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CRAZY, that is the lame ass excuse that people use to describe people that they do not agree with, or they simply want to shoot the messenger. While covering the Family Court in Baldwin County I interviewed over three dozen women and men entangled in a corrupt inept system. Every attorney defending his or her client would sooner or later say that the spouse was CRAZY. That was ultimately the main argument.

All you have to do is get a couple of people to disagree with you, or you stand up with strong conviction over an issue, and someone is going to say your CRAZY. People use the easy way out of constructive criticism by simply saying your CRAZY. Politically disagree with people or protest in a public way and you surly are CRAZY.

No substance, no evidence, no concrete argument, just, you must be CRAZY.

You want to hear CRAZY? Then listen to the podcast about the alleged suicide of a 19 year old, by hanging himself with a seat belt, inside a moving car. Years later, evidence withheld, confirms the young man was a confidential informant.

Backstory Podcast #2 Friday the 13th Edition : Bad Luck for Somebody…

Backwoods and Ripp break down the alleged cover-up of the death of a confidential informant working with the Baldwin County Drug Task Force. According to the Sheriffs office press release he took his own life via seat-belt in a moving car. The investigators assigned to work the case were never told that he was an informant, information that may have altered their method of inquiry. has a new Petition that we encourage you as a Citizen of Baldwin County to sign. Any form of regulation of Private Sewer in Baldwin County is supported by the Backstory Podcast. Streaming the Truth to Light.

Publicado por Backstory Podcast en Viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2019

Take a moment and consider that this young man was your son, brother or relative. You would think that the sheriff would immediately open an investigation, make a statement, or explain the allegations of suicide. Instead the whistle blower, an attorney, is CRAZY.

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Why would the Sheriff retaliate against an attorney instead of conducting an investigation or answering the allegations publicly?

Remember we are in Baldwin County the home of confidential agreements where crimes are buried in file folders. Where people are held hostage by agreements that may be hiding the truth. Corruption flourishes in our Judicial system and municipal governments. Those sworn to protect us and represent us are more interested in their social or political standing than the truth. All they got to say is, “they are CRAZY.”

What is CRAZY is that Alabama is number one in political corruption and Baldwin County is one of the most corrupt counties in Alabama. That is a statistically a fact.

Pay a little more attention to those that wish to use the word CRAZY. The bit dog barks first.

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37 Comments on "CRAZY"

  1. every catalyst calls karen krazee.
    weak kneed they are

    • That’s because she is crazy …sprayed roach style crazy. Ask anyone that has worked for her at PnP or the city.

      • sprayed roach style…wtf kind of backwood no neck inbred expression is that?

        burrell supporter no doubt.

        • More precise …shit house rat, hit dog, kook kook nest crazy. However you want to describe the cross eyed crazy woman.

      • I know Karin and I can attest she is a fine person. You who calked her crazy is just another catalyst clown ass trying to bridge her off. As you can see we know your game, you catalyst clown ass

    • Researched Catalyst | September 20, 2019 at 4:08 pm |

      Violet, we need to be reminded that Catalyst is not just the Fairhope Council. Catalyst also claims the County Commission, other city councils, many of the sitting judges, and now a State Senator who used Catalyst to get into office with the agreement that they would do the developers’ biddings. We see this in Norton’s rulings, allowing Corte and Cox and Prebble to allow their plans to be approved
      We also see this when Elliott’s was going to allow the P3 to make us pay to use our own roads until the people pushed back
      Catalyst is a multiheaded snake. Scott Boone is only a front man. Besides he isn’t that smart to run such an empire
      When Ripp exposed this outfit and I conducted my own research on this outfit. It is powerful and can only be beaten by the people- if they care
      Every time Catalyst gets mentioned is like turning on the light and watching the cockroaches scurry

  2. It’s like watching the movie Gaslight. In the end the lady was not crazy after all. The husband who was “Gaslighting” her was hiding his crimes
    Sort of like the politicians in Baldwin County…
    We aren’t crazy. We were just being fed a bunch of bull and now we are questioning their true motives

  3. Karin is no doubt a progressive (wth that even means) she has visions for people she wants to attract to Fairhope, government controls all and spends all violent individual. Believe absolutely everything former employees accused and sued her for. Woman is indeed on power trip…i speak from personal experience and never in my wildest dreams thought i’d ever miss Kant. At least when kant was about to stab u in back, u usually saw knife coming. She gives devious new meaning

    • Then don’t mess with her
      Why is it when a man is shrewd people call him shrewd but a woman cannot be shrewd without her being called out
      Karin is playing in a field with devious men and she is holding her end up
      She reminds me of Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady

    • That will be the only campaign tactic used against Mayor Wilson. Because you’ve got nothing except stating she’s crazy or making up lies. When you hear people talk like this, it’s because they’re desperate.

      Citizens hopefully appreciate results.

      • Her entire term has been a lie. Manipulated by Dandy Dean Mosher who can’t get elected as an officer in FST and Raul Pipp who does not live in Fairhope. She will get hammered 3-1 if she runs. The lakewood fraud will haunt her along with her other lies.

        • Georgia Orwell | September 22, 2019 at 8:57 pm |

          Mayor Wilson has far fewer skeletons than Tim Kant. In perspective, Karin Wilson may have a ‘dime size dent’ but former Mayor Kant pretty much ‘totalled’ Fairhope and I would be shocked if anyone would spend a vote for him or Sherry Sullivan. One can only steal so much from one community and return to do it again. I don’t know that either of them did it to line their own pockets, but it appeared to me that Corte owned them completely along with Jennifer Fidlar. Mayor Wilson has tried to even the playing field here so that one does not have to be buddies with one of them to be treated equally here.
          Clearly the good old boys can’t deal with fairness and truth.

    • Realizing Catalyst | September 21, 2019 at 11:17 am |

      I’m neither for or against Kant. But!! If you miss Kant, then you need to find the true meaning of what being a good person is? A good person does not do evil for that many years and brag about it while ripping down the very fine city of Fairhope for years. “Devious” you spat out with your forked tongue? If you die and go to hell I hope you will forgive yourself for just being plain stupid. If you end up in heaven, I’ll explain everything to you. You MISS Kant? Now that’s what this article is all about. “Crazy” Go to church for heavens sakes. Good people is not something you can associate Kant with or even yourself for that matter. Get a life!

    • Georgia Orwell | September 22, 2019 at 8:49 pm |

      What do you mean that ‘she has visions for people she wants to attract to Fairhope’. I haven’t read or heard anything about her trying to attract anyone; she is concerned with our ‘long past its sell date’ infrastructure and has worked ceaselessly to get Jack Burrell and the rest of the Council to approve funds to update same to support the runaway development in our City. The 3 or 4 former employees who were fired, I bet, were fired for good cause. I have heard that they were all Kant ‘pets’ who were no longer enjoying Kant benefits and were no longer working for the good of the City. I don’t know the Mayor personally but I do watch/attend council meetings and I see that Jack Burrell is so jealous of her that he would prefer to destroy Fairhope rather than give her a fair shot.

  4. Just a quick google search, because your poorly written rants warrant no more effort than that, and one will see that there is no “statistical” evidence to support your “statistical fact”. At least not in the top 6 articles that discuss state corruption. I’m not saying I always disagree with you, but your arguments lose credibility when you assign un-proven or inmeasurable value to them. It does make for entertaining reading though. You do seem to have the Mayor’s ear, though. Perhaps to reach the highest level of success she can, she might try to earn the loyalty of those employees she “leads”. At large, she doesn’t have it. She is not trusted and is viewed as unpredictable and spiteful by those who work for her. I’m certainly not banging the council’s drum or singing their tune in this comment….it’s just a couple of thoughts of mine.

    • catalyst spin…no substance…heresay

      • Beginning to see | September 22, 2019 at 6:11 pm |

        Catalyst was known for covering its tracks with shell corporations and funneling money in the form of campaign contributions from developers
        Catalyst took advantage of the lack of true investigative journalism in this area
        Now that the Lagniappe and Ripp are doing the job of that the lazy reporters, we are beginning to see the cronyism and corruption


    • Georgia Orwell | September 22, 2019 at 9:02 pm |

      I talk frequently to many city employees. They love the Mayor and always say that she is concerned about their needs and that she listens to their problems and tries to help. I bet that the complainers are those who were high on the totem pole in the Kant administration. The ones to whom I have listened have been much lower on that pole and they praise Karin Wilson for trying to get them what they need to do their jobs, but they believe that the City Council wants the entire sewer system to fail before the next election so that they can blame Mayor Wilson. I could certainly see Burrell trying to ‘engineer’ that.

    • Not sure who you’re referring to but employees are her biggest supporters. They know she’s there for them and the City. The few who do not support are the ones who are not receiving favors like they used to for just sucking up.

  5. Ernie N' Bert | September 21, 2019 at 6:23 am |

    Hoss Mack paid Trip Pittman (old senator) to rig the sheriff election.
    It worked.
    Time to toss hoss again y’all.

  6. Ripp they called you crazy back when they thought they could beat you. Keep your fiot on their throat.

  7. Okay. Burrell or who else is gonna defeat incumbent Mayor Wilson?
    Cherie Sullivan is not the guy.

  8. True Christian | September 23, 2019 at 6:15 am |

    It certainly is interesting that all of the catalyst council men claim to be Christian and to above all else–espouse Christian Judeo values. Each of these men before they were elected promised to not take public contracts. That hollow promise was complemented by their ill treatment of the mayor, who they tell everyone is “crazy” while they do everything in their power to subvert hers and ruin the town. The old adage says that “Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

    If Fairhope is a Christian town, or a town made up largely of people who believe in Christ and in his teachings, then how can it support this council? Perhaps the council men believe people see them truly as good Christians…and that the people understand it is what they should believe over all else…or maybe we see through their bullshit, greed and lies.

    Just maybe, for Fairhope’s sake.

  9. I hear Burrell is getting the band back together. They are gonna run again.

  10. hoss mack looks shady

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