movie with Joe Pesci and DeNero.
    Anyways, in the movie the guys that knock off the airport vault for millions start
    using their ill-gotten gains to buy fancy clothes, cars, etc. This pissed off
    the mob bosses who got most of the loot. Everyone had been instructed not to spend
    their cash until the heat blew over.

    I guess Robert Brown (dream home) never saw this movie?

  4. Old Fairhope | January 3, 2019 at 1:55 pm |

    You got your lawsuit money.
    Time to skidaddle ripp.
    Git out whilst u best can.

    • Keep up your work, Ripp. Yiu have thousands of readers and followers. You have exposed Catalyst and many people know of these crooks. Heck you managed to shut up their mouthpiece named “The Baldwin Insider.”
      Next election watch Catalalyst come under more scrutiny. I would not be surprised if the crooks change their name but their money trail will show their tracks.
      This is because of YOU, Ripp. For this we thank you.
      Keep exposing corruption and we will read your blog, find you new followers, and grow your readership. I wonder if Chuckie Cheese hcan claim HALF of what yiu have done

    • Support Ripp | January 4, 2019 at 2:58 am |

      Now why would he do that!? You’re for corruption?

    • Yeah Old Fairhope, I sure bet that you and your Catalyst suck buddies wish Ripp would “skidaddle” but he and we aren’t going anywhere. As a matter of fact we are getting larger in size.

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