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In Fairhope the City Council election takes a back seat to the Mayor’s election. If Mayor Kant is reelected little will change and the Council will be force fed the Mayor’s agenda. The irony of this election is that the very thing that attracted us to Fairhope is now in jeopardy. The Mayor should get credit for his part in creating a picturesque small community on the bay, laden with flowers.  However his undoing was trying to manage a small community that was growing leaps and bounds and he did not adapt.   The Mayor has practiced the same micromanagement techniques that he first adopted in 2000. The status quo has consumed him and his every decision requires he identify with contributors who demand to be paid back in services or contracts. The Fly Creek Apartments would not even be considered had any other contractor other than Arthur Corte, the Mayor’s major contributor, proposed such a project. Mr. Corte INSTRUCTED the Mayor to get it “approved”. The Mayor has become the victim of the good ole boys and there is no turning back. Keeping Mayor Kant will change nothing; he is the head of the snake.

Ripp Report Fairhope Endorsements:


Karen Wilson for Mayor Fairhope deserves a change from the good ole boys to everyone being treated equal. Karin is willing, able and qualified to lead this community and represent this community. VOTE for Karin and VOTE for change.

A VOTE for Mayor Kant will guarantee the 250 Apartments at Fly Creek, and a gas station at the roundabout.

A Vote for Karin Wilson will most likely kill the deal, and save taxpayers a ton of money as well as protect the creek, prevent a traffic nightmare and preserve quality of life.


Place 1   Jack Burrell has been the hardest working of any of the council. Jack will bring 4 years of experience to what may be a new Mayor and Council. He voted against the apartments and listened to the majority and their concerns about property values.

Place 2  Jay Robinson has served on the P&Z and voted for the Apartments. This election process has seen him soften his view on development and listen to the citizens. Place 2 needs a change.

Place 3  Murray Lawrence A definite underdog but probably the most passionate for his community, a community neglected and often referred to as no-hope.

Place 4  Robert Brown any other choice is going backwards. Mr. Brown will be a true asset to the council and has demonstrated that he thinks for himself and listens to constituents.

Place 5  Gary Gover A community activist who has donated time and services for multiple clubs, associations and civic groups. Mr. Grover has for many years been an active observer of the City Council and their work sessions.

Please, we need change, VOTE and encourage friends, family and neighbors to VOTE Aug 23rd. Those of you that did not Vote in the last election, please participate, you can make the difference.





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