Highway 98 and Parker Road are becoming more dangerous with every passing day. You can thank the CATALYST Fairhope City Council, former Fairhope Mayor Can’t, and property owner Angelo Corte, a CATALYST supporter.

The below listed complaint effects every motorist traveling through the intersection. Please read this, it is what happens when you have politicians and developers in the same bed.

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12 Comments on "DANGER ZONE"

  1. Parker Road disaster | February 15, 2020 at 11:13 am |

    Paul, I hate to say it but this complaint is not going to do anything. The elected officials are laughing at this.
    I do hope it will make the voters vote out the current elected officials who allow thus.
    Corte and his Catalyst colleagues are investing lots of money to elect and keep pro-development people in office.
    Just thinking of what is happening is making my blood boil. I am waiting until Election Day and will vote for anybody NOT affiliated with Catalyst.
    I hope the majority of the voters do likewise

  2. Catalyst has ruined this area. They must be stopped at further ruining this area
    I see on Facebook that the Catalysts mock those who expose Catalyst as β€œIlluminati conspiracy” crazies
    But all on has to do is look at the politician and their actions
    If they want to call themselves Illuminate then they admit they ARE in cahoots with each other
    Hey Catalyst! Go ahead and try to shrug off your doings. You have been exposed.

    • Mister Ripp is Cants father in law gonna rig it this go round?

      They did until last election.

      And mayor karin won.

      I don’t know of this council can get relected.

      • Catalyst is Evil | February 18, 2020 at 9:12 am |

        Hey Tippster,
        Catalyst will rig it for sure. Look at what they did in the last elections. For instance:
        In Daphne, they shut down the minority precincts and moved them to City Hall in favor of Catalyst.
        In Fairhope where the election to move to district voting in place of at-large, they had ONE single voting booth with a long line to discourage voters from voting in that election. See, Catalyst HATES districts in favor of at-large elections. At-large elections allows for them to buy strategic votes in all places.
        Hey Baby Boone and Catalyst Cronies: Are you getting it that we are figuring out your strategies and are working to stop you?

  3. Pollster called | February 18, 2020 at 9:17 am |

    I had a polling organization call me and ask me who I favored in the Congressional election. I told them anyone but Hightower. They asked me why and I said he is a Catalyst. I asked them to please write down my reason so the Hightower campaign will see it and become aware that Catalyst is not a “Guaranteed win.”
    I hope more and more politicians become aware that using Catalyst is a liability.

  4. Observerfhproper | February 18, 2020 at 8:37 pm |

    Fairhope has been rigging the elections for years. Ripp you better watch them cat lists!!! They will steal if they can get someone to run interference at the state level.

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