Coronavirus Chart March 20 2020

Again Alabama is dead last in response time for the corona virus, COVD-19. We have a Pandemic on our hands and most people are focused on medical issues.

Of course human lives should come before money, however we cannot escape the economic impact that is going to challenge everyone.

Airlines and Cruise Ships are going to need tens of Billions of dollars just to bail them out. Tourism around the world has been halted with the airlines shut down. Some countries that overwhelming depend on tourism, may face bankruptcy.

So what about YOU and your family, are you prepared for the economic impact?

Just today some credit cards companies are allowing grace periods on payments. Mortgage companies may follow suit. Student loans may have a 60 day grace period. Filing federal taxes has extended their deadline.

All businessโ€™s are going to take an economic hit and 2020 profits have already evaporated. Do not count on Federal money bailing you out, it will only allow you to put your finger in the dam.



Learn what the U.S. government is doing in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Be smart, wait to pay your bills on the last day, so you can see what assistance is available. On credit cards only pay the minimum payment, until the virus scare is behind us.

On the stock market the damage has been done, so cashing out now means big losses.

Do not make any unnecessary purchases such as cars, boats or luxury items. Travel is out of the question and may be for rest of the year.

Pay attention to your money, like you have never done before. There is an old saying โ€œCash is Kingโ€, in the next few months you will understand the meaning.

Practice social distancing, grandparents should not become babysitters and most important do not panic, be patient this may be around for months not just two weeks.

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18 Comments on "ECONOMIC VIRUS"

  1. What is a masters prepared nurse? Does anybody know? Does it have anything to do with a master of public administration in public economics, budgeting, and finance? Or a bachelors in political science and speech? Or urban studies? If you were a “masters prepared nurse”, is that important enough to mention somewhere in any public profile like Linkedin, Facebook, or anything? Curious. Chris Warner, do you know?

    • Catalyst is Evil | March 21, 2020 at 9:55 pm |

      I am not Chris Warner but I can give you an answer, fellow Catalyst antagonist:
      Use common sense and stop over developing the Eastern Shore with cookie cutter houses In crowded subdivisions without requiring impact fees
      You walked into that one. Now go run and tell Cox and Corte you were OWNED

      • I agree about the cookie cutter houses and that catalyst is a bad organization. I don’t know Cox or Corte. I think you need to google what owned means. I’m sure catalyst and the developers won’t be a problem anymore in terms of over development with the economic crash. Can anyone explain? He posted this to give himself credibility for his constant commenting about the virus scam. So, can anyone stick to the subject and inform me? Maybe Jonathan Armstrong knows? He seems like an expert the way he is talking.

        • He is just a Catalyst mouthpiece.

        • Local yokel | March 22, 2020 at 7:43 pm |

          Cox and Corte are two big developers that contribute to Catalyst
          Corte brought you the apartments in Fly Creek which is destroying Fly Creek and is developing that monster on 104
          Cox is the developer behind all those overpriced houses in those crowded subdivisions on 181
          They are the ones that command the politicians to not add impact fees that would mitigate the damage they ha e done on the schools, roads ,and sewers

      • Oh, I didn’t hit the more button. It’s a quote. From an anonymous American? Not sure why someone wouldn’t put their name on that.

  2. This overreaction to corona is stupid. Despite all the quarantines and locking up the economy, the count goes up
    Most of the people who have it have the cold or are asymptomatic. The normal seasonal flu kills more and yet we are overreacting
    Going to the hospital around here has always been crappy because of the crowds. Why would I even think of going to the ER just because I have the sniffles?
    I am wondering if the draconian measures may be worse than the pandemic itself
    I think this is also a way to see how much control governments can impose on us
    Call me a wing nut but if this was the Black Plague I would think differently
    Tell me where I am wrong. But donโ€™t tell me about slowing the transmission or flattening the curve
    Tell me in two weeks the people are are still willing to be held prisoners in their own homes while the economy tanks. Peoplesโ€™ jobs are disappearing because businesses have to close.
    Those people making the decisions are still getting their paychecks

      Quarantine the ones in danger and let the others go to work
      Fauci May know lots about the flu but he doesnโ€™t know enough about Carona to stop it or find a cure. And he sure knows nothing about the economy

    • Iโ€™d sure like to know who you are asshole, talking about the coronavirus being stupid. Everyone decent human being needs to know who you are so that they and their families can socially distant from you know and forever, except at miles instead of feet. Ignorant people like you are pure childish, to say the least.

      • Ok then For Real, YOU go quarantine yourself and socially distance YOURSELF
        I did not say Corona was stupid. I said the call to imprison people in their homes while experts run around calling for more imprisonments is stupid
        Why donโ€™t the experts start finding treatments rather than running their mouths?
        Our economy is tanking yet the experts are saying to quarantine more. Yet the rich. An flee New York and go to the Hamptons and Florida
        I say for the healthy to get back to work and if they catch it to get nicer it and build immunity
        I will be the first

        • Itโ€™s better to quarantine than to die. Or is that being to stupid for the person that says our hospitals are crappy simply because of the crowds! You try taking care of people. I guess you think you can do it better! I have a mask, gown, shield and gloves waiting for you asshole!

      • Chill For Real

    • Health caregiver | March 26, 2020 at 9:48 pm |

      Hey Anonymous, who says the overreaction to the coronavirus is stupid and going to the hospitals in this area has always been crappy. Stay you ass home when you get sick you pathetic bitch!!! If you come to the hospital that I work at I will give you as good of care as I would anyone else but you are one pain in the ass that I hope I donโ€™t ever have to care for. Try working 20 hours a day with people who are sick and scared to death. If or when you get this virus!!! Say TFH!!! We all here at the hospitals that you think are crappy have plenty of decent people to take care of. Do us a favor, stay your ass at home!!!!

  3. What will Truland and Horton do when they can no longer sell their balsa wood houses ?
    I hope they go broke and their money dries up and they can no longer buy the Catalyst politicians Those folks who have bought those houses know they overpaid for this cheap slab houses
    They deserve to pay for their economic crimes
    Angelo Corte, may your โ€œThe Patiosโ€ be a bust. You may have bought the politicians but you have not bought Mother Nature or Corona
    Letโ€™s see how nature deals with you.
    Repent to your god

  4. That Fauci guy gets to go here and there while telling people to imprison themselves. He is supposed to be THE expert on this virus
    If he is so smart about this covid virus why doesnโ€™t he shut up and find a vaccine?
    I am not going to see my country go in the ditch. The authorities have locked up the country yet they say it getting worse at the same time. If they think Americans are going to hunker like the Italians they are wrong
    The flu does this every year and does worse yet we still muddle through
    I think it is a way for the government to get control of us. Jen Ball the Catalyst on the Commission will close the County yet hoard and cuss people out when he is called on his hoarding
    Hypocrisy at its finest

  5. So we have a County Commissioner who has been caught being a Covidiot and a rude one at that?
    To think he is running this County. May the Lord help us…

  6. Those screen shots and a nickel wonโ€™t even buy you a cup of coffee! How immature you are boasting about taking screen shots. Damn, you must be a real pain-in the ass to be around. Get a life, worthless.

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