Some people will believe anything they are told without question. The last Fairhope City Council meeting is a perfect example, items 5 and 13, smell like a pig pen. It was all smoke and mirrors orchestrated to smell like roses. You can go on the city site, the council agenda, and get details.


5. Ordinance – An Ordinance Directing the Transfer of an Acre of Land to Fairhope Single Tax Corporation and Declaring said property to be Surplus and not needed for Public or Municipal Purposes; Property is for the Tatumville Subdivision.

This is very much like the Publix apartments that they wish to build on the banks of Fly Creek.

The Tatumville gully is the most sensitive of watersheds in Fairhope. In 1994 the watershed flooded the Magnolia Apartments, causing over one million dollars in damage. The homeowners are now being told don’t worry everything is cool because they have an engineering plan that is guaranteed to prevent flooding. Folks if you are paying for the engineering report I assure you that you can “hire” a report that will show water going uphill.

The curious part of this project is that the Single Tax Colony is going to be the developer, which fly’s in the face of what Single Tax stands for. Just like the Fly Creek project, the Tatumville project keeps coming up despite a lack of support. In fact the only people pushing the project are Mr. Lee Turner, President of Single Tax who just happens to be the chair of Fairhope Planning and Zoning, who now is the salesman for the project. Talk about conflict of interest! It get better, the other advocate is Mr Cliff Pittman a member of single tax board and business partner of Councilman Robert Brown, who should recuse himself from any vote in reference to the project.

Pitman Brown Building Company – About Us

Pitman Brown Building Company – About Us

Building custom homes and satisfied customers since 1979.

Source: pitmanbrown.com/about-us/

Mr. Anil Vera, who is a close friend of Mr Turner rents property in the same area. He is a real estate sales person, mostly representing himself, who lives in the fruit and nut section where the Tatumville gully is located. What the hell he has to do with project has yet to be discovered.

Mr. Turner as President of Single Tax has been pushing this project since last year, without any vote from the single tax membership. Turner in his capacity as President has taken on the role of a director of Single Tax, which he is not.

Mr Turner has had the cooperation of some council members who continue to allow him to break with procedure and bring the project up time and time again without any prior approval.

Citizens need be aware of Mr Turner’s magic tricks because if he and his buddies have their way the Tatumville gully project will be another Fly Creek Apartment deal.

To add insult to injury Mr. Turner is now using threats that if the Single Tax does not do the project another developer will. That is total BS, if the project is denied due to concerns of flooding, no developer will be interested in the land because they will be faced with the same issues. Mr. Turner has yet to discuss the project with any of the city’s department heads which should have been the first order of business.

Number 13 on the Agenda is the appointment to the Airport Authority. The council last year fought tooth and nail to prevent the Mayor from appointing anyone and promised next year that she could replace one of the members. Only two council members, Conners and Brown keep their word, the other three again obstructed any appointment from the Mayor, breaking the pledge they made last year.

Remember that you read it on the Ripp Report. The Airport Authority is a self serving board that has some plan for the Airport that yet has come to light, keeping the taxpayers in the dark.

The Airport Authority has been the subject of controversy since the new mayor came on board. They have used every means possible to maintain control of the board while isolating the city from any participation. This is the 1% who are reaping the benefits while the other 99% pay for it.

Here are a few of the articles posted by the Ripp Report in the last year:


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$5000.00 CASH REWARD

The Ripp Report and BCLE are offering a $5k cash award to anyone who can prove that the contents of the formal complaint against Councilman Jack Burrell of Fairhope are false. Prove that the documents…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/02/08/5000-00-cash-reward/


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Source: rippreport.com/2017/02/03/caught-trap-like-rat/


Well folks, as they often say, “You can’t make this stuff up!” Monday night’s city council meeting showed the true colors of council president “come fly with me” “Jack” Burrell. It was a tough night…

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Jack, come fly with me, has more passengers. The Courier, editor “Chucky Cheese” is working hard for free flights. He has signed on with the pilot, “come fly with me” Jack to cover the most mundane of…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/07/19/airport-diversion/


PRESS RELEASE:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION December 29, 2017 CONTACT: Francis P. Ripp Local Political Activist, Consumer Advocate, & Blogger Files Federal Lawsuit Against Jack…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/12/29/see-ya-in-court-jack/

Now do not forget the reward that nobody even attempted to claim and that includes the Airport Board, who want you to believe that they know best. They also want the city to butt out of Airport business, while the city keeps paying the mortgage, and the authority holds the title. Just how is that beneficial to the city?

$5000.00 CASH REWARD

The Ripp Report and BCLE are offering a $5k cash award to anyone who can prove that the contents of the formal complaint against Councilman Jack Burrell of Fairhope are false. Prove that the documents…

Source: rippreport.com/2017/02/08/5000-00-cash-reward/

If you believe all the BS from the Fairhope City Council about these two issues then you could not find an elephant in a Volkswagen.

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  1. Definitely an old beetle. Fairhope is a bad joke retold.

  2. This airport authority has gotten more of my attention. I was surprised at first about visceral the reaction as been to appointments to the authority. I also remember it was agreed that the mayor would be allowed to make this next appointment WHEN a term was completed. Well she got voted down. My analysis: Conyers voted with the mayor the first time and maintained his vote. Brown grudgingly promised to vote with the mayor and kept his promise. Robinson flipped and gave (I guess) a sincere rationale that everyone wanted him to do so. Boone, who has no obvious dog in the airport “hunt” ,voted against it -as far as I can tell- because the mayor was for it.. Burrell voted to keep the mayor from encroaching on his turf. At this point I have to wonder why he is so unhinged about a simple appointment to the AA. I can see a logical reason why everyone voted how they did even though I disagree but Burrell’s demeanor makes me wonder. You would think they were voting to send his kids to prison. There must be something going on which is not generally known or he is more socially awkward than I thought.

    • Control the airport.
      Control coke.

    • Airport Control | January 28, 2018 at 4:30 pm |

      There is plenty of Smoke and there will be fire. There are peole who have land and/or storage buildings along with some having planes or jets that might get caught in the middle of all this crap. If they play the game using Jack Burrell’s Ball? Then those folks and their businesses will suffer as well. It will all come out. There will be no forgiveness handed out to all those helping Jack Burrell. You can take that to the F ing Bank and cash that check right now.

      • enjoytheridejack | January 29, 2018 at 12:47 am |

        I imagine Ripp’s lawsuit against Jack is the beginning of the end for the MS boy running things. I hear there are other things brewing and that Jack will likely have to resign as a result. Jack is under tremendous pressure because the goobers on one side want him out as he is no use to them and now he has Ripp crushing him from the other side. Does the mayor get to appoint someone when Jack resigns?

  3. A promise is a promise. One guy voted with Wilson the first time so he doesn’t count. The other 4 promised to vote with her ;only one did. That’s 25%. Unless something crazy happened, and it did not, the promises should have been kept.

    • Fred Lipsey | January 27, 2018 at 6:26 pm |

      I am afraid someone needs to go to jail for a long time before these local asshats change. Mr. Ripp has tried to expose Burrell and his GOB’s but the voters voted Jack in with more votes than the mayor. I don’t know how Mr. Ripp thinks he can change those folks minds.

      • Georgia Orwell | January 27, 2018 at 8:29 pm |

        Jack received more votes than the Mayor because he was running against a woman who was new to Fairhope and had few friends and even less political support. He had no real opponent so, of course, he won in a landslide. I have heard that she was a ringer provided by Kant to make Jack look good…….no idea if that is a fact. However,
        Karin Wilson ran against the LONG term mayor Kant and won, not by a landslide, but she won.

        Those who compare their respective vote counts are pretty much comparing apples to snow skis!

        The current Council works against the Mayor and the City constantly. I am not saying that Wilson is always correct but it is their job to work together to protect the City; I believe that she is trying and they are just blindly following Burrell. In the next election, hopefully all will be replaced……Jack Burrell is a cancer destroying Fairhope and would resign if he had any integrity whatsoever. I would love to know why Brown, Conyers and Robinson want to die on Jack’s Hill!

        • That is a fact, Jack had no competition, The Ripp Report supported Jack two times. He has been a horrible choice, his concern is his status with the goobers. Jack has about 7 major strikes against and I hear number 8 is heading down the tracks.

      • TRUTH

    • Clearly you have forgot that all of these sons of bitches, with one exception maybe, (sorry Mothers, you raised these pricks) don’t tell the truth about anything.

  4. Hemiwolfgang5 | January 27, 2018 at 7:47 pm |

    Roy Moore got 70 % in nohope.

  5. No one has the guts to take on Jack. Some kid who does not care might do it. Jack can be on the council as long as he chooses. Sorry, but that is the plain fact.

    I have never voted for him so don’t say I am one of his GOBs.

  6. It’s in the PIPELINE

  7. Jones no true American | February 1, 2018 at 6:18 pm |

    F&$k Doug Jones. During the State Of the Union address, he stayed seated on many, many subjects including not letting the enemy know what we are planning, but also not even standing or clapping when The President suggested standing to honor the America Flag. What a parasite. That is what you dumbasses get. Would love to buy all of you along with Lineral Doug Ass Jones a one way ticket out of this Country. Don’t want Doug Jones working with people across the aisle. Shit is Shit, and Doug Jones will always be exactly that. Lipstick on a pile of crap. Is still a pile of crap. He needs the pile of the American Flag shove straight up his ass. Then he might understand the meaning of respect for this country, which he has none and I bet he will be standing at attention once that pole in insert up his rectum. What a piece of Crap. Count your days on office Doug Jones. You won only because of basically default. You were not “DULY AND HONESTLY ELECTED AND YOU KNOW THAT EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO TRY TO GO TI SLEEP”. You were truly a disgrace to Alabama and all of us who believe in America being first. You didn’t even stand or even simply applause for making America great again. Another Peolosi with just as ugly of a face shown towards anything to do with making America Great. Two face Jackass. Congratulations on your appointment. You certainly didn’t get voted in on a major and true campaign. You will never win again as long as you act and disrespect the Flag and helping your Country “FIRST “.

    • My exact sentiment…..when it was said he would not vote lockstep with Chuckie Schumer….anyone with walking around sense knew better.
      Dougie Doug is a short timer!!!!

      • And Roy Moore would have been better?

        • Piss on Liberals | February 2, 2018 at 3:54 pm |

          I guess you promote lying to your kids and family and friends as okay. You might stand when the Flag is raised, but you probably don’t put your hand over your heart. Both Roy Moore and Doug Jones might not be the best people in the world. But Doug Jones has shown on national TV that he is not a true American and can lie with the best of them. Even though Roy Moore had accusations against him. None were ever proven. There is nothing good about a liberal named Doug Jones. Embarrassing. Of course there are many of you people that embarrass this Country everyday.

    • You are the one with his head in his ass.

      • If you are talking about being positive for Jack Burrell or Roy Moore. You can see or hear anything as far as you head is stuck up anyone’s ass. Maybe that where you enjoy having your head in the most.

  8. Hemiwolfgang7 | February 2, 2018 at 12:17 pm |

    Jack is a sick pup.

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